Singapore’s Top 10 Cold Pressed Juices

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if you’re up to date on the latest news when it comes to healthy food and drinks, then you would have heard about cold pressed juices at some point. And it’s no surprise that shops selling cold pressed juices have started to pop up all over Singapore. If you are looking for high quality juices that cleanse your body of impurities and boost your immunity system, check out these 10 Cold Pressed Juices in Singapore.

1) Juice Junkie


Juice Junkie has been serving up delicious cold pressed juices in Singapore since 2013, and they promise high quality, organic, unprocessed beverages. Juice fans can opt to get their juices fix at their physical store on Duxton Road, but fret not Internet obsessed millennials, you can even order online via their website and have some bottles delivered to you. Their menu classifies the cold pressed juices according to their main ingredients, and benefits, giving you exactly what you’re looking for! If you need a pick-me-up, you can go for their Energy Booster choices. A bit sluggish? Go for their Detox & Flush options. These are just two out of six available categories for their products. | FB: wearejuicejunkie | IG: @juicejunkiesg

2) Squeezed


If their welcoming citrusy inspired orange coloured interior design isn’t tantalizing enough, then Squeezed’s adorably punny menu will win you over. What’s more, they currently have three shops located all over the island, with one more coming soon. Drop in any store to get yourself a concoction of fruits in a bottle, with their yummy options. They have selections that consist of a variety of mixed fruits under their Daily, Immunity and Signature menu, as well as the “All By Myself” juices, with classic options like watermelon or orange, for those who dare not venture into overly fruity territory. If you like your juices laced with other fresh ingredients, you can opt to add kale,spinach, wheatgrass or chia seeds to your drinks. | FB: squeezedsg | IG: @squeezedsg

3) Antidote


Located on Siglap Drive, Antidote is committed to supplying customers not only with the freshest and healthiest cold pressed juice options, but have a goal to create awareness and educate the public on the importance of living healthily. Their juices are available ala-carte with two size options, or in packs for detox and cleansing purposes. Packs are arranged according to specific goals a customer may want to achieve, such as weight loss or for a post workout energizer. The company also offers membership for regulars, with discounts and other deals available for long-term juice fans. | FB: antidotelife | IG: @antidote_sg

4) HIC Juice


HIC Juice had a beginning that sounds like a Hollywood movie, and that’s probably because it involves a film-star. The three founders of the brand happened to be in California when they encountered actress Drew Barrymore at an organic juice bar there. They were inspired by the freshness of the juices there, and soon began experimenting back home in Singapore, which eventually led to the conception of the brand. Simplicity is the core goal of HIC Juice’s products, with the choice of raw, vegan, cold pressed juices, but they certainly have fun with their ingredients! Check out their Black Lemonade, which is infused with charcoal to rid the body of bad nutrients. Besides their own stores at Suntec City and Raffles City Mall, HIC also provides stock to Duke Bakery outlets and Five Square Bar. | FB: HICJUICESG | IG: @hicjuicesg

5) The Syndicate Juice


Syndicate’s juices are classified into Green, Root and Citrus categories and the drinks feature a mixture of several fruits and vegetables. Their selling point lies in the fact that they have invested a great deal to ensure quality juice, namely their commercial grade Norwalk juicing equipment and their prized machine – the X1, which produces up to 70 litres of juice per  hour, thus guaranteeing customers fresh, and flavourful drinks. They also offer 6 pack options for those on a cleanse. Orders can be made online at their website, and your purchases will be delivered, or you can opt to collect it from their central kitchen on Harrison Road. | IG: @syndicatejuice

6) Gorilla Press Co


Fairly new on the juicing scene compared to the more veteran companies on this list, Gorilla Press Co’s online presence seems to be a lot more mysterious. For updates on their latest offerings, head on over to their Instagram page, and treat your eyes to their lovely photos before you decide which cold pressed juice of theirs you’d like to try at their store in Biopolis. Their well-labelled packaging lets you know exactly what’s in your drink, and what benefits you’ll achieve from it. Interestingly, they’ve recently collaborated with renowned skincare brand SKII to formulate a drink with them called “Aura Booster”.

IG: @gorillapressco

7) A Juicery


Their colourful website invites you to “say hello to a juicier you”, and it’s no surprise, considering the plethora of cold pressed juices they have on sale. They are very proud of their creative concoctions, and strive to ensure customers are never bored with the juices offered. A Juicery guarantees that quality is not compromised at any point in production, and are committed to bringing nutritious drinks to Singapore’s shores. Beside cleanse packages categorized as “Rookie”, “Fanatic” and “Junkie”, customers may also purchase ala carte single bottles that come under “Seasonal”, “Pure”, “Fuel”, “Invigorate” and “Calm” categories. Check them out at Irving Place or go to their website to see who their latest stockists are. | FB: ajuicery | IG: @ajuicery

8) Juiced Juice


Since 2014, Juiced Juice has been serving up yummy cold pressed juices from their Juice Bar at Cavan Road. Their selection is limited, but this only means their offerings are exclusive and made with love! Their “life changing potions” come in concoctions such as Greenlicious, which is packed with nutritious and healthy vegetables, Sunkissed, which has citrusy fruits for antioxidants and to combat colds, and even some berry and nut blends. They also have six different cleanse options available which can be delivered directly to you, for those who plan on detoxing. | FB: juicedjuicesingapore | IG: @juicedjuicesg

9) Fresh Pressed Juice


FP Juice is how it’s commonly known, and their drinks come under the sections of “Beauty”, “Energy” “Detox” and “Health”, which shows just how streamlined and simplified their offerings are. They have 1, 3 and 5 day Cleanse Packs as well, so you can be sure to get detoxed at any level you’d like! They also do deliveries, so you can order online from wherever you are and have the drinks delivered to you. | FB: | IG: @fpjuice

10) Daily Juice


Nestled in Lorong Teluk is a gem of a juice store, called Daily Juice. Their drink offerings are sort of like the cold pressed juice versions of The Avengers, if you will. There are six choices to select, and each have totally different benefits and tastes. They’ve also got two selections for those who want to detox. One is your usual cleanse, but another is called Reboot, and is different in that it focuses more on vegetable content rather than fruit, promising fresh, pure and nutritious content jam packed with flavour. Order online, or go visit their store! | FB: dailyjuicesg | IG: @dailyjuicesg

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