Relax with Nature’s Loving Embrace at IO Home

Nestled within the lovely residential area of Dolomite Templer stands IO Home. A pristine bungalow large enough to accommodate 25 people at once, IO Home has everything you need for a change in scenery. Whether you plan on a relaxing retreat, or a fun-filled gathering with loved ones, you can never go wrong with IO Home!

Indoor Luxury

Soft, warm lights cast a glow over IO Home, creating a cosy and homey feeling. In the living room, there is a flat-screen TV, complete with a long sofa for a night of good entertainment. Besides that, there is also a state-of-the-art arcade, where you can play air hockey, pool, and other arcade games. The kitchen is fully equipped with gas stoves, a BBQ set, an oven, and a coffee machine. Make simple meals and enjoy domestic bliss! Speaking of that, IO Home didn’t forget your little ones! They also have a toy library, with squishy beanbags – perfect for some family fun time. To ensure a good night’s rest for you, all of their beds are hotel grade beds, and linens are always fresh!

Image Credits: IO Home

Outdoor Freshness

Push open the doors, and take a deep breath of clean, fresh air. The exterior of IO Home is equipped with a garden, and an outdoor pool. An igloo-like structure is set up in the garden, where you can still feel like you’re surrounded by nature just in case of adverse weather, since the “walls” of the igloo are transparent. Alternatively, take a dip in the pool, or better yet, hop onto the swing at the pool! The swing is located the the edge of the pool overlooking trees and greenery, and while it’s no Bali Swing, you’ll still be able to experience a “top of the world” feeling. Located strategically to overlook Bukit Takun, enjoy stunning panoramic views while you’re at it! Tip: sunrise would be the best.

Image Credits: IO Home

Other Activities

Of course, if you prefer not to be sequestered (not sure if this is even the right word, the place is huge) up in the house all day, there are other activities for you to explore nearby. As aforementioned, Bukit Takun is nearby, and you could go for a hike or rock-climbing. There’s nothing better than going through the winding paths, hearing to sounds of nature. Otherwise, the popular Kanching Waterfall is also a mere 5-minute drive away. You could pack a picnic, enjoy a meal by the waterfall, and cool off at the same time! Last but not least, you could hit your friends up for a round of golf! It would be a shame not to, since Templer Golf Course is literally right there.

Kanching Waterfall
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To book a stay, simply visit or call +6014-6790636 for more information. Have a great stay!