Top 10 Cooking Blogs in Singapore

Top 10 Cooking Blogs in Singapore
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The familiar term regarding “the world is at your fingertips” rings true when it comes to learning the basics or mastering your cooking skills. With readily-available cooking blogs mushrooming all over the Internet, there is so much you can learn from them. That said, here are the recommended Top 10 Cooking Blogs in Singapore worth checking out!

1) Delishar

When it comes to cooking, Sharon Lam loves to experiment around with different ingredients, especially with recipes that are easy for most people to prepare at home. Her blog consists of various types of fusion foods such as Mango Chicken Curry, One Pan Cajun Shrimp & Sausage Skillet, Chocolate Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread and Orange Salmon Salad. Recipes are all easy to follow, complete with comprehensive step-by-step instructions. | FB: delishar2 | IG: @_delishar_ | YouTube: Sharon Lam

2) Spice N’ Pans

Spice N’ Pans is the brainchild of Jamie and Roland, a Singaporean couple who specialises in local Chinese food. You can find common recipes like Pig Organ Soup, Teochew Fishball Noodle Soup and Prawn Paste Chicken (Har Cheong Gai) either in the written blog posts or YouTube videos. Apart from local Chinese cuisine, they also include various Asian recipes such as Mee Rebus, Laksa, Indonesian Smashed Crispy Fried Chicken and Oven-Baked Sambal Fish (Stingray). | FB: spicenpans | IG: @spicenpans | YouTube: Spice N’ Pans

3) The MeatMen

At time of writing, The MeatMen — consisting of four friends with passion for all things food and cooking — has already listed over 450 recipes on their website. Despite their brand name, you will find more than just meat recipes as they have all kinds of food from local to international cuisines. Recipes are varied from easy to intermediate, with choices of written instructions or watching their YouTube channel. The latter is particularly a must-watch for fans of cooking channels — all of which are gorgeously shot and well put-together. Here’s a little fun fact about them: The MeatMen was named such since all four of them happen to love eating meat. | FB: | IG: @themeatmensg | YouTube: theMEATMENchannel

4) Share Food Singapore

Be it Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan or even fusion cuisines, Share Food has them all compiled in both written recipes and video formats. And true to their name, they collaborate with over 200 home cooks from different backgrounds regardless of working moms, aspiring chefs or food bloggers to present only the best and delicious recipes for their audience. Among them include Rainbow Ang Ku Kueh, Sambal Sotong, Spicy Bean Paste Noodle and No-Bake Peach Cheesecake. You can also submit your own recipe right here and have it featured on Share Food’s website and social media platform. | FB: ShareFoodSingapore | IG: | YouTube: Share Food Singapore

5) NoobCook

Having trouble cooking in the kitchen? Well, fret not because “wiffy” from Noob Cook is here to help. A self-proclaimed noob herself, her primary aim is to inspire “other noobs out there” who are new to cooking. Most of her recipes are fuss-free and easy to recreate back home, with the likes of Stir-Fry Instant Noodles with Rotisserie Chicken, Steamed Sardines in Tomato Sauce and Sambal Spam Fried Rice. All of her posts are neatly categorised, complete with step-by-step instruction photos and printable recipes. | FB: noobcook | IG: @noobcook | YouTube: Noob Cook

6) Anncoo Journal

Ann Low has been blogging since 2009, with her recipes on Anncoo Journal primarily consisting of four categories: Cakes, Festive Bakes, Home Meals, Snacks and Sweet Treats. Recipes are varied from the likes of Steamed Pork with Mui Choy, Stir-Fried Chicken with Basil, Salmon Puff Pastry and Burnt Cheesecake. Interestingly enough, her recipes come in dual languages including English and Chinese. | FB: anncoojournal | IG: @ann_journal | YouTube: Anncoo Journal

7) Miki’s Food Archives

Miki Mak’s eponymous food blog is home to over 500 recipes since making her debut in 2014. Her family-friendly recipes have won her numerous accolades over the years including “Top 50 Singapore Food Blog”, “Top 74 Food Blogger” and “Top 100 Home Cooking Blog”. Some of her recipes you can find on her blog include Cold Soba with Homemade Honey Soy Sesame Dressing, Tamagoyaki (Japanese Egg Roll), Eggless Banana Cake and Basic Meatballs. | FB: dingoozatfood | IG: @mfa_dingoozatfood | YouTube: Miki Mak

8) KitchenTigress

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next baking adventure, you might want to check out KitchenTigress. Some of the popular recipes worth trying at home include Banana Chiffon Cake, Hokkaido Cupcakes, Pandan Kaya Cake and Hong Kong Egg Tarts. Expect clearly-written instructions but in case you are too lazy to read, there’s always a step-by-step YouTube video to watch instead. Other than focusing on creating various baked goods, KitchenTigress also featured other dishes like seafood, meat and vegetables. | YouTube: KitchenTigress

9) Cuisine Paradise

More than 800 tried-and-tested recipes and still counting, Ellena Guan has single-handedly managed Cuisine Paradise from creating her own dishes/baking to writing and taking photos. Her recipes diversify from local to international such as Western, Japanese and Thai cuisines. Most of them are familiar, everyday types of recipes you can simply recreate in your home kitchen. This includes the likes of Honey Ginger Lemon, Blueberry Overnight Oats, Club Sandwiches, Bento Set and various pasta dishes. | FB: cuisineparadise | IG: @cuisineparadiseig | YouTube: Cuisine Paradise

10) Eat WHAT Tonight

Joyce Ang, who manages Eat What Tonight, actually got the name after hearing from a radio show asking among the top three questions commonly asked by Singaporeans upon messaging. She’s been blogging since 2010, going from “near-zero knowledge” to hitting a benchmark as a nominee for both “Best Food Blog” and “Panasonic Best Cooking Blog” in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013. For recipes, you can find easy-to-prepare meals that only take you 30 minutes such as Economical Fried Vermicelli, Claypot Mee Tak Bak and Salmon & Edamame Beans Egg Fried Rice. Alternatively, there are other scrumptious recipes like agar-agar jelly, cheesecakes, brownies and even Chinese New Year-inspired dishes. | FB: eatwhattonight | IG: @eatwhattonight | YouTube: Joyce Ang

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