Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore
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For parents, finding a place that is child-friendly and serves up delicious food that the whole family can enjoy may be a challenge, when so many restaurants are catered just to adult’s needs. Worry not, as we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore, perfect for you and your little ones to enjoy some quality time in the next time you want to head out for a meal.

1) Cool De Sac

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Cool de Sac

At Cool De Sac, they want your kids to “eat well” and “play smart”.  Nutritious, wholesome and affordable meals are on the menu at their Bistro Cool, and not just for the kids! They also haven’t forgotten the goodies, with a dessert menu. Their play area is catered for those who are tots right up to tweens. Find them at Suntec City Mall. | FB: cooldesacsingapore | IG: @cooldesacsg

2) E-sarn Thai

Created for families by a family is E-sarn Thai, which has been serving up authentic North-Eastern Thai food since 1994. Today, their presence is visible in several locations like Pasir Panjang, Keppel Club and The Grandstand. And whilst the grown-ups tuck into a gloriously comforting bowl of Tom Yum, the kids can have a ball at the playground. Everybody wins. | FB: esarnthaicuisine | IG: @esarnthai

3) Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

Who says Swedish food can only be found at a certain furniture store?  At Fika, you can find all that and more. Comfort is key here, as the name of the establishment suggests. Fika is a Swedish custom that signifies a special time set aside to bond with loved ones over a hot beverage and some snacks. At their café, meals for kids are available, as is a play area for the little ones to enjoy. | FB: fikacafesg | IG: @fikacafesg

4) Zaffron Kitchen

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Zaffron Kitchen

For a taste of everything Indian, Zaffron Kitchen is the best place to be. Their East Coast branch is equipped with a children’s play corner, so while you drool over a bowl of comforting curry, the kids can have their own fun. You’ll be treated to an array of Northern Indian dishes, in a cosy setting that will have you planted in your seat. | FB: zaffronkitchen | IG: @zaffron_kitchen

5) Quentin’s the Eurasian Restaurant

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Quentin's the Eurasian Restaurant

Stepping into Quentin’s should make you feel like you’re visiting someone’s home, from the dishes on their menu that feel very familiar and the interior that will evoke a sense of nostalgia in anyone – Eurasian or not. A lovely play area awaits, and just like everything else, feels like it could fit into a corner of someone’s home. For an experience that’s comforting and homely, visit Quentin’s. | FB: quentinsrestaurant | IG: @quentinssg

6) Open Farm Community

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Open Farm Community

It’s sustainable fun for the whole family at Open Farm Community (OFC). Sometimes we forget our roots, and OFC is determined to help us remember by celebrating local produce and farming within their green space. The food served is fresh and helps support Singapore’s local industries. Here, kids and adults alike can also learn a great deal about where their food comes from, and also attend various workshops and activities. | FB: openfarmcommunity | IG: @openfarmcommunity

7) Latte e Miele

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Latte e Miele

The best things in life aren’t always free, sometimes they’re sweet! And when you need a sweet fix, what’s better than gelato? You can get that and more at Latte e Miele, where kids can unleash the effects of a gelato induced sugar high at their playground. Kick back and relax over a milkshake and sandwiches, as the kids go wild with glee. Visit them at Turf Club Road. | FB: lemgelato | IG: @latte_e_miele

8) Kith Café

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Kith Café

Kith has several branches throughout Singapore, serving up coffee and food. Their newest outlet at Winsland House II even has a sprawling courtyard made just for kids and even your pet dogs to enjoy. So if you need to get the whole family out but still want some quiet time for yourself, this may just be the place to tick off all on your list. | FB: kithmilleniawalk | IG: @kithsingapore

9) Eatplaylove Café

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Eatplaylove Café

If you want to indulge your kid’s artistic abilities and also enjoy a cuppa, then Eatplaylove at Aliwal Street should be on your list of cafés to visit. They serve Thai and Western meals, and have a craft corner available (for a small fee) for the kids to enjoy. What’s more, this place is perfect for hosting birthday parties. Check them out on Facebook to see what they have to offer. | FB: eatplaylovealiwal | IG: @eatplaylovecraftcafe

10) Brussels Sprouts

Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Brussels Sprouts

Have some Mussels and Beer at Brussels Sprouts, which takes inspiration from Belgium. The family style outlet is perfect for gatherings, and is great for kids. On weekends from 12 noon until 5pm, kids 10 years and younger can select a free item from the selected options for each paying adult who orders from the Big Eat or Main-sized Mussels and Fries. | FB: brusselssproutsSG | IG:

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