7 National Parks To Visit Besides Taman Negara

Malaysia is no stranger to offering biodiversity spots for both local and international visitors. The spots in question are national parks, which can be found in both West and East Malaysia. Among them happens to be Taman Negara, which is known to be the country’s first and largest national park. But in this article, we will cover 7 National Parks To Visit Besides Taman Negara based in alphabetical order.

1) Bako National Park

Bako National Park has been around since 1957, making it the oldest national park in Sarawak. Despite covering an area of just 27 sq km, this otherwise small-sized park houses a diverse range of flora and fauna. For the former, you can look forward to exploring all kinds of vegetation such as mangrove forest, carnivorous pitcher plants and a lush rainforest. Animal lovers may witness the likes of different species like silvered leaf monkeys, wild boar, long-tailed macaques and kingfishers. But the park’s major highlight is none other than the incredible sights of protected wild proboscis monkeys. There are a total of 18 colour-coded jungle trails, where each of them has its own names (e.g. Tanjung Sapi, Lintang and Telok Limau). Open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, Bako National Park is only accessible via a half-an-hour boat ride.

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2) Endau-Rompin National Park

Peninsular Malaysia’s second-largest national park (the other one would be Taman Negara) covers over 870 sq km from southern Pahang to northeast Johor. The park also happens to be among the oldest rainforests in the world, complete with the ancient rock formations stretching way back to 240 million years ago. Expect beautiful waterfalls, pools and rivers while the park offers a great trekking experience across the lush rainforest. The park has three main entry points, two of which are located in Johor and the other one in Pahang. Some of the other outdoor activities and attractions to look forward to include 4×4 night safari, rubber tubing on the river or visiting the Jakun tribe village. Keep in mind that Endau-Rompin National Park is closed to the public during the monsoon season from November to March.

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3) Gunung Gading National Park

If there’s one thing about Sarawak’s Gunung Gading National Park that is the most attractive, it would be the world’s largest flower known as rafflesia. Other than enjoying the sight of this majestic flower, you can explore the dense forest via jungle trekking or take a break at one of the park’s waterfalls. Alternatively, why not test your endurance by climbing the 906-metre high of Gunung Gading? Getting to the park, in the meantime, would take around two hours from Kuching.

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4) Gunung Ledang National Park

A popular spot among hikers and outdoor adventurers, the Gunung Ledang National Park in Johor has the majestic, 1,276-metre Mount Ophir. Depending on your stamina, scaling the mountain would take around 5 to 6 hours. Otherwise, there are plenty of jungle trails waiting for you to explore or simply pitch a tent at the designated camp area. After a long hike, you can cool off in the waterfalls.

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5) Gunung Mulu National Park

From spectacular caverns to canyons, there are a few attractions you can explore at Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak. The former is particularly fascinating, as it sits the world’s largest known cave chamber called the Sarawak Chamber. Getting here is a challenge itself due to its remoteness, meaning you can only reach the park by plane or boat.

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6) Lambir Hills National Park

Despite the fact that it only covers 69.5 sq km, Lambir Hills National Park houses surprisingly rich biodiversity. For the animal species alone, the park is home to the likes of tropical birds, flying squirrels and monkeys. There are also a few jungle treks worth exploring as well as waterfalls to feel the gentle breeze. To get here, you can take a 30-minute bus ride from Miri.

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7) Penang National Park

Established in 2003, Penang National Park is home to various flora and fauna around the dense rainforest. There are two major hiking trails that lead you to Monkey Beach or the Penang Turtle Sanctuary. The latter would take you to an unusual sight of a meromictic lake, which has two different layers of sea and fresh water that do not mix.

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