Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Johor

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Johor
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No wedding would be complete without having you and your loved one’s photos taken. Which is why it’s important to engage a professional to do the job. More specifically, photographers specialising in capturing wedding photos. That said, here are the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Johor that comes highly recommended!

1) Eric Nah Photography

Eric Nah Photography

For Eric Nah, he favours candid and spontaneous shots, which applies to everything regardless of pre-wedding shoots or the actual day itself. He has the knack for capturing special moments no matter the couple’s sweet gestures or their romantic eye contact. Not only does his approach adds a more natural feel to it, but it also reflects the respective couples’ personalities in the photos. | FB: ericnahphotography | IG: @ericnah_

2) Zhien Photography

Zhien Photography

Photographing wedding couples is what Zhien does best. He knows well how to make good use of the setting, angles and lighting to get the most flattering shots possible. Zhien also prefers to keep things simple and less cluttered. His amazing photography skills, coupled with his friendly and accommodating personality makes him a favourite among many clients who have previously engaged his services.

FB: zhienphotography | IG: @zhien_photography

3) Daniel Ooi

Daniel Ooi

From his humble beginning as an assistant photographer at a bridal house in Penang to finally establishing his own studio in 2010, Daniel Ooi has made his mark in the world of photography. He offers a wide range of services, namely family/personal portraits as well as fashion and wedding photography. For the latter, he puts his technical know-how into excellent use. He has great eyes for detail, where Daniel’s photos speak a thousand words in terms of his shot composition. | FB: DanielOoiFineArtGallery | IG: @danielooifineartgallery

4) Rayson Lo

Rayson Lo

Creating wonderful moments has been part of Rayson Lo’s lifelong passions ever since he joined the photography business over a decade ago. His attention to detail is what makes his wedding photography a class above. Together with his highly-experienced team members, he knows well how to bring out the best of the couple during the photo shoot. To date, they have accomplished various wedding photoshoots not only in Malaysia but also in other countries like Europe, Australia and Eastern Asia. | FB: Sanren | IG: @sanrenrayson

5) XiiaoLun Photography

XiiaoLun Photography

XiiaoLun knows a thing or two about creating natural elegance in his wedding photography. This can be evidently seen in his portfolio on XiiaoLun’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. Whether for pre-wedding or the actual day, you can count on XiiaoLun’s superb photography skill to help you and your loved one getting the best shots worth cherishing a lifetime.

FB: xiiaolunphotography | IG: @xiiaolun

6) YanDha Photography

YanDha Photography

Yan Dha Goh, who studied cinematography at the Communication University of China, has years of experience in both still photography and motion pictures. When it comes to photographing newlywed couples, he is also adept in capturing their feelings and emotions through the lens. Previous clients who have engaged his service praised Yan Dha Goh’s professionalism and easygoing personality as well. | FB: GYANDHAphotography | IG: @yandha

7) Ryim Quek

Ryim Quek

Having been in the photography business since 2015, Ryim Quek’s expertise in capturing beautiful memories of newlyweds have earned him numerous praise over the years. Technical skills aside, Ryim is also known to be helpful and friendly. Even if the couple feels nervous or embarrassed, Ryim and his team do their best to ensure the photography session is as comfortable as possible. | FB: ryimstudio | IG: @ryimphotographystudio

8) Kevin Ho Photography

Kevin Ho Photography

Kevin Ho has come a long way since he initially approached photography as a hobby. But his hobby soon turned into a passion and the rest, as they say, is history. His love for photography ultimately brought him into the wedding business. And it shows in his portfolio, capturing romantic moments using his years of technical expertise. You can find out more about his works by checking out his website or social media pages. | FB: kevinhostudios | IG: @kevin_ho

9) Ck Chau Photography

Ck Chau Photography

Ck Chau loves a good challenge, especially one that stimulates his creativity levels when it comes to photography. This earned him numerous accolades including PPAC Top 10 International Photographers 2018 and PPAC Photo Awards 1st Place of Wedding Photography, just to name a few. His style of wedding photography varies from elegant to lavish, depending on his clients’ respective needs.

FB: CkChauPhotography | IG: @ckchauphotography

10) Kok Seong Lok

Kok Seong Lok

Kok Seong Lok means serious business when comes to photographing newlyweds. His attention to detail and excellent service has earned him positive reviews among many satisfied clients. Find out more about his works via Kok Seong Lok’s Facebook and Instagram feeds.

FB: Kok Seong Lok | IG: @kok_photographer

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