Singapore’s Top 10 Leather Crafters

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Leather products have the magic of bringing vintage goods back to life. If you are not a person who likes mainstream brands or trends, and would prefer to invest in products that will withstand the test of time, check out what these 10 homegrown leather crafters have for you!

1) Forest Child


Founded in 2012, Forest Child embodies the liberation of attaining stylish nirvana through leather goods crafts with love and good vibes. They aim to provide signature pieces for the fashion conscious desiring effortless style, accentuated with functionality. Products produced by this label ranges from trendy messenger bags to custom watchstraps – all made with high-quality leathers. | FB: forestchildren | IG: @forestchild_

2) Thewysden


Despite Thewysden only joined the market since June 2015, they have already gaining a huge following on Instagram. They take pride on their excellence in product quality and customer service. Specialised in making customised handcrafted leather items, they are able to satisfy their customers’ requests to best fit their basic practical needs. | FB: thewysden | IG: @thewysden

3) Kraf & Jarum


Karf & Jarum’s spirit of artisanal excellence lives on through their work. Called himself an Anak Melayu who enjoys leather craft, the founder has obviously grown his interest in leather work into a brand label. Products that they produce include wallet, coin purse, tissue cover, passport cover, document holder and many more. | IG: @krafandjarum

4) StoneForGold


Drawing its initial influences from Tribal Punk and Steampunk, which is a sub-genre of science that features futuristic inventions originating from the 19th century, StoneForGold is evolving into a lifestyle, inspired by the latest fashion, Haute couture and Native American Indian designs. The owner, XieHui, runs a one-man show since 2008 and aims to produce hand-crafted leather and silver products to the highest possible standards, utilising the best materials and exploiting tested and proven techniques. | FB: stoneforgold | IG: @stoneforgold

5) Revergoods


Revergoods showcases products where modern design meets traditional crafting methods. They use minimal finishing on their leather to preserve its natural grain, allowing the leather to breathe and age better so that time and touch can bring out the inherent patina of the leather. The catalogue is kept to fewer than 10 items, which includes wallets and card and key holders. Prices start from S$12 for a ring tag and up to S$78 for a cable roll-up organiser. | FB: | IG: @revergoods

6) Semicolon Works


At Semicolon Works, they emphasise in taking an unfinished, incomplete idea and giving it new life. The leather used in the creation of their products was obtained from unutilised leather off-cuts that often come in odd shapes and sizes. The team will then use hours of patient and meticulous crafting to produce the finished goods. | FB: semicolonworks | IG: @semicolonworks

7) Banwagon Bags


Founded in March 2012, Banwagon Bags is the brainchild of two design collaborators, Lengfei Tok and Gareth Dean Lee, who envisage a future where most consumers will not only have their focus on the products but understand the brands’ philosophy, story and craftsmanship. Every piece of the leather-ware is hand-cut, hand-dyed, hand-stitched and hand-polished – a sure devotion to fine traditional craftsmanship. | FB: banwagon.bags.wares | IG: @banwagonbw

8) Obbi Good Label


Since 2008 Obbi Good Label have been crafting and supplying leather products to the consumers in Singapore as well as globally. All of their leather crafts are made by skilled leather artisans with minimum 5 years of experience. Apart from offering seasonal leather accessories like wallet, bracelet, key holders and cardholders, they also specialise in custom-made leather products.

FB: obbigoodlabel | IG: @obbigoodlabel

9) Augustine Goods


Augustine Goods’ target audience are individuals who look beyond the blind chase of mainstream brands and trends, appreciate quality and understands the need to invest in products that will withstand the test of time. Their products are designed to not only look good on the surface, but to also possess substance, to encompass its own character and quality. Each bag is individually handcrafted by craftsmen based in Singapore and possess years of industry experience. Each piece takes one week to produce. | IG: @augustine_goods

10) One+One


One+One was founded in October 2014 by Veron Lien. All designs are created personally by Veron Lien and hand-crafted with care and precision, using traditional techniques and carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Every piece is unique. The materials used are chosen for their quality, sustainability and ability to withstand use. | FB: | IG: @1plus1sg

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