Top 10 Plant Nurseries in Penang

Is your home or space looking kind of drab and plain? Plants can instantly liven up the space, providing a little bit of nature and good vibes! Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor plants, flowers or other gardening needs, here are the Top 10 Plant Nurseries in Penang where you can get them all, and more!

1) Bunface Potato Carnivorous Plants

Bunface Potato Carnivorous Plants

Bunface Potato Carnivorous Plants specialises in both carnivorous plants and terrariums. Choices are aplenty here, with various carnivorous plants from Venus flytraps to sundews and pitcher plants. Want to own a miniature garden where you can place it on a table? Then, you might want to check out their beautiful terrarium collections. You have a choice of different open/sealable casing such as round aquarium-like glass containers or Christmas lanterns with a bulb that houses different plants, namely Drosera, Cephalotus or Pinguicula. | FB: bunfacepotato | IG: @bunfacepotato

2) Cozy Lane Garden Centre

Cozy Lane Garden Centre

Amidst the suburban neighbourhood of Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim lies a double-storey house that operates as a plant nursery. You can find plenty of different potted plants here, both for indoors or outdoors. Not sure which type of plant is right for you? Feel free to ask the friendly owner here, who is knowledgeable on all things related to plants.

FB: Garden-Center/Cozy-Lane-Garden-Centre

3) AugustFame


Looking for an indoor plant that helps to promote fresh air and relaxation? Among recommendations happen to be succulents, with AugustFame being one of the Penang-based plant nurseries specialising in them. Managed by Gillian and Samson, they sell a wide range of succulents such as Haworthia Magaritifera Variegata and Agave Iophantha “Quadricolour”. You can purchase them conveniently online or contact them at 012-553 3791 to book an appointment for a visit. | FB: AugustFame88 | IG: @augustfame88

4) C&O Plants

C&O Plants

Located at Lebuhraya Mas in Jelutong, C&O Plants houses colourful varieties of indoor and outdoor plants. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spoiled for choices here and best of all, they regularly update their nursery with new stock. Not to mention their plants are all well-maintained and reasonably-priced as well, making them a favourite among many returning customers.

FB: CO-Plants-PLT

5) Moonshop Gallery

Moon Shop Gallery

Combining art and botany made suitable for indoor plant decorations, Moonshop Gallery offers plenty of interesting choices here within its design laboratory. This includes Moon Forest, a light-up terrarium encased in a round glass container with an integrated table lamp doubling as a “moonlight” upon turning on the switch. Then, there’s the handcrafted Forest Frame made from the combination of a Japan-based organic plant material called Pafcal and a thin layer of polyurethane binder. You can use this to beautify your interior space by hanging it against the wall like a photo frame. Moonshop Gallery also conducts live-streaming workshops, where participants get to learn how to create their own miniature garden in a bottle or a box. | FB: moonshopgallery | IG: @moonshopgallery

6) De Signature Garden Centre

De Signature Garden Centre

De Signature Garden Centre’s core business may focus primarily on landscaping services such as design and construction, but they also supply various potted plants for homes and commercial buildings. Some of the available plants include Ficus Lyrata, Cyclamen and Adenium. You can even send them a message via WhatsApp if you have any enquiry about a specific plant. Other than potted plants, De Signature Garden Centre supplies trees and artificial grass, with the latter including the imported lifelike Premier Grass suitable for outdoors or indoors. | FB: designaturegardens | IG: @designaturegardens

7) Green Plant Society

Green Plant Society

Be it indoor or outdoor plants, Green Plant Society has them all under one roof. You can also find various pots and containers in different shapes and sizes that suit your respective needs. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful regardless of advice on how to take care of a certain plant or to look for the right purchase. For more updates, check out their Facebook page or visit Green Plant Society at Jalan Beriksa 3 in Ayer Itam. Alternatively, you can shop online right here. | FB: Greenplantsociety | IG: @greenplantsociety

8) Fern & Fung Garden Trading

Fern & Fung Garden Trading

Situated on Jalan Kampung Pisang at Kampung Melayu, this Ayer Itam-based plant nursery offers different kinds of plants and flowers. But that is not all, as Fern & Fung Garden Trading also supplies various pots and tools for your gardening needs. Expect reasonable prices as well. For more info on stock availability or other related questions, you can contact Fern & Fung Garden Trading at 04-826 1024.

FB: Fern-Fung-Garden-Trading-芬芳花园

9) GreenHouse Trading

GreenHouse Trading

Whether you are looking for a plant, say to decorate your front porch or living room, you will find plenty of them to choose from at GreenHouse Trading. For instance, potted plants of different shapes and sizes are available here. The owner of GreenHouse Trading is well-versed about everything related to gardening. So, you don’t have to worry even if you are clueless about which plant to get.

FB: Gardening-Store/Green-House-Plant-Nursery

10) Penang Air Plant, Cactus and Succulent

Penang Air Plant, Cactus and Succulent

Looking for plants like Alocasia Azalinii, Golden Green Dragon and Silver Sword? All these and more can be found on their Facebook page, which is updated from time to time. Managed by Pauline Lim, sales and other related enquiries are available via WhatsApp at 016-422 9091.

FB: penangairplant

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