Top 10 Nasi Kandar Places In Klang Valley

Top 10 Nasi Kandar Places in Klang Valley
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There’s something about nasi kandar that many people love to crave and even wouldn’t mind queuing for it. The dish consists of white rice (or yellow rice for Kedah-style varieties) with side dishes (typically fried chicken and other meat/seafood/vegetable options). Finally, what makes nasi kandar such a burst of flavour is the mixed toppings of different curries onto the rice. Enough said because here are the top 10 nasi kandar places in Klang Valley.

1) Zainul Nasi Kandar

Zainul Nasi Kandar
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The Medan Selera Kompleks C at SS52 PJ is home to the famous nasi kandar stall of Zainul Nasi Kandar. The stall often attracts long queues during lunch hours. And it’s easy to see why many regulars and newcomers customers enjoy craving their nasi kandar, particularly the signature fried chicken. The latter is cooked fresh in batches, offering crunchy skin on the outside and succulent meat on the inside. It also pairs well with the nasi kandar blanketed with various flavourful curries and other recommended side dishes, namely salted egg and curry squid. | FB: znkoriginal

2) Hussain Nasi Kandar @ Alam Damai

Hussain Nasi Kandar @ Alam Damai
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Hussain Nasi Kandar specialises in northern-style nasi kandar dishes, offering delectable choices, notably their tasty chickens such as Ayam Madu, Ayam Goreng and Ayam Goreng Bawang Hussain — all of which are prepped using generations-old recipes. Coupled with their spices-rich curries, it’s a wholesome meal worth craving! Dining here at the Alam Damai outlet (they are originally from Sungai Petani with several branches in Kedah and Penang) is equally comfortable, thanks to its air-conditioned interior and clean, yet brightly lit environment.

FB: Hussain Alam Damai

3) Lunchbear Nasi Kandar Utara

Lunchbear Nasi Kandar Utara
Image Credit: Nasi Kandar Utara Lunchbear

It’s hard not to get attracted by the unusually cute name of the Langkawi-based “Lunchbear”, particularly for a nasi kandar restaurant. The predominantly turquoise walls that dominate the interior give the restaurant a touch of modernity. Their northern-style nasi kandar, of course, is the highlight here: fluffy rice paired with must-have side dishes like Daging Dendeng, herbs-infused Ayam Goreng Berempah and Telur Sotong. You can enjoy them a la carte or if you prefer a fuss-free choice, just go for one of their value-for-money Set Malas Fikir nasi kandar dishes which comes with a complimentary Teh Ais or Sirap Selasih. | FB: | IG: @lunchbear.mwt

4) Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul

Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul
Image Credit: Rendang Lover

Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul is no stranger to many fans of nasi kandar. Once a simple kopitiam back in the ’60s before it turned into a restaurant, Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul still retains its business as a family-run operation. Expect long queues during lunch hours with many patrons eagerly waiting to taste scrumptious nasi kandar doused with thick and robust mixed curries. And let’s not forget, some of their must-try dishes such as the signature Ayam Sambal Bawang.

FB: Restoran-Kudu-Bin-Abdul

5) Nasi Kandar LC @ Kampung Baru

Nasi Kandar LC @ Kampung Baru
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LC, better known as Line Clear needs no introduction. After all, the brand is synonymous with the famous Penang nasi kandar. With their outlet here in Kampung Baru, you get to taste their hearty nasi kandar meal filled with lots of mixed curries and assorted side dishes of your choice. Their crispy fried chicken comes highly recommended. Do look out for their promotions on their official social media pages including Facebook and Instagram.

FB: OfficialLCRestaurant | IG: @nasikandarlckampungbarukl

6) Nasi Kandar Alor Staq Haji Sultan

Nasi Kandar Alor Staq Haji Sultan
Image Credit: Joshua Jebaraj

Craving for a good, yet reasonably priced Kedah-style nasi kandar around the Subang area? Here’s one for you: Nasi Kandar Alor Staq Haji Sultan at Subang Business Centre. They offer a variety of dishes, covering from the quintessential crunchy fried chicken to the must-order aromatic Ayam Bawang. Top with a few ladles of thick curries on a heap of yellow rice (nasi kuning), it’s an appetising meal that has many customers keep coming for more.

FB: nasilemakhajisultan | IG: @nasikandaralorsetaqhajisultan

7) Nasi Ahmad

Nasi Ahmad
Image Credit: Flora

Nasi Ahmad’s speciality lies in its Kedah-style nasi kandar dishes served with fragrant nasi kuning. They have trays lining the display counter, offering various dishes like chicken (e.g. ayam goreng, ayam masak madu), beef (e.g. daging masak hitam) and mutton (e.g. kambing masak kurma). If that’s not enough, each plate of nasi kuning comes with bawang goreng (fried shallots). Also, don’t forget to top your nasi kandar with mixed curries.

FB: nasiahmadkd | IG: @nasiahmadkd

8) Nasi Kandar Rasmeena

Nasi Kandar Rasmeena
Image Credit: Dawn Chan

There are two things you can’t miss when you order nasi kandar at Nasi Kandar Rasmeena. That would be their juicy and crunchy fried chicken and of course, their signature Ayam Bawang. Combine them with veggies and flood the nasi kandar with mixed curries a.k.a. kuah campur, giving you a potpourri of different tastes on a single plate.

FB: Naju2727

9) Nasi Kandar Pelita

Nasi Kandar Pelita
Image Credit: Alif AA Aliff

The popular Nasi Kandar Pelita restaurant chain has come a long way since its humble beginning back in 1995. Their menu is diverse but it’s their nasi kandar meal that matters the most. Here, they have plenty of side dishes to choose from — ayam madu, ayam bawang and sotong goreng, just to name a few. Best of all, you can enjoy your favourite nasi kandar any time of the day since Nasi Kandar Pelita operates 24/7. | FB: nasikandarpelita | IG: @nasikandarpelita

10) Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar
Image Credit: David Brough-Smyth

Like any other successful business story, Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar starts humbly as a stall in a coffee shop. That was back in 1974 before they eventually expanded into a chain of restaurants. Their prices may be on the higher side but they still attract a lot of customers from all walks of life. They serve all the usual nasi kandar offerings from fried chicken to the lush Crispy Crab. And of course, no nasi kandar meal would be complete without plenty of curries pouring into the rice. | FB: OriginalKayu | IG: @kayunasikandar

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!