Singapore’s Top 10 Healthy Food Deliveries

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While people have recently become more aware of the importance of healthy eating habits, schedules are also busier than ever. That means those who don’t have the time or skills to whip up their own nutritious meals will have to rely on external sources for sustenance. If you’re itching to try out something new for your next lunch hour, here are Singapore’s Top 10 Healthy Food Deliveries, as voted by the public!

1) The KaloRies


The KaloRies are here to prove that eating clean and meal prepping consist of more than just consuming stereotypical “healthy” foods like salads and wraps daily. They’re here to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Customisable meals are available as well, so you needn’t worry about the amount being too little or too much. But what’s really cool is the selections they have on offer, which are certainly not boring or bland. With flavourful choices like Thai Beef with Herb Couscous and Garam Masala Salmon all neatly served up in bento boxes, you will not be disappointed.

FB: TheKaloRies | IG: @thekalories

2) Good Food Heals


Known as the “Probiotic Bar”, Good Food Heals primarily utilises unpasteurised ingredients, or fermented foods (like Kimchi), which is said to promote better gut health. Choose a meal based upon your specific needs, such as “Metabo” to boost your metabolism with higher protein content, “Skin” to provide nutrients to your skin and “Detox” to flush out toxins. Office workers will be happy to know that there are Corporate Subscription Plans on offer as well, so you don’t have to call daily to place an order. In addition to getting the items delivered via online order, you may also drop in to their outlet at The Arcade and take out a meal or two, or even get a bottle of their relish to enjoy. | FB: goodfoodheals | IG: @goodfoodheals

3) The Naked Meals


With wholesome protein-filled mains like grilled chicken/beef accompanied with fresh veggies, The Naked Meals offers food that is nutritious without scrimping on the flavours. Meals here can be ordered for 5-9 days at $7.50 per meal or for a total of 10 days at $7.00 per meal. All you have to do is select the meal and the date you want the food delivered, and representatives from The Naked Meals will be in touch with you continuously to ensure your meals are delivered speedily, at your pick-up location.

FB: tnmsg | IG: @thenakedmeals

4) The Daily Cut


You can find The Daily Cut at two locations on the island – at Raffles Place and Fusionopolis Place respectively, but they also deliver anywhere in Singapore. Protein salads are their main offering, and there are three sizing options available to suit any diet. Based on the size option you have picked, you will then get to select your preferred proteins, carbs, supplements and dressings from their choices. If you need a thirst quencher, they also have collaborated with some cold pressed juice companies to offer beverages. | FB: | IG:

5) Grain


Delivery food that looks like gourmet dining? It would seem that’s precisely what Grain is dishing up, if you browse through their Instagram feed. Not shying away from gastronomic adventures, their dishes feature flavours from places around the world, giving customers a wide range of cuisines to try. You can choose to pre-order up to five days prior, or on the day you want food delivered as well. While they deliver throughout Singapore, there are also selected “Hotzones” around Marina Bay and Raffles Place which serve as convenient pickup points. | FB: grainsg | IG: @graincomsg



You Only Live Once, so make it count! YOLO Food recently upgraded their menu with version 2.0 and they now have a “build your own” option, making their menu highly customisable. This is in addition to their regular offerings, categorised as “Shape Up”, “Energise”, “Build” and “Glow”. Refreshing fruity drinks are also available to pair up with your healthy meals, so drop in to their store at Gopeng Street and give yourself a health boost. | FB: yolofoodSG | IG: @yolofoodsg

7) Spinacas


With Spinacas, you can get hearty salads delivered to you in perhaps the most stylish way – via a striking red Vespa. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, how about the assurance that their salads will leave you full and satiated? Yes, even self-professed carnivores may just find something to love about Spinacas, since their salads are paired with meat as well, like their best-seller, the BBQ Pulled Pork Salad. They’ve recently begun to offer Bento Box meals as well, so if salads are not your thing, give that a shot! Delivery areas are currently limited, so go to their website to see if your area is in their listing. | FB: spinacas | IG: @spinacas

8) Dosirak


Dosirak is the Korean name for a bento, but at this place they do it a little differently, in the form of a mini bucket with all your chosen ingredients in it. Just pick your preferred base, 5 veggies, protein and sauce, to fit into your container. While online orders are not yet available on their website, head on over to their outlets, located at Cross Street and Changi Business Park respectively. | FB: DosirakSG | IG: @dosiraksg

9) Fitness Ration

Founded by four health conscious friends, Fitness Ration is perfect if you are getting fit and want the right food to suit your new lifestyle. With the support of a certified nutritionist, the meals here are packaged and formulated according to the various needs and also feature different customisations according to genders, as it is understood that both men and women will have different calorie requirements to fulfill. Whether you need to shed some pounds or pack on muscles, they will have a meal plan to suit you. You can order online in bulks of 5,10 or 15 packets.

Definitely one for the frequent gym-goers, you can order your meals online and pick them up before or after your workout, as FitThree’s pickup locations are in and around fitness areas throughout the island. They have meals catered to strict vegetarians, meat lovers and the classic “omnitarian” dieters. Sign up for a free account on their website to enjoy their service, where you can select a 3 or 5 day meal plan to order and select where you’d like to pick your food up from. Deliveries are done on Mondays and Thursdays. | FB: FitThreeSg | IG: @fitthreesg

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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