Top 10 Pet Cafes in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Pet Cafes in KL & Selangor
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Feeling stressed and in need of unwinding after long days at work? Well, other than taking a short vacation, why not try visiting a pet cafe for a change? Imagine spending your time having some good food with cute cats and dogs around you. And best of all, you can even bring along your fur baby if you own one. Here are the Top 10 Pet Cafes in KL & Selangor.

1) Espoir Cafe

Espoir Cafe

If you are looking for a pet-friendly cafe within the popular SS15 area, consider checking out Espoir Cafe. Blessed with a cosy interior that makes you and your furry friends feel like home sweet home, their menu consists of reasonably-priced Western and Asian comfort foods. Among them includes Classic Fish and Chips, Chicken Chop Pasta and Japanese Curry Chicken Pasta/Rice. The owner here is especially friendly and so does the rest of the staff. Also, don’t forget to spend time petting their cute in-house toy poodles.

FB: espoircafess15 | IG: @espoircafe

2) Purrfect Cafe Wangsa Maju

Purrfect Cafe Wangsa Maju

Here’s a Muslim-friendly cafe located at Wangsa Maju, where cat lovers can gather for some good coffee and comfort-food options like Grilled Double Cheese Sandwich and Homemade Beef Burger. Expect a relaxing environment and friendly services all around that makes you feel welcomed. Not to forget, their menu is reasonably priced too. Purrfect, indeed.

FB: purrfectcafewangsamaju | IG: @purrfectcafewangsamaju

3) Ngong Dog Dog II

Ngong Dog Dog II

Bring your pet along and have them mingle with others at Ngong Dog Dog II. The “II” in question is because the cafe recently moved into a new location. As for the pet owners, the cafe offers familiar Asian dishes like Salted Egg Chicken Rice, Thai BBQ Pork Fried Rice and Nasi Lemak. For the latter, you can enjoy them plain or pair them with a side dish like chicken chop or luncheon meat.

FB: ngongdogdog2.0 | IG: @ngongdogdogii

4) Huskiss


This Kelana Jaya-based cafe is named as such because they really do have huskies around to mingle around with the customers. Huskiss has been around since 2017 and many dog lovers enjoy coming here, thanks to the cafe’s overall clean & comfortable environment and friendly staff. Keep in mind there will be a cover charge per person inclusive of a complimentary drink of your choice.

FB: HUSKISSPJ | IG: @huskiss

5) Cubs & Cups

Cubs & Cups

Operated by Koreans, this spacious pet-friendly cafe at Desa Sri Hartamas offers a mix of Asian and Western dishes. And yes, you will find Korean foods as well, with recommended dishes including Kimchi Fried Rice and The Red-Ridding Piggy (grilled red chilli paste-pork belly slices served with rice). You can bring your pets to the cafe and if that’s not enough, Cubs & Cups even have their own resident dogs to play with.

FB: cubsncups | IG: @cubsncups

6) Purradise Cat Cafe

Purradise Cat Cafe

If you love hanging around with cats, Purradise would be an ideal spot worth going to. You get to mingle with the resident (rescue) cats in the cafe, where you are required to pay a cover charge per person for the first hour. Each charge includes a complimentary drink regardless of a smoothie, coffee, tea or chocolate. According to Purradise, they adopt a time limit not only to control capacity but also to make sure the cats do not get overwhelmed from long-hour attentions.

FB: mypurradise | IG: @mypurradise

7) Seri Talam Cat Cafe

Seri Talam Cat Cafe

Seri Talam Cat Cafe offers the best of both worlds — a cafe that specialises in traditional kuih-muih and a cat gallery. The latter is located upstairs, where they house many cats that only cost you RM 10 for an hour’s worth of entry fee. You can spend your time petting and play with these lovely cats. As for the cafe itself, you can expect delicious morsels like Seri Muka, Talam Cendol, Bingka Jagung and Pulut Seri Kaya.

FB: seritalamcatcafe | IG: @seritalamcatcafe

8) Little Chirpy Hub

Little Chirpy Hub

Here’s a cosy hangout in the Bangsar area, where you can bring your fur baby and have them mingle with others too. Hoomans can look forward to enjoying hearty breakfast meals like Chirpy Big (Little Chirpy Hub’s version of big breakfast) or tummy-filling mains, namely Fish & Chips and Chic in Buttermilk Bath (spaghetti with buttermilk sauce & deep-fried chicken cubes). The cafe serves healthy pet treats too such as Dog-Nut — minced beef mixed with herbs and other ingredients like vegetables and coconut yoghurt cream.

FB: littlechirpyhub | IG: @littlechirpyhub

9) Clawset Cafe

Clawset Cafe

Operating since 2014, Clawset Cafe offers delectable comfort foods and of course, a place where you can hang around with cute cats and dogs. Enjoy a cup of coffee or indulge in some of their savoury pies and sweet strudels. Best of all, this pet-friendly cafe is well-maintained in terms of its overall hygiene and comfortable too.

FB: clawsetpetcafe | IG: @clawsetpetcafe

10) Poppy Kat

Poppy Kat

Poppy Kat Cafe is where you get to meet their adorable resident cats and pet them. The cafe itself is Instagram-friendly, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing and casually chic interior. And when it comes to food, don’t forget to try some of their signature croffles such as Very Berry Croffle and Matcha Lychee Croffle. Hungry? They serve mains too in mostly croffle style, namely Kimchi Scrambled Egg Croffle and Japanese Curry with Fried Chicken Croffle.

FB: poppykatcafe | IG: @poppykatcafe

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