Top 10 Places for Eyebrow Embroidery in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Places for Eyebrow Embroidery in KL & Selangor
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If the eyes are the windows to your soul, the brows are the window frames. Having well-defined brows makes a huge difference in one’s appearance, and if drawing on your brows every single day isn’t an option, why not consider eyebrow embroidery? A popular eyebrow treatment, eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent tattoo-like technique where a qualified eyebrow artist or specialist shapes your desired eyebrows by implanting coloured pigment into the surface of the skin with a disposable fine blade or needle. To get your brows on fleek, drop by these Top 10 Places for Eyebrow Embroidery in KL & Selangor!

1) Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy

This award-winning eyebrow studio specialises in various kinds of embroidery services for the likes of eyeliner and lips. However, they are best-known for their Signature Mist Brow service. You will have each of your eyebrows meticulously drawn out by one of their highly-talented and skilful eyebrow artists, all depending on your preference. The entire procedure from the initial eyebrow drawing to the embroidery would typically take around 2 to 3 hours. Depending on your skin type and aftercare, the Signature Mist Brow treatment can last up to 3 years. | FB: crissbrowembroideryart | IG: @crissbrow_academy

2) V’Brow Happiness

V'Brow Happiness

Located at SS2 Petaling Jaya, V’Brow Happiness helps everyone achieve perfectly-shaped eyebrows using their natural semi-permanent makeup technique. No matter whether you choose the likes of V’8D Signature or V’Make Up Brow, rest assured that each procedure is professionally done by a highly-qualified eyebrow artist in the utmost pain-free and comfortable manner. For more info, you can either WeChat or WhatsApp them at 017-346 2017. | FB: vbrowhappiness | IG: @vbrowhappiness

3) Minsays Beaute

Minsays Beaute

Longing for a perfect eyebrow shape? You can count on Minsays Beaute to fulfil your needs, where they offer a semi-permanent makeup service that is both safe and long-lasting. Customers who have previously had their eyebrows embroidered by Minsays Beaute have praised the staff’s professionalism and attention to detail. Even if you are unsure or sceptical about getting your eyebrows embroidered, they will take time to explain every detail you need to know. Located at Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall, keep in mind that their services only available through appointment. | FB: minsaysbeaute | IG: @minsays_beaute

Special Recommendation

The MacQueen

First set up in 2013, The MacQueen is well-known for their Symmetry Eyebrow Shape Design, as well as their Brow Colour Correction. They first started off by providing bridal services to transform brides on their most important day, and over the years they have formulated their own unique skills and formulas to enhance every individual’s appearance. The MacQueen believes that “Everyone Is Equally Beautiful”, and they do so by offering semi-permanent makeup services using the latest techniques, tools and equipment. They’ll suggest the most suitable perfect brow shape based on every individual’s Golden Ratio of Beauty, embroidering your brows using microshading, microblading, or a combination of both techniques. Long-lasting and pain-free, their eyebrow embroidery procedure uses high-quality organic-based products, ensuring safety as well. | FB: The MacQueen Eyebrow Embroidery | IG: @themacqueen_academy

4) Le Brow Beauty

Le Brow Beauty

Brenda Lam, who runs Le Brow Beauty at USJ 10, has been in the business for nearly 20 years, garnering over a decade’s worth of experience in eyebrow embroidery art. Speaking of embroidery, she provides related services from Signature Mist Brow to Feather Stroke Eyebrow and Korean Inner Eyeliner. Expect comfortable and meticulous eyebrow embroidery throughout the procedure, ensuring you’ll get the desired shape minus the hefty price tag. | FB: LeBrow | IG: @lebrowbeauty2892

5) Bowbowbrow


A one-stop solution for all things embroidery, Bowbowbrow offers a comprehensive range of related beauty services covering from inner eyeliner to lips and hairline. For the eyebrows themselves, they have three different options you can choose from, beginning with their Bowbowbrow Signature Eyebrow. Here, you can have well-defined eyebrows capable of lasting up to 2-3 years, even coming with a complimentary one-time touch-up. However, if you are unsure which eyebrow embroidery suits your facial features the most, feel free to discuss with one of their friendly and knowledgeable staff members. | FB: bowbowbrow | IG: @bowbowbrow

6) Brow & Lash

Brow & Lash

For those who are looking to get their eyebrows done, Brow & Lash have two kinds of related services to choose from. This includes Mist Eyebrow Embroidery and 6D Eyebrow Embroidery, where the latter is specially catered for those who prefer their lines on the brows finer. Chloe, who’s in charge of the services, is both accommodating and attentive when it comes to fulfilling each customer’s needs, giving them peace of mind as well as their money’s worth.

FB: browandlashkl | IG: @browandlash_

7) SE Bella Image Eyebrow Embroidery Art

SE Bella Image Eyebrow Embroidery Art

SE Bella Image, which also offers beauty training courses, is no stranger to eyebrow embroidery services. They are frequently praised for their level of professionalism and detail-oriented results. Even if you have a few questions lingering in your mind, their staff is more than happy to fill you in with thorough explanations. You can book an appointment online or simply get in touch with them via their mobile numbers or email. | FB: elisewongbridalmakeup | IG: @sebella_academy

8) Bluunis


Here’s a brand name that needs no introduction, given its decades-long experience in the local beauty business since 1997. Bluunis also happens to be the pioneer for bringing the then-revolutionary eyebrow embroidery technique of Brownaissance to Malaysians. Now known as newbrownaissance 2.0, their signature eyebrow embroidery service offers women the best and natural-looking eyebrows possible. You can locate Bluunis outlets throughout the Klang Valley area such as Mid Valley Megamall, 1Utama Shopping Centre and Sungei Wang Plaza. | FB: MYbluunis | IG: @bluunis

9) Lash & Polish at 176 Avenue

Lash & Polish at 176 Avenue

The definition of a “one-stop beauty centre” rings true at 176 Avenue located in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. They offer a wide range of beauty services ranging from hairstyling to manicure & pedicure and of course, eyebrow embroidery. For the latter, they have six different services available, namely the Signature Combination Eyebrow as well as 6D Hairline Strokes Eyebrow and eyebrow touch-ups. Customers who have their eyebrows done at 176 Avenue credited the overall professionalism and meticulous handiwork. | FB: 176Avenue | IG: @176avenue

10) Sense Embroidery

Sense Embroidery

Sense Embroidery understands that a first impression matters the most. Which is why they take pride in providing the best eyebrow embroidery possible that makes you look great and confident. Among their best-selling treatments include Sense Embroidery’s very own Smoky Brow, where they utilise the air-brushing technique to give a “powder fill” natural look to the eyebrows.

FB: senseembroiderykorea | IG: @sense_embroidery

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