Platform 1094: A Harry Potter-Inspired Cafe in Singapore!

Many of us experienced our very first heartbreak at the young age of 11, when we didn’t receive our Hogwarts acceptance letters. However, we have a small consolation in the form of Platform 1094: A Harry Potter-Inspired Cafe!

The Interior

It’s a cafe, not a sumptuous restaurant, so don’t expect it to match up to the Great Hall. The magic feeling comes from the brick walls and wood-panelled ceilings, bathed in warm lighting. It also has a chandelier, and a centrepiece long wooden table as well as chairs with stag designs on them, and wooden benches. Everything here screams “Instagrammable”, right down to the props provided by Platform 1094: pointed witch’s hats and a selection of wands included.

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The Food

Platform 1094 serves a variety of brunch food, main courses, and dessert. The brunch and main courses seem pretty standard, but the main attraction is the dessert. Patrons of Platform 1094 have deemed dessert as one-of-a-kind, starting with the names. Arendelle, Bloodberry, and Black Magic Panna Cotta all have their names paying tribute to a fantasy, fairy-tale world, and they look like it too! According to customers, they taste as good as they look.

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The Drinks

Besides good old coffee, tea and bottled beer, the rest of Platform 1094’s drinks are divided into two categories, and this is where Harry Potter comes into play. The smoothies are called “Potions”, and cocktails called “Poison”. Fragaria Extract, Elf’s Dream, and Elixir of Life are some examples of “Potions”. “Poisons” on the other hand include Truth Venom, Sleeping Draught, and Amnesia Blend.

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Goblet of Fire

Yes, yes, the drinks are rather spectacular. However, the real champion here is the Goblet of Fire. Consisting of blue curacao and lemonade, the Goblet of Fire has a spoonful of Bacardi rum being set ablaze and lowered into the concoction. To watch the flames swirl and crackle before your very eyes, shake in some cinnamon powder. A magic show is then created!

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Also, closed door events or private space events are available there, so make sure you send Platform 1094 an owl if you require their space for an event. As a Potterhead who lives in Asia and can’t afford to travel to the UK for the full Harry Potter experience yet, this is a small dream come true. Muggles, enjoy your flight, drive or train rides. I’m apparating there right now!

Other Details

Telephone Number: +65 62046003
Email Address:
Address: 1094 Serangoon Road, Singapore
Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 11 am to 10 pm (Closed on Mondays)