Top 10 Cafes in Ang Mo Kio

Top 10 Cafes in Ang Mo Kio
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From baked goods to savoury mains like burgers and pastas and of course, scrumptious desserts to end your meal on a sweet note, Ang Mo Kio has them all. Check out the Top 10 Cafes in Ang Mo Kio to fill your tummy with good food, best when shared with your favourite people!



Over 10 years in the bakery business and still counting, Froz Bakery Cafe’s longevity has to do with its freshly-made baked goods using reduced sugar and butter. Some of their must-try items include Just Pancakes (3 fluffy pancakes with maple syrup & salted butter) and Basque Burnt Cheesecake. For brunch options, choose one of their All-Day Breakfast menus beginning with The Basics (scrambled eggs, toasted focaccia bread with potato wedges & fresh salad). They also serve other comfort foods, namely sandwiches, fried rice, pasta and thin-crust pizza. | FB: frozbakerycafe | IG: @frozbakerycafe

2) Professor Brawn Café

More than just your usual eatery, Professor Brawn Cafe happens to be a social enterprise as well. Here, they offer the likes of job opportunities to people with special needs and the disadvantaged in society. Food-wise, some of their recommended dishes include Battered Fish & Chips using pollock fish and Vegetarian Spaghetti. Choices are aplenty for meat lovers too, namely Grilled Chicken with Truffle Sauce, Wedges & Side Salad and Sous Vide Beef Cheeks with Carrots, Asparagus & Mash. | FB: professorbrawn | IG: @professorbrawn

3) Obsessive Chocolat Desire (OCD) Cafe

Obsessive Chocolat Desire (OCD) Cafe

OCD Cafe knows best when comes to chocolate and ice cream, offering different varieties such as Africa 85% Dark, Belgium Dark 60% and Madagascar 33% Milk. You can have them served in a cone or topped on a thick, black sesame waffle. Even if you are not into chocolate, rest assured they have other ice cream flavours such as Lavender Hojicha, Buttery Biscoff and Lychee Raspberry. All of their ice creams are made fresh daily in small batches to ensure freshness.

FB: ocdcafesg | IG: @ocd_cafe

4) Willow. Bike. Art. Cafe

Willow. Bike. Art. Cafe

A good hangout spot, especially for those who share a similar interest in cycling, Willow. Bike. Art. Cafe’s current business model focuses more on selling bikes and related services. But let’s not forget about their menu either. Albeit with limited options, most patrons are here for their signature waffles with homemade ice cream. Depending on their availability, some of the ice cream flavours you can get from this cafe include Pistachio, Rocky Road, Rocher and Salted Caramel.

FB: WillowBikeArtCafe | IG:

5) Acoustic Cafe

Acoustic Cafe

Chill out at Acoustic Coffee while enjoying coffee and some good music in the comfort of a cosy cafe. Their coffee selections are affordable, with recommended options including Latte and Mocha. But if you are not into coffee, try their refreshing Lychee Peach/Watermelon Lychee or Lavender Tea Latte. Their food options aren’t exactly diverse but they do cover some essential favourites, namely toasts (e.g. Sausage & Cheese Toast) and croissants (e.g. Scramble Eggs Croissant).

FB: acousticcafesg | IG: @acousticcafesg

6) The Workbench Bistro

The Workbench Bistro

The Workbench Bistro’s speciality lies in their interesting fusion food. If you are looking for recommendations, some of their popular menu items include Garlicky Honey Paprika Wings, Salted Egg Chicken Pasta and Truffle Wagyu Egg Lava Beef Burger. The latter includes a burger sandwiched with a wagyu beef patty, a half-boiled egg, grilled bacon, cheese and truffle oil-infused mushroom. Served with a small bucket of fries, this is one ultimate comfort food not to be missed.

FB: theworkbenchbistro | IG: @theworkbenchbistro

7) 82Bunsik


82Bunsik specialises in contemporary Korean street foods, with their Mozza and Cheddar Corn Dogs (battered and deep-fried sausage on a stick) being among the must-order menu items. They also sell croffles, which are basically a hybrid of croissant and waffle ranging from plain to chocolate and cheese flavours. Other items available at 82Bunsik includes spicy rice cake a.k.a. Ddeokbokki and Korean Sweet & Sour Chicken.

FB: 82bunsik | IG: @82bunsik

8) Thus Coffee

Thus Coffee

Looking for a hearty brunch option to fuel your day? You might want to check out Thus Coffee at Jalan Kuras. If you have a big appetite, do try their signature Thus Breakfast consisting of sous vide eggs with hollandaise sauce on a toasted muffin. They also include apple cider sausage, back bacon, sauteed mushrooms and baked beans. Other recommended dishes include Smoked Salmon sandwiched between toasted ciabatta and Hearty Chicken Stew served with toasted multigrain bread.

FB: thuscoffeesg | IG: @thuscoffee

9) Desert Dessert

Desert Dessert

Those with a sweet tooth are in for a treat here at Desert Dessert, offering different types of gelato and mille crepes to choose from. For the latter, they have several options such as Strawberry Crepe, Lavender Crepe and Belgian Chocolate Crepe — all of which are made with premium ingredients. Their handcrafted gelato is not to be missed as well, with available flavours like Butterscotch Caramel, Cookies & Cream and Mango Passion. You can enjoy it in a cup or pair them with their aromatic waffle.

FB: Desert-Dessert-AMK | IG:

10) Common Folks & Bar

Common Folks & Bar

Looking at their menu, Common Folks & Bar serves mainly comfort foods such as pizzas and pastas. The latter has more than 10 options ranging from Carbonara to Squid Ink, Aglio Olio with Chicken Ham and Vongole (clams in white wine sauce). For desserts, do try their waffle sets with maple syrup or artisanal gelato.

FB: commonfolksnbar | IG: @commonfolksnbar

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