Top 10 Cafes to Hang Out Beyond Klang Valley

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We have lost count on the number of coffee places blooming around the country. No matter you are a youngster, corporate professional, housewife, student or retiree, there are times you will want to take a short break to hang out with friends and family in a place with great ambience, great food and drinks. While many people may have the mindset that trendy cafes can only be found in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, we are here to tell you otherwise. Here are the list of Top 10 Cafes to Hang Out Beyond Klang Valley you should not miss!

1) Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café


Operating since December 2012, Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café of Johor Bahru breaks the frame of traditional businesses by operating a bubble tea business out of a converted cargo container. “Honest tea” is Chaiwalla’s tagline, though we think that “hipster tea” seems equally apt. Chaiwalla & Co. serves a variety of drinks such as original Thai milk tea, chrysanthemum tea and Vietnamese coffee. Customers can choose from a variety of tea bases, milk tea, coffee or fresh milk, flavours (caramel, winter melon, vanilla, and more) as well as. Drinks aside, Chaiwalla also offers delicious bites such as black pepper chicken pies, meat slices, tuna puffs and brownies.

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2) Burps & Giggles



Founded by Dexter Song, this café aims to bring part of the familiar Aussie-style café concept into Ipoh. From Western-style quiches to local flavoured chicken curry pie, the “laidback” fare at Burps & Giggles is a hit with both local residents and tourists. A must-try item on the menu is My Jammy, which consists of Angus beef patty, jalapeno, cheese, tomato jam, onion and tomato, with add-on thick cut fries. For coffee lovers, this place serves your typical favourites such as espresso and cappuccinos made from a Bristot blend.

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3) ChinaHouse


No trip to Penang is complete without a visit to ChinaHouse. The café serves all-day breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Diners can whet their appetite at the casual café Kopi C. Espresso, formal dining room of BTB Restaurant, an outdoor courtyard, the Canteen, or a private dining room. At Kopi C. Espresso, there are many dishes to savour alongside an array of rich cakes and pastries displayed on an extremely long table at its bakery. On the other side of the café, the Canteen offers a platter of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to suit your taste buds, or you could have Asian fusion with BTB’s creative menu. | FB: ChinaHousePenang | IG: chinahousemy

4) Earthlings Coffee Workshop

Earthlings Coffee Workshop is one of the latest additions to the coffee scene in Kuching.  Managed by a dedicated team of coffee professionals, Earthlings aims to serve the best quality coffee in town. Their fresh quality coffee beans are sourced from different origins, treated and brewed prudently with different methods to extract the quintessence of every bean into a cup for everyone to explore and enjoy. They also have their own roasting machine, which makes it all the more exciting for this café to expand in the future. Coffee aside, the café also serves other light food such as pies and cakes.

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5) Hobo Café @ Ganlee & Co



Hobo Café definitely belongs to the category of cafés that will instantly start an Instagram frenzy the moment you walk in. Previously occupied by the Chinese company Ganlee & Co. on Brewster Road, Ipoh, this place has turned into a great hangout place for hipsters with its cool decorations using old biscuit tins and popping colours. If you are looking for a refreshing drink, try their signature drink—Cold Brew. For light snacks, you may want to go for their French toast with strawberry and cream or the French toast with caramelised banana and cream.

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6) Coffee on the Table



Originally known as Café 55, Coffee On The Table (COTT) of Penang gained fame for their lively 3D coffee art. COTT is not just another ordinary café that jumped on the bandwagon of cafés; they are a restaurant which serves you Spanish and Italian cuisines. Using the musical era of the late 1800s as their theme, COTT is a suitable place to hang out thanks to their warm ambience and environment. Often spotting families and friends here, you will also find a large number of coffee enthusiasts at their restaurant as they brew some of the best coffee in town.

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7) The Daily Fix Café

Situated in a batik shop of Jonker Street, Melaka, The Daily Fix Café presents itself as a new dimension to the preservation of the heritage structure. A charismatic café which infuses a creative setup in a nostalgic environment, Daily Fix Café places you in a quirky and rather artistic environment and has a natural backyard. Their menu serves items like coffee, ice cream chocolate brownie and sandwiches. But what caught our eye is their pandan pancake which offers a savoury taste with a hint of gula melaka sweetness.

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Fun, cosy and colourful are the words you would use for PIK NIK. Imagine a huge chalk board with comfortable couches and vibrant pillows, this is where you should go for a “picnic” if you would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of a city. A space filled with young and happy vibes, PIK NIK is undoubtedly a perfect place to laze around with your friends. PIK NIK’s specialty are their waffles, such as their salmon waffle which is a combo of waffles, smoked salmon, and scrambled eggs. PIK NIK is a wholesome café located at Penang which scores in ambience, food and drinks.

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9) Selfie Coffee Penang

Known for their coffee foam art, Selfie Coffee Penang allows you to have your face printed on your coffee. They have a little corner equipped with a phone for you to take a selfie, and then they will resize the photo and print it out on top of the foam with cocoa powder (the same concept as cake printing systems). Selfie Coffee Penang is an ideal place for a get-together amongst friends or couples as you will be having fun taking photos and comparing your Selfie Coffee creations. Not a fan of coffee? You can have hot chocolate or mocha as an alternative option too.

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HABIT Art Café is a conceptual cafe incorporating art, music, and beverages. A very suitable place for youngsters to relax and chat with friends, HABIT Art Café is also a good place for art lovers. The paintings on the walls increases the liveliness of this venue. We like how HABIT Art Café serves as a meaningful medium for local artists to display their artwork. Founded by a husband and wife team, Azemer Abdullah and Abidah Bahruddin, HABIT Art Café at Alor Setar is located away from the traffic with a river near its vicinity. This is to ensure a peaceful and fresh ambience for visitors.

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