Top 10 Places for Barista Courses in Malaysia

Top 10 Places for Barista Courses in Malaysia
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Interested in venturing into the world of coffee by making a career out of it as a barista? Our country is home to many reputable barista training and coffee classes whether you’re a beginner or experienced professional. And if you’re on the hunt for some recommendations, here are the Top 10 Places for Barista Courses in Malaysia!

1) Barista Guild Asia Sdn Bhd

Barista Guild Asia Sdn Bhd

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or are simply looking to improve your skills in making coffee; Barista Guild Asia has plenty of related courses that suit your respective needs. Their courses are divided into three categories including Beginners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs. For instance, experienced baristas can further master the art of brewing based on scientific methods. You can choose to attend the class on-site or even online. Each course will be conducted by certified SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) trainers and respectable professionals with years of experience. | FB: BaristaGuildAsia | IG: @baristaguildasia

2) Emery School of Coffee

Emery School of Coffee (ESC) is a coffee training lab located in the suburbs of Subang Jaya. ESC offers leisure coffee workshops, in-house certification programs, competition training, private training & consultation, as well as the coffee skills program sanctioned by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). From home brewers to coffee professionals, ESC strives to make specialty coffee inclusive & appealing to coffee lovers from all walks of life. | FB: emeryschoolofcoffee | IG: @emeryschoolofcoffee | Location:23-1, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6C, Putra Point Business Centre, 47650 Subang Jaya | Contact: +603 5892 1549 / +6012 233 1424 | Email:

3) LuXicon Coffee Lab

LuXicon Coffee Lab

At LuXicon Coffee Lab, you can either learn the basics or enhance your skills to become a good barista. Classes are conducted by certified SCA trainers and among the modules available include understanding the coffee beans, the art of making espresso from grinding to temperature control and milk techniques. Aspiring or experienced baristas can also look forward to learning the importance of water quality used for brewing and other necessary skills like customer service and cafe management.

FB: luxiconcoffee | IG: @luxiconcoffee

4) Mellowcup Coffee

Mellowcup Coffee

Based in Penang, Mellowcup Coffee provides hands-on training and coffee classes for anyone who is interested to become a barista. Learn how to roast and brew coffee or master different types of latte art. Not to mention you’ll get more in-depth knowledge related to taste profiles and various types of coffee beans from around the world.

FB: mellowcupcafe | IG: @mellowcupcoffee

5) 103 Coffee

103 Coffee

More than just a Japanese fusion cafe that focuses on serving good coffee and delectable Japanese dishes, 103 Coffee has its own in-house workshop as well. Here, you get to learn from professional trainers about mastering important barista skills. This includes the likes of brewing techniques, identifying different tastes of single-origin coffee beans and perfecting latte art. | FB: 103coffeeofficial | IG: @103coffee_official

6) Cottle Coffee Malaysia

Cottle Coffee Malaysia

The renowned Cottle Coffee has an illustrious history in artisan coffee, which goes way back to 1912. Originally from South Melbourne, they have their own academy for training baristas of all levels. For starters, newcomers can opt for the 2-day barista class, where they will learn the basics such as brewing and creating latte art. Intermediate and professional baristas, in the meantime, can commit to learning advanced techniques from manipulating coffee extraction to predicting extraction percentage for an espresso. | FB: cottlecoffeemalaysia | IG: @Cottlecoffeemy

7) Lighthouse Coffee Sdn Bhd (Roaster & Academy)

Lighthouse Coffee Sdn Bhd (Roaster & Academy)

Founded in 2007, Lighthouse Coffee covers both SCA and ACF (Asean Coffee Federation) courses. Get hands-on experience in learning the fundamentals as well as others like brewing, roasting, cupping and differentiating the various types of coffee beans. All of the trainers in Lighthouse Coffee are SCA-certified with years of experience, ensuring you will only learn from the best. | FB: lighthouseoutpostpg | IG:

8) Common Man Coffee Roasters KL

Common Man Coffee Roasters KL

No matter you are a novice or an experienced professional, Common Man Coffee Roasters KL has different courses available. Start out by learning the basics via Fundamental Barista Skills, covering everything from the comprehensive espresso preparations to milk frothing techniques. They also have courses for latte art, pour-over/immersion brewing and sensory that include olfaction (smell) and gestation (taste). | FB: commonmanKL | IG: @commonmancoffee

9) Big Three Academy

To date, Big Three Academy has trained over 1,000 baristas since its establishment in 2014. They have several barista classes such as Barista Pro – Level 1 to learn not only the coffee theory but also other related aspects like grinding, latte art, and work-space management. Interestingly enough, they are also notable for their renowned Breville Barista Training Workshop. Those who join the particular course will get to learn more about the Breville espresso machine as well as hands-on operating & maintenance skills. | FB: bigthreeacademy | IG: @bigthreeacademy | Email:

10) Discover Coffee Roasting.Co

Discover Coffee Roasting.Co

Locating at Kepong Industrial Park, Discover Coffee provides varieties of SCA Diploma Courses. One of them is Discover SCA Foundation Combo, covering course contents like barista & sensory skills and brewing & roasting techniques. At the end of the course, you will receive five certificates and even a 20% discount on course fees. | FB: | IG:

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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