Top 10 Bicycle Shops in Singapore

Top 10 Bicycle Shops in Singapore
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As more Singaporeans take up cycling as a way of getting from Point A to Point B, or even just as a weekend hobby, bicycle shops have become increasingly more prevalent. It’s important to have good shops dispersed around the island so that more people realize what a good physical activity cycling is. Here are the Top 10 Bicycle Shops in Singapore.

1) FootLoops


If basic black is too boring, you’ll love FootLoops and their selection of bikes in lovely shades – from baby blue to pale pink. They sell foldable bicycles and electric scooters, and style is never compromised. If you aren’t sure about buying a bicycle just yet, FootLoops even has rental services. Find them at Oxley Bizhub. | FB: | IG:

2) Bike Technics Pte Ltd

Bike Technics Pte Ltd

Bike Technics was founded by mountain bike enthusiasts, and they believe their passion for biking coupled with their roles as suppliers give them an edge – as they can better understand client’s needs. In addition to selling mountain bikes, they also offer additional services, like repair, overhaul and tune up + cleaning. Besides this, you can also get in touch if you want custom work done. | FB: | IG: @biketechnics

3) Bicycles Singapore

Bicycles Singapore

They say they are Singapore’s Number 1 bicycle shop, and they promise the largest collection of the most practical and affordable bicycles. Aside from the classic bicycles, they have unique items like three-seater bicycles, hoverboards, accessories, and even sporty bicycles. If you would like to pay them a visit, please note that it’s by appointment only. | FB: Bicycles Singapore | IG: @bicycles_sg

4) Bikes n Bites

Bikes n Bites

Yet another establishment founded by sportsmen, Bikes n Bites is the perfect place for biking enthusiasts to gather. In addition to selling premium bikes from brands like Cervelo, Zullo, Suplest and more, you can also shop for spare parts and accessories there. This one-stop centre is located at Pasir Panjang Road. | FB: bikesnbites | IG: @bikesnbites

5) BYX


Daniel, Benson, David and Sylvia are the names behind BYX, and this company prides itself upon being a green one. In fact, green tourism is very much a part of their credo, as they hope to encourage more Singaporeans to consider cycling to reduce pollution and congestion. They are also qualified bike mechanics with well-equipped workshops. Visit them at either River Valley or Bukit Timah. | FB: Byx.singapore

6) Coast Cycles

Coast Cycles

At Coast Cycles, they design and build unpretentious bicycles, believing that simplicity is the best option when it comes to cycling. Creating bikes that are both stylish and ergonomic, it really is the best of both worlds and a win-win situation for cyclists. Browse their catalogue and shop online, it’s that simple. | FB: CoastCycles | IG: @coastcycles

7) CycleLogy


Whatever style you’re looking for, you can bet CycleLogy will be able to help. From vintage bikes to folding bikes, they’ve got a great selection in store. Their bikes are perfect for Singaporean conditions, with folding bicycles and mini velos that can be transported easily. They also want to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. Visit them at Boon Lay Way. | FB: CycleLogy | IG: @cyclelogy

8) Rodalink Singapore

Rodalink Singapore

Going back as far as 1989, Rodalink is practically a veteran on this list. Originating in Surabaya, it’s now one of the biggest bike assemblers in Asia. You can find racing bikes and performance oriented brands like Giro, Fulcrum, Polygon and others. They currently have four physical stores in Singapore, but you can also opt to shop online if you like. | FB: RodalinkSingapore | IG: @rodalinksingapore

9) Treknology Bikes 3 Pte Ltd

Treknology Bikes 3 Pte Ltd

Treknology was founded to bring cycling enthusiasts the best quality service, and the most knowledgeable advice on bikes. They ensure that there’s always someone who you can speak to when you want to determine what bike is best. Treknology also sells an array of bicycles to suit any preference, which you can buy from any of their four showrooms in Singapore. | FB: Treknology.Singapore | IG: @treknology3

10) Cannasia


CANNASIA is an official supplier of Cannondale goods in Singapore. Cannondale are known for their premium range of bicycles – whether for racing or just for fun. They have two decades of experience in the industry, making them well informed and equipped to handle a great many bicycle related issues. Visit them at Frankel Avenue and Ubi Avenue. | FB: CANNASIA.SG

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