Singapore’s Top 10 Talented Artists

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Artists are an important part of any nation’s culture, as they are able to portray the goings-on of a place in the most beautiful way. Singapore is no different, with a host of talented artists who have done just that. Check out Singapore’s Top 10 Talented Artists, and get inspired!

1) Andre Tansingapores-top-10-talented-artists-andre-tan

With a portfolio that is extensive and reflective of his journey as an artist, Andre Tan has told many stories through his work. It is pop art, with Andre’s own aesthetic and creativity as the driving force. His work has won awards, and he’s been commissioned to produce artworks for many Singaporean causes. Check out his extensive portfolio on his website and be amazed by the vibrant and unique art pieces he has produced. | FB: andretheartistsg | IG: @andretanart

2) Foo Kwee Horngsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-foo-kwee-horng

If you appreciate artworks that evoke feelings of daily life, with an emphasis on how it is for your everyday Singaporean or Cambodian, then you’ll love Foo Kwee Horng’s watercolour paintings.  Capturing people as they go about their daily jobs and life itself, and putting that on a canvas in a splash of watercolours is his talent, and one that’s worth admiring. | FB: artfooart | IG: @artfoo

3) Simon Ngsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-simon-ng

Simon Ng is identified as a contemporary artist and figurative painter, but he actually got his start as a graphic designer. At the age of 32, he had a change of heart and began to pursue painting. Since then, he’s accomplished a great deal. His art is focused and even minimalist, at times, but the subject matter – be it an animal or human, is always stark and bold. | IG: @simon_ng66

4) Seah Kam Chuansingapores-top-10-talented-artists-seah-kum-chuan

Illustrations and watercolour paintings feature in Seah Kam Chuan’s portfolio, and he believes it is his training in graphic design that has helped him as an artist. His subjects vary, from landscapes, still life, figures and nature. He is also an art teacher, so if you have always liked to paint you could consider learning from an award-winning artist, and hone some artistic skills of your own. | IG: @skcseah

5) Tia Kee Woonsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-tia-kee-woon

Though Tia Kee Woon was also passionate about watercolour artworks like many other artists on this list, he eventually found a process that is less time-consuming, by using acrylic paints instead. You’ll see many familiar Singaporean sights in his paintings, all enhanced with the beauty of colour and his keen artistic eye, from national landmarks to a wet market or even a fire station.

FB: Tia Kee Woon_Watercolor/acrylic artist | IG: @tia_kee_woon

6) Lee Rui Xiangsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-lee-rui-xiang

His work is abstract and aesthetically pleasing, as he challenges viewers to think about themes that are relevant to all humans, that of obsession with wealth and power, and various other aspects of humanity. Using lines and crosshatch, there is a certain complexity in his work, meticulous and marvellous all at once. His work has been exhibited not only in Singapore, but Hong Kong, Japan and even Macau. | IG: @r.x.lee

7) Sarah Choo Jingsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-sarah-choo-jing

Sarah’s art too will be familiar to anyone who’s ventured out and about, as it reflects life, society and cultural norms. She is a Multidisciplinary Fine Artist, and her work has also won awards internationally, where she has represented Singapore. Each piece depicts a different story, one that you’ll be swept up with just from her clever use of colours, mediums, and light and dark to create a certain mood. | IG: @sarahchoojing

8) Aiman Hakimsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-aiman-hakim

He paints and sculpts, hoping to represent himself and his thoughts/opinions via his art. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality is a common theme in his work, as well as the topic of ideologies and stereotypes, resulting in a fascinating product. Besides this, he has also been commissioned to produce works for different causes, showing that he is versatile. | IG: @kittyeatdog

9) Ng Woon Lamsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-ng-woon-lam

From scenes of life in a bustling city to portraits of the people in them, Ng Woon Lam manages to capture the essence of Singapore using only watercolours and oil paints. He is also a member of the American Watercolor Society, and has been awarded with a Medal of Honor by this association twice – in 2009 and 2014. In 2014, he was awarded with the Dolphin Fellowship by them. | IG: @ngwoonlam

10) Don Lowsingapores-top-10-talented-artists-don-low

Don is passionate about sketching and painting, and wears many hats as freelance illustrator, storyboard artist and comic artist. He’s also a self-professed voyeur, which serves him well in his craft, as he observes the world around him. His style is versatile, and you’ll see he’s able to capture people and places in a variety of ways. Whether the image is rooted in fact or fiction, it is always spectacular. | IG: @donlowcm

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