10 Most Terrifying Roller Coasters Around The World

Let’s face it, roller coasters are not for the faint-hearted. If you are prone to motion sickness, this is definitely something you would like to stay away. But other than that, riding a roller coaster is no doubt an exciting, adrenaline-raising experience for all the thrill seekers out there. Here, we will cover some of the terrifying roller coasters around the world. Who knows, maybe you might visit one of these places someday.

1) Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs. Cylon (Universal Studios, Singapore)

Let’s start with our nearest neighbourhood country: the Singapore’s Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon in Universal Studios. If the name sounds familiar to you, that is because it’s based on the same hit TV series. It was known as the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters, measuring 42.7 metres high. If you must know, that’s equivalent of a 14-storey building! The ride comes in two versions: the “Human” coaster is more of a traditional sit-down version with two seats (instead of the original’s four-seater back in the early 2010s). Then, there’s the more thrilling “Cylon” coaster. You get to enjoy the suspended ride leg-free, complete with five exhilarating inversions that run at a top speed of 90 km per hour. Both rides last 90 seconds at a total of one kilometre.

Image Credit: silverkris.com

2) Takabisha (Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan)

Imagine enduring the 1,004 metres’ worth of twists and loops at 100 km per hour before dropping at an alarming 121° freefall. That’s Takabisha, which famously earned its distinction for being the steepest roller coaster in the world. The ride itself lasts around 3 minutes.

Image Credit: Theme Park Review YouTube

3) Eejanaika (Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan)

Here is another pure adrenalin rush at Fuji-Q Highland theme park. Eejanaika is also reputed as the world’s second 4D roller coaster following the X2 in Six Flags Magic Mountain, California. The ride features a few spectacular 360-degree turns, where riders are suspended with legs dangling in the air at a vertigo-inducing 250 feet high. If that’s not enough, riders — provided they don’t close their eyes the whole time — get to immerse a brief view of Mount Fuji when the roller coaster reaches to the top.

Image Credit: coasterforce.com

4) X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California)

This is the ride that introduced the world’s first 4D roller coaster. By 4D, it means the seats able to rotate at 360 degrees independently while spinning forward or backward with riders suspended in the air leg-free. All this at a zooming 122 km per hour, complete with a heavy metal music blaring from the onboard speakers. Today, the X2 is known as the “fifth-dimension roller coaster” following its upgrade in the late 2000s.

Image Credit: @rollerfan

5) Tower Of Terror II (Dreamworld, Queensland, Australia)

It is called “Tower Of Terror II” for a few reasons. It begins with the ride hurtling the riders backwards out of the long tunnel. The thrill doesn’t end there, as riders will find themselves experiencing an adrenaline rush blasting upwards at 161 km per hour in seven seconds with the help of a linear synchronous motor (LSM). Once it peaks at 100 metres in the air, the ride vertically freefalls back down before returning to the tunnel.

Image Credit: unique-w.com

6) Gravity Max (Lihpao Land, Taichung, Taiwan)

Taiwan’s Gravity Max is best known for being the world’s first tilt coaster. How does the “tilt coaster” actually works anyway? The ride begins by sending the riders upwards before continuing with a deliberate movement in a horizontal position above 114 feet. That’s where the real fun starts, with the track “separates” once it reaches the edge and slowly tilts down at a 90-degree angle. The track is then “reconnects” back into place and the coaster propels the riders downwards at a heart-pounding vertical drop equivalent of a freefall from a 13-storey building.

Image Credit: Theme Park Review YouTube

7) Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park, Haßloch, Germany)

The Expedition GeForce in Germany is famously ranked as one of the largest roller coasters in Europe. But there’s more! It is capable to reach up to 4.5 G (G-force) at 188 feet before making the first drop at 82-degree angle over 120 km per hour. Best of all, there are times you feel a few sense of “weightlessness” during this spine-tingling ride.

Image Credit: travelchannel.com

8) Wicked Twister (Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio)

The biggest draw of this roller coaster ride is the 450-degree spirals, which propels you vertically into the air… at 215 feet high. And that spirals we mentioned earlier? The riders will have the time of their life as the coaster twists upwards, before zooming back down at a terrifying 116 km per hour.

Image Credit: coastertalknobszone.blogspot.my

9) Colossus (Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey, U.K.)

The Colossus in U.K. used to hold a world record for 11 years in the row with 10 inversions. Imagine all the crazy fun when you are being flipped upside down not once, but ten times more. But this is only part of the fun as Colossus intensifies its ride with three spectacular manoeuvres known as the double corkscrew, the cobra roll, and the quadruple barrel roll.

Image Credit: lifelist.co

10) Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey)

No roller coaster ride would be complete without nary a mention of Kingda Ka. Sure, the yet-to-be-opened Skyscraper in Florida is going to dethrone Kingda Ka as the world’s tallest coaster at 550 feet high. But till then, Kingda Ka still holds the record with an astounding 456 feet high. The roller coaster uses the hydraulic launch system to blast the riders forward at 205 km per hour in less than 4 seconds before it lands on the top. From there, it’s a hair-raising vertical drop all the way down on a 270-foot spiral.

Image Credit: intaminworldwide.com