Top 10 Salad Bars in Singapore

Top 10 Salad Bars in Singapore
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Singapore is a haven for many good foods regardless of local or international cuisines. And if you prefer something healthy, why not eat clean such as a salad bowl? We’re not talking about plain old boring salads but something delicious and palatable without compromising its freshness, quality and nutritional value. That being said, here are the Top 10 Salad Bars in Singapore.

1) The Salad Corner

The Salad Corner
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Fancy freshly prepared salads that are both flavourful and above all, reasonably priced? The Salad Corner got you all covered here, offering tummy-filling choices of Warm Salad Box that combines proteins and assorted toppings. Or go for their Signature Salad such as Teriyaki Chicken Salad and Smoked Duck Salad. But if you prefer to DIY, you can do so at The Salad Corner. Simply pick your salad base, followed by five basic toppings (carbs, fruits, dry & miscellaneous mixes and creamy/light dressing). You can also add a fraction of the cost for a premium topping like smoked salmon, turkey ham and BBQ chicken. The Salad Bar has three outlets available on Cecil Street, Tanjong Pagar Plaza and Amoy Food Centre. | FB: The-Salad-Corner

2) Saladstop!

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Get your healthy salad fix at SaladStop! and here, they have plenty of options to choose from. Try one of their Signature Salads, namely Hail Caesar (romaine lettuce, grated egg, croutons, parmesan & bacon bits with classic Caesar dressing) and The Earth Bowl (romaine lettuce, red & white cabbage and others like broccoli and avocado in Thai turmeric dressing). They also offer seasonal menus or simply create your own bowl (salad, wrap or warm grain bowl-style). Best paired with one of their refreshing beverages. | FB: SaladStopsg | IG: @saladstopsg

3) The Green Bar

The Green Bar
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2009 and still counting. And it’s easy to see why The Green Bar still thrives in its salad business. They ensure quality and freshness when comes to their salad ingredients. Not to mention the irresistible combos from the menu. Take their Smoked Duck Mango Tango, for instance: an eclectic choice of smoked duck, mango and other mix-and-match ingredients like roasted potatoes, beetroot and citron vinaigrette. Health-conscious eaters can also look forward to assorted superfood salad varieties like Baked Mediterranean Salmon, Tokyo Tuna Tataki and oven-roasted Indian Tandoori.

FB: TheGreenBar | IG: @thegreenbarsg

4) The Harvest

The Harvest
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Located on Level 3 in Downtown Gallery, The Harvest welcomes customers with its healthy, nutritious-packed salad bowls made from quality ingredients. Their signature option? Harvest Bowl would be your answer — a hearty combination of kale, romaine lettuce, quinoa and other ingredients like pumpkin, berries and almond drizzled with homemade sweet & sour honey citrus. Or try one of their popular options such as Easy Greek Pasta Salad and the classic Caesar Salad topped with onsen egg. You can even BYOB, where they have choices from bases to proteins, toppings and dressings to mix and match.

IG: @the_harvestsg

5) The Salad Shop

The Salad Shop
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The Salad Shop is all about quality and authenticity. And that’s what you get when you order from them. Honest-to-goodness salads carefully curated that are fresh, healthy and flavourful. Try one of their Boxes varieties, namely J-Box (lemon garlic chicken, broccoli greens, sauteed mushroom, brown rice with sesame dressing & lime) and the spicy-licious Fire-Box. The latter consists of spicy blackened chicken served with sweetcorn & edamame, tomato salsa and brown rice with signature chilli & lime. Alternatively, you can leave it up to them by ordering the Omakase-Box. BYOB is also available if you prefer more choices of your own. | FB: thesaladshopsg | IG: @thesaladshopsg

6) The Lawn

The Lawn
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Be it classic or mixed, The Lawn’s range of salads is made to satiate your taste buds. They have the usuals like The Lawn Caesar Salad and Greek Salad. Or if you prefer something more filling, opt for Chef’s Signature Salads such as Hunky Dory (mixed salad, sliced egg, cheddar & parmesan cheese, tofu, almonds, butter-seared dory with parsley rub & wafu dressing) and Mangoes Green (mixed salad, mango, avocado, tomato, onion, cheddar, grilled pesto chicken & honey mustard dressing). You can create your own salads too with different bases available from regular to premium, olive rice, quinoa, soba and protein.

FB: thelawncafe | IG: @thelawncafe

7) The SaladBox

The SaladBox
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Choices are aplenty when you make your pick at The SaladBox. You can go for favourite salad options like Cajun Chicken Salad, Crispy Caesar Salad and Tofu Salad. You may pick your own salad too — perfect for those who love customisations. This includes romaine lettuce with five free basic toppings and a free dressing. You can even add in more regular, premium and/or special toppings for a fraction of the cost. And speaking of toppings, they have over 40 different types to choose from! | FB: thesaladboxcafe

8) Super Simple

Super Simple
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Super Simple has three outlets available in Singapore including Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer and One North. Their menu? Wholesome, protein-fuelled salads that are fresh and all things quality. You can customise your own including protein, base, supplements and dressing in three different sizes: Petite, Regular or Hulk. Some of the options available include miso-glazed tofu, romaine lettuce, pickled turnips, curried cauliflower and balsamic vinaigrette. Prefer to make things easier? Just go for one of the four appropriately-named No Fuss Sets of either steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian-based salad boxes. | FB: | IG:

9) The Daily Cut

The Daily Cut
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The Daily Cut’s motto is “real food for real people”. And they certainly mean business — fresh meat & vegetables and wholesome grains. You can take your pick in the BYOB way of either petite, regular or large size, depending on your budget and appetite. From bases like cilantro lime brown rice & romaine lettuce to proteins and supplements such as herb-crusted dory and marinated tomatoes, you’ll be spoilt for choices here. Top off with delicious toppings and dressings like toasted almonds and cranberry compote, it’s a combo meal worth craving. | FB: thedailycut | IG:

10) Toss & Turn

Toss & Turn
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Toss & Turn sure knows how to combine different ingredients and flavours into each salad bowl. If you love fish, you can’t go wrong with the Alaska Catch (smoked salmon, baby spinach, soba, kimchi salad, grilled miso eggplant, cucumber yoghurt raita, corns & furikake with plum blossom dressing). Or go for the poultry bases such as Chicken Potato Bowl and Herby Chicken Bowl. The good news is, you can build your own bowl. Choose your size (Regular, Large or Extra Large) and follow by the base, protein(s), sides, smear, toppings and a dressing. | FB: tossnturnsingapore | IG: @tossnturnsg

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!