Top 10 Nasi Kandar Places In Klang Valley

Top 10 Nasi Kandar Places in Klang Valley
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Nasi Kandar originated on Penang Island, where it was once traditionally transported by food-sellers by way of a “kandar” or a pole held over the shoulder. These days however, such intensive labour is a thing of the past, and nasi kandar is most often found in restaurants throughout Malaysia – with quite a few in Klang Valley itself. If you want a truly Malaysian food experience, this is a must. Check out these Top 10 Nasi Kandar Places in Klang Valley, as voted by you!(A special Thanks to for helping us out on this list!)

1) Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar


This one’s a veteran of sorts in the Malaysian food scene, having been in business since the 70s. With multiple branches all across the nation, they’re about as widespread as some popular fast food chains. Although they have managed to expand so much, they maintain that the quality of food is still very much as good as the original Nasi Kandar of Penang. Only one way to find out if that’s true, and that’s by paying a visit yourself! | FB: OriginalKayu


2) Nasi Kandar Pelita


One glance at their website will tell you just how popular this chain is, they’re practically all over Malaysia at this point, which means you’ve probably set foot in one of their many cafes at some point in your life. From their specialty dishes like Daging Kicap and fried quail, to classics like Kari Kepala Ikan and Ayam Kurma, you will definitely find something to satisfy your hungry tummy here.


3) Lotus


Those who frequent PJ Old Town should be familiar with Lotus Restaurant, which has been there for awhile now. This place is actually known more for their Indian banana leaf rice meals, as well as other Malaysian favourites like roti canai and teh tarik. They are open daily from 7 am to 10 pm, so whether it’s breakfast or supper, Lotus will not let you down.


4) Ibramsha


From the outside, it looks like an unassuming place, and could easily be overlooked in favour of bigger chainnasi kandar stores. Don’t underestimate Ibramsha, as it is known to get quite crowded at peak hours. Their curries get rave reviews, so head on over to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and tuck into some comfort food, Malaysian style.


5) Original Kayu Nasi Kandar


Nestled in the always bustling SS2 is this Original Kayu branch that seemingly never sleeps, because it’s open 24 hours. A well known hang out spot for young Malaysians, this is where you go when even 24 hour fast food joints just won’t cut it. With a wide array of dishes and drinks, you will definitely find something here to suit your taste-buds.


6) Nasi Kandar Bestari


Folks around Mont Kiara can definitely get their Nasi Kandar fix from any of the Bestari branches in the surrounding areas. Besides being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and having a varied spread of dishes from the classic local fare to burgers, they also have something millennials are sure to love – free WiFi. How could that ever be a bad thing?


7) Nasi Kandar Line Clear


That’s right, the infamous Penang Nasi Kandar Line Clear has now relocated to Kampung Baru. It’s certainly an upgrade from their previous location (which was just a humble stall), with a huge cushy air-conditioned space. That’s something the many fans will probably appreciate. So you can sit in absolute comfort while you enjoy theNasi Kandar along with other dishes like Roti Canai and Tosai too.


8) Restaurant Kudu Bin Abdul


KL-ites will definitely be familiar with this restaurant located on Chow Kit Road. Lunch hour signifies traffic here, with office crowds coming in droves for a meal. They are open on weekends, so you can always opt to go on a Saturday or Sunday. They sometimes have special dishes on weekends too. A must try is apparently their drink – sirap bandung.

FB: Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul


9) Nasi Kandar Padang Kota


Another branch outlet for Nasi Kandar is this one, which is also open daily, 24 hours a day. Currently with three locations to it’s name in the Klang Valley- in USJ, The Curve and Dataran Sunway respectively, anyone can get a taste of their Nasi Kandar. Fans seem to recommend their fried chicken, which is said to be very fresh and tasty.


10) Nasi Kandar Deen


Head over to Danau Kota for Nasi Kandar Deen, where you can get the typical fare you’ll find in a Nasi Kandarshop but with an extremely extensive western food menu as well. It seems that nowadays it is imperative to include as many choices as possible on a restaurant menu, but that means that you will be spoiled for choice here, and you can choose between the classic local curries and rice meals or something a little different. Their three layer tea may be just the thing for you to cool down after a fiery meal too.

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