Top 10 Prettiest Malaysian Sisters

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We are excited to present to you the Top 10 Prettiest Malaysian Sisters. Yes, you’ve heard us right. 10 pairs of sisters, in other words, 20 gorgeous sweethearts whom we bet will melt your heart. This is not for those of you who have weak heart because this time around, it is double the heart-pounding and double the impact.

1) Daph-ne Teo & Jane Teo


Not that the Teo sisters from Penang need words to grab your attention, their pictures already paint a thousand words.  If we had to draw a metaphor, the Teo sisters would be a Chanel suit, elegant and understated by dint of their natural beauty, which hardly require fancy makeup. We bet you wouldn’t believe Daph-ne is now a hot mama to cute baby Olivia while Jane has just graduated from University.

Daph-ne Teo @daph_t
Jane Teo @jane_teo

2) Eva Liau & Eanne Liau


Dazzling and poised, Eva and Eanne are sisters of just 1 year apart and whatever they do, they do with grace and elegance. Both gorgeous and stylish, people who know them would also describe them as sophisticated, friendly and polite. We think they are the real deal! FYI, Eva is a proud mom of 3 cuties and Eanne is the founder of Nail Day, a nail salon based in Klang.

Eva Liau @Evaliau
Eanne Liau @Eanneliau

3) Lan Qi Min & Lan Qi Hui


These beautiful twins from Penang needs little introduction, especially if you are on Instagram. Pretty, lovely, and sweet are some of the common words the Instagram community often like to use to describe them with, and we strongly agree. In case you do not believe, gorgeousness really runs in a family, as they also have another younger sister, Qi En of nothing less in terms of beauty.

Qi Min @Qiminlan
Qi Hui @qihui0716

4) Amanda Nooi & Samantha Nooi


We can’t seem to put our thoughts into words when we came across Amanda and Samantha. Perhaps it would be a combination of elegance and beauty, if we had to describe. Or rather it is the attractiveness that their lovely smiles bring. Not sure about Samantha but Amanda is now officially a hot mummy of baby Misha.

Amanda Nooi @amandanooi91
Samantha Nooi @samanthanooi91

5) Leovine Koh & Catherine Koh


Yes! Yet another pair of stunning twins with Leovine being the younger sister. We are guessing that Leovine and Catherine are originally from Penang but currently residing in KL. One thing is for sure, Leovine and Catherine are here to take your breath away! Into branding, designing and fashion, the Koh sisters are good at modelling too.

Leovine Koh @avril_leovine
Catherine Koh @mscathrine_k

6) Elecher Lee & Emmeley Lee


We bet these dazzling Johorian sisters have melted the hearts of many men, especially when they are together. They have their own unique kind of attractiveness which are beyond words. Elecher was crowned the Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia in 2012. Emmeley, on the other hand, has embarked her career as a beauty trainer.

Elecher Lee @Elecherlee
Emmeley Lee @emmeley_lee_

7) Low Chi Cheng & Low Chi Lam


These sweet and lovely looking sisters are highly associated with travel and lifestyles. Judging from their Instagram accounts, we can see that Chi Cheng loves travelling and Chi Lam has a very large social circle (I mean, look at all her gathering photos!). Well, we are not surprised – everybody loves to hang out with pretty girls right?

Low Chi Cheng @Chicchengg
Low Chi Lam @Claurhys

8) Michelle Kong & Emily Kong


Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, both Michelle and Emily have beautiful facial features and they do not need to try hard to be photogenic. Emily is Kingdom Works’ singer artiste and has appeared in numerous local dramas and TV shows. Whereas, Michelle is currently running Getdoct which is startup that connects you to health abroad. We can’t help but to say the Kong sisters are beyond gorgeous! Talented for sure.

Michelle Kong @Michellekiwii
Emily Kong @Emilykcl

9) Jeslyn Khoo & Jessy Khoo


It’s getting hot in here and blame the Khoo sisters for that. Judging from their profiles which are a visual feast of fashion styles, we are pretty sure you will hardly get bored of them. Both Jeslyn’s and Jessy’s social butterfly lifestyles will make you feel like you’re right there with them. We also bet you couldn’t tell Jessy is a proud mom of a gorgeous daughter, Cheryl.

Jeslyn Khoo @jeslynkhoo329
Jessy Khoo @khoojessy

10) Thanuja Ananthan & Anuja Ananthan


The Ananthan twins are the spitting image of one another. Both are tall with perfect model figures and thick voluminous tresses, it is not a surprise that they are active in the entertain­ment scene.  Thanuja was crowned Miss World Malaysia in 2010 and was the first Malaysian to make it to the Top 12 of the Miss World Top Model category. Anuja, who has a background in finance and banking, worked in the corporate world for a number of years before deciding to join her sister in the entertainment industry.

Thanuja @Thanujaananthan
Anuja @Anujaananthan

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