Top 10 Pet Shops in Seremban

Top 10 Pet Shops in Seremban
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Pets like cats and dogs are no doubt a wonderful companion. And just like humans, they deserve to be pampered and well taken care of. Which brings us to pet shops, where they typically supply pet food, accessories and even services like grooming and boarding. Check out the Top 10 Pet Shops in Seremban, where you can get all your pet supplies and more!

1) Petto Eki

Petto Eki

With over 170 five-star reviews on Google, there are plenty of reasons why Petto Eki is such a preferred go-to place among many pet owners in Seremban. The shop has a large variety of quality products for your pet’s needs, namely cat & dog food, treats and shampoos. Even if you are unsure what to get, they have well-trained and knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to assist you. Customers who patronise the shop even praised its overall clean and cosy environment. Well-stocked products aside, Petto Eki also offers professional grooming services for cats and dogs.

FB: PettoEki | IG: @pettoeki

2) Domo Domo PETS

Domo Domo PETS

Pet foods, treats, snacks, accessories… you name it, Domo Domo PETS has them all under one roof. Prices are reasonable, coupled with excellent customer service. Apart from selling products, Domo Domo PETS provides pet grooming and boarding services as well. You can locate their shop at 31, Jalan Za’aba in Seremban.

FB: Domo-Domo-Pets

3) Xiang Loong Aqua Pets Centre

Xiang Loong Aqua Pets Centre

Established in 2000, Xiang Loong Aqua Pets Centre covers all kinds of affordably-priced pet supplies ranging from domestic animals (e.g. cats, dogs) to aquatic life and reptiles. They also house various pet food brands such as Friskies, Eureka, Cindy Recipe and ProDiet. You can shop their products conveniently via Xiang Loong Aqua Pets Centre’s online store or visit one of their few branches in Seremban. | FB: XiangLoongAquaPets

4) Wowow Pet Salon

Wowow Pet Salon

Leave it to Wowow Pet Salon when it comes to their professional pet services such as boarding, grooming as well as ear & eye care. Services are known to be both caring and attentive as they take good care of every customer’s pets as they would their own. Not to mention their reasonable price rate makes Wowow Pet Salon a favourite in Seremban!

FB: wowowpetsalon

5) PetWhizz


Covering both online and retail stores, the latter is located at Jalan Dataran Kemuning 2 at Taman Cendana, Seremban. PetWhizz has everything you need for your pets, namely wet food & treats for cats, cat litter, accessories and medicine. Do keep an eye their Facebook page for various value-for-money promotions and the latest updates! | FB: petwhizz | IG: @petwhizz

6) Pets Neighbour

Pets Neighbour

Choices are aplenty upon stepping into Pets Neighbour store located at Seremban Commercial Park. They carry a different range of pet supplies from foods to accessories, medicine and supplements. Pets Neighbour also offers pet grooming services for fur kids such as bathing, clipping nails and cleaning ears.

FB: petsneighbour | IG: @petsneighbour

7) HyperPets Centre

HyperPets Centre

Here’s a one-stop-shop that provides all the necessities for your pet’s needs. Located in NSK Trade City Seremban 2, HyperPets Centre supplies related products like food, litters, cages and accessories. They also carry familiar brands, namely Smart Heart, Whiskas, Royal Cann and ProDiet. For more info about their stock availability, check out their Facebook page below or visit HyperPets Centre, which opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

FB: HyperPetsCentre | IG: @hyperpetscentre

8) Pets Village

Pets Village

Your fur kid is in good hands of a certified professional pet groomer at Pets Village, providing all the pampering and extra care. They also offer pet grooming courses regardless of basic or professional levels. Pets Village, which is located at Jalan DM4 in Millennia Square, houses various kinds of pet supplies from foods to snacks, supplements and accessories.

FB: Pets-Village

9) Senawang Aqua Pets Centre

Senawang Aqua Pets Centre

At Senawang Aqua Pets Centre, you will find all kinds of pet supplies available for your fur kids, small animals and aquatic life. Cat and kitten owners, in particular, can check out the store here. They have everything from dry kibbles to treats, food bowls, canned food and cat litters. Find out more on their Facebook page below or visit Senawang Aqua Pets Centre at Jalan Cattleya 10 in Pusat Perniagaan Senawang Jaya.

FB: SenawangAquaPetsCentre

10) Deeda Pet Shop

Deeda Pet Shop

From adopting to buying cats or kittens, you can do it all here at Deeda Pet Shop. Do check out their Facebook page for more info and those who are interested can simply send them a WhatsApp message at 019-664 5020. Deeda Pet Shop also provides pet grooming, boarding as well as various cat food and accessories.

FB: deedapetshop | IG: @deedapetshop

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