Top 10 Places For Healthy Desserts In Klang Valley

Top 10 Places For Healthy Desserts In Klang Valley
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There’s nothing quite like a sweet treat every now and then, and especially with our tropical weather, it’s understandable that we love our desserts. Dessert doesn’t always have to be over-indulgent, and in fact with the right ingredients it can even be healthy! So the next time you want a delicious yet nutritious treat, head on over to any of these Top 10 Places For Healthy Desserts in Klang Valley. The brands you see here are the results of our recent poll in collaboration with Zomato.

1) Raisin’ the roof


Forget dessert induced guilt and head on over to Raisin’ the roof for delectable dessert options that will make you feel only good things. Get yourself a fruity parfait or yummy granola bars if you’re feeling particularly healthy, but one look at the dessert menu should sway you. With only natural ingredients and options for raw, vegan, dairy/gluten free items, their desserts are well worth a try. Try their chocolate chip skillet cookie for a decadent dessert, or their twist on ice-cream called ‘Nice Cream’ which does not contain any dairy, gluten, vegetable fat or refined sugar! | FB: raisintheroofcafe | IG: @raisintheroofcafe

2) Sitka


Nestled in the famed location of Plaza Batai is Sitka, which is named for a city in Alaska, though the food you’ll find on their menu boasts more global flavours. Yes, you will find breakfasts, mains and snacks here, but they also have some notable desserts. While the offerings are decidedly international, they do have subtle nuances of Asian flavours that liven things up. Take the White Chocolate Cream for instance, which is powered up with Thai Basil. | FB: SitkaRestaurant | IG: @sitkarestaurant

3) Llaollao


First up, a pronunciation guide. Llallao is actually pronounced as “Yao Yao” in Spanish! They’re located in several locations in the Klang Valley so more Malaysians can cool down with their frozen yogurt. And you can dress your treat up too, with a choice of fruity or crunchy toppings and sauces. | FB: llaollaoMalaysia | IG: @myllaollao

4) Okonomi


Go to a sushi restaurant for desserts? You won’t be sorry if you do! With a lovely array of Matcha green tea infused desserts it’s the perfect way to end your Japanese meal experience. Try their matcha ice-cream, which also comes in a soft-serve style option, or their parfaits, which have more fruits in them.

FB: OkonomiFoods | IG: @okonomifoods

5) Rubberduck


Plaza Damas is now home to Rubberduck, and although you may now have visions of yellow rubber duckies in your head, this place doesn’t sell the adorable squeaky bath toys. Instead you’ll find quirky items like opera cake called Oprah (yes, named after THE Oprah Winfrey), as well as other cakes and pastries. There are even panacottas and puddings infused with fruity flavours that will refresh and satisfy. | FB: rubberduckquackcafe | IG: @rubberduckquack

6) RGB & The Bean Hive


The “Sweet Things” portion of their menu is divided into three categories: – waffles, ice-cream and cakes. All are made in-house and you can be rest assured that all items on their menu are vegan and vegetarian friendly, with only the freshest ingredients. So if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, come get yourself a much deserved dessert here. | FB: RatherGoodBeans | IG: @rgbcoffee

7) Hui Lau Shan


If you prefer desserts that are slightly more Asian, then Hui Lau Shan is for you. This franchise also has several branches in Klang Valley, where you can get items such as Herbal Jelly, Mango Sago and Bird’s Nest with Coconut Milk. They also have very Malaysian desserts, like Durian Pancakes and Mochis. | FB: huilaushanmalaysia | IG: @huilaushanmalaysia

8) Milkcow


If you prefer the delicate flavours of a soft serve ice-cream, try Milkcow, for a healthier twist on the favourite. Made from organic milk and honey, you can customize by choosing selections with toppings they have. Besides the usual ice-creams, they also have puddings and milkshakes. Occasionally, they also have special flavours to coincide with festivities and holidays in Malaysia. | FB: MilkcowMY | IG: @milkcowmy

9) Real Food


At Real Food Mont Kiara, stubbornness is a virtue. Why, you ask? Because they believe that stubbornness about food choices is a good thing, and we should all pay more attention to how we fuel our bodies. The result is nutritious food that is free from processed ingredients. Check out their raw strawberry dream cake, which is a luscious shade of pink – without the artificial colouring. Cheesecakes also make an appearance here, so who says being healthy means bidding yummy treats goodbye? | FB: realfoodmontkiara | IG: @realfood_montkiara

10) Paleolicious


Paleo diets are becoming quite popular of late, as it consists of a diet that is less processed and is inspired by what cavemen may have eaten, so anything natural and food that excludes dairy or gluten come under this umbrella. It sounds daunting, but it can be delicious. Paleolicious serves up desserts like Watermelon with Ice Cream, Broiled Grapefruit and Homemade Banana Mousse Cake, at their restaurant in Segambut Jaya. | FB: | IG: @restaurant_paleolicious

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