Top 10 Bak Kwa Shops in Singapore

Top 10 Bak Kwa Shops in Singapore
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Bak kwa is often synonymous with Chinese New Year, given its popularity for being a luxury food associated with prosperity. But of course, you can always enjoy bak kwa anytime during the off-peak season. Whether you’re looking for some Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year or otherwise, here are the Top 10 Bak Kwa Shops in Singapore!

1) Xishibakkwa 西施肉干食品

Xishibakkwa 西施肉干食品

For Xishibakkwa (Xi Shi Bak Kwa), the owner — Mr Koh Hock Bin — preserves the method of grilling bak kwa in an old-fashioned way. And that means no machinery, but rather, grilling each bak kwa over charcoal. This gives their bak kwa a nice, smoky flavour. Interestingly enough, Xi Shi Bak Kwa also offers unique choices like goji berry bak kwa, ginseng bak kwa and even duck bak kwa.

FB: xishibakkwa | IG: @xishibakkwa

2) Golden Gourmet

Golden Gourmet

Although Golden Gourmet only got its start in 2018, they are far from wannabe bak kwa sellers. Their family actually sold bak kwa back in the early 80s and the siblings used to help out when they were kids. From there, they have learned a lot in terms of mastering their family’s bak kwa recipe. Golden Gourmet’s bak kwa is all made fresh on a daily basis with no added preservatives and they only insist on grilling them over charcoal on a bamboo plate. Expect smoky and succulent flavour upon each bite, with their sliced pork bak kwa being one of the bestsellers. Some of the other options available include Premium Organic Chicken Bak Kwa, Luscious Bacon Bak Kwa and the spicy Mala Bak Kwa.

FB: GoldenGourmetBakKwa | IG: @goldengourmetbakkwa

3) Bee Cheng Hiang 美珍香

Bee Cheng Hiang 美珍香

A household name that has been around since 1933, Bee Cheng Hiang happens to be among the oldest bak kwa shops in Singapore. Their bak kwa contains no artificial colouring, preservatives or MSG. Just pure greasy goodness of bak kwa slices that are both juicy and succulent. They offer many choices here, namely the classic sliced pork and chicken varieties. You can also find others like sliced beef, chilli pork and Gourmet Fusion, with the latter combining pork belly and premium pork hind. | FB: beechenghiangsg | IG: @beechenghiangsg

4) New Peng Hiang 新品香

New Peng Hiang 新品香

Operating since 1984, New Peng Hiang is committed to offering both traditional and contemporary bak kwa slices. For the former, they have the usual pork and chicken choices. But if you are up for something different, New Peng Hiang has them all. This includes bak kwa slices like Kimchi Pork BBQ, Turkey BBQ, Pineapple Pork BBQ and even Red Wine Pork BBQ. | FB: NewPengHiangSingapore | IG: @newpenghiang.batam

5) Kim Joo Guan

Kim Joo Guan

Kim Joon Guan prides itself on the best quality possible when it comes to their range of bak kwa. They take no shortcuts, with everything from choosing the ingredients to the grilling process. Only premium grain-fed Australian pork is used that’s neither chilled nor frozen, ensuring you will get what you pay for. If that’s not enough, Kim Joo Guan retains its tradition by using the old-school handmade technique. | FB: kimjooguan | IG: @kimjooguan

6) Sang Hock Guan Dried & Minced Pork

Sang Hock Guan Dried & Minced Pork

This family-run bak kwa shop in Ang Mo Kio does their sliced meat goodness the old-fashioned way. And that is manually grilling the bak kwa over charcoal than relying on the modern machinery. Sang Hock Guan may not be as famous as the big brands in the bak kwa business, but they sure have their own loyal followings.

FB: Sang-Hock-Guan-Dried-Minced-Pork

7) Kim Peng Hiang BBQ Pork

Kim Peng Hiang BBQ Pork

If there’s one thing about Kim Peng Hiang that makes them such a favourite, it has to be their sweet-and-savoury pineapple bak kwa. It happens to be their bestseller and especially so during the Chinese New Year season. Another thing about Kim Peng Hiang’s bak kwa is that it is less firm and softer to the bite while the subtle hint of smokiness pairs well with the sweetness of pineapples.

FB: Kim-Peng-Hiang-BBQ-Pork

8) Peng Guan

Peng Guan

Peng Guan, which is run by Mr Zhang Ziyue and Mr Lee Kok Keong, doesn’t skimp on quality when comes to their bak kwa slices. They only use the freshest ingredients possible, with every slice traditionally made from scratch and grilled over hot charcoal. Not only you get to enjoy freshly-made bak kwa but each slice contains no added nasties like preservatives, MSG and artificial flavouring. | FB: pengguanfood

9) Kim Hua Guan

Kim Hua Guan

Kim Hua Guan has been selling bak kwa as early as the 60s, with their sliced meats traditionally grilled over charcoal to preserve its authenticity. Their traditional Minced Pork Bak Kwa happens to be their bestseller, given its tender and succulent meat goodness that makes you come back for more! You can locate them at Toa Payoh, People’s Park Cooked Food Centre and Balestier Road. | FB: Kim-hua-guan

10) Fragrance Bak Kwa

Fragrance Bak Kwa

With multiple outlets islandwide, you can easily locate Fragrance whenever you are craving for some bak kwa delights. Their bak kwa contains no preservatives and are also made fresh using quality ingredients and generations-old recipes that have been passed down since its inception in 1969. Choices are aplenty here, covering everything from Fragrance’s Signature Sliced Tender Bak Kwa to Chilli Bak Kwa, Honey Bak Kwa and Turkey Bak Kwa. | FB: FragranceSingapore | IG: @Fragrance_Bak_Kwa

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