Top 10 Food Delivery Services in Singapore

Top 10 Food Delivery Services in Singapore
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There are some days where even the thought of cooking or going out for a meal sounds tiring. On days like that, it’s great to know there are many food delivery options out there. Fret not the next time you’re in a similar pickle, and just try out any one of the Top 10 Food Delivery Services in Singapore.

1) Honestbee


Craving something from your favourite restaurant but unable to get out of the house? Enter Honestbee to the rescue. Order meals from places like Absolute Acai, Pizza 101 and many more, all from the convenience of a mobile app. Currently, you can enjoy free delivery if your order is $35 and up. | IG: @honestbeesg

2) WhyQ


Hawker food is delicious, and if you’ve ever wished you can enjoy the deliciousness of simple hawker fare without leaving home/work, WhyQ has the answer to all your prayers. They have teamed up with many hawkers to bring you your favourite dishes. Best of all, there’s no minimum order, so it’s perfect for individuals as well as groups. Delivery is currently limited to areas in CBD and Changi. | FB: whyqsg | IG: @whyqsg

3) Deliveroo


Deliveroo is here to fulfil all your food cravings, whatever they may be. Yes, that means everything from the healthiest food to the guiltiest pleasures. Order from places like Muchachos, Bangkok Jam, Poulet and more. Oh, and if you need a dose of ice-cream, Ben and Jerry’s is on the list too. You can even order in advance. | FB: DeliverooSG | IG: @deliveroo_sg

4) FeastBump


FeastBump is all about simplicity – for you, that is. You can browse their website using several filters, including occasions, locations, budget and cuisine type. Pre-ordering is also an option with FeastBump, with the option to order weeks in advance. They have over 200 bakeries and restaurants attached to their service. | FB: feastbump | IG: @feastbumpsg

5) Foodmatters Singapore

Foodmatters Singapore

The hunt for food that is healthy, delicious and affordable is already quite a conundrum, never mind finding an appropriate establishment that delivers. Foodmatters understands this need, and intends to provide customers with a variety of healthy Asian, Western and Fusion dishes for lunch. Foodmatters even has a certified nutritionist on board to help with recipes. | FB: foodmatterssg | IG: @foodmatterssg

6) Halalonclick


Halalonclick provides halal meals from local stalls, hawkers and restaurants to customers in Singapore. They are strict about ensuring participating stalls are hygienic, and certified in food handling. Current partners include Rasa-Rasa, MakanShiok, Aiman Café and others. There is a minimum order of $12. | FB: halalonclick | IG: @halalonclick

7) foodpanda


With Foodpanda, you have ample choices. They team up with many food outlets, including fast food favourites like Burger King and Popeyes, and a whole list of restaurants spanning different cuisines. You can even order alcoholic beverages to be delivered. Best of all, they have promotions on their page, that offer discounts and other deals. | FB: FoodpandaSingapore | IG: @foodpandasg

8) Porterfetch


Working late and got hunger pangs? Or perhaps you’re lounging at home and have a sudden craving in the middle of the night. Porterfetch is here to help, delivering food between 9pm and 3am. From Starbucks to Dim Sum and even ice-cream, you can rely on Porterfetch to help you out when you’re in need of the perfect supper. | FB: Porterfetch | IG: @porterfetch

9) UberEATS


Yes, Uber even delivers food these days. Even better, you can plan your meals ahead with UberEats. They give you the option of ordering ahead and specifying a timeframe. You can even adjust where you pick up the food from, be it at a curb side, door-to-door or at a lobby. Once you’re on the Uber grid, you can view the roster of restaurants. | FB: UberEATS | IG: @ubereats_sg

10) Gourmet To Go Sg

Gourmet To Go Sg

You can even get gourmet food delivered, thanks to Gourmet To Go. Whether you’ve got a hankering for Pakistani food or Peranakan, they are ready to help out. Check out their website to see their delivery zones, as they have their own methodology for this. They are also very forthcoming and explain the charges. | FB: gmtgsg | IG: @gourmettogosg

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