Top 10 Malaysian Journaling Artists

Top 10 Malaysian Journaling Artists
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Keeping a journal isn’t just about documenting your thoughts and life stories. While words still matter, journaling can be an expressive form of art. Pages can be filled with the likes of lettering, washi tapes and rubber stamps, making journaling more fun and adventurous. So, whether you are new to this or simply looking for better inspiration, check out these Top 10 Malaysian Journaling Artists.

1) Evyne

EvyneFor Evyne (Yau Yi Wen), she expresses her love through paper and pen. More specifically, she documents her thoughts on an MD notebook. She has the knack for transforming an otherwise simple-looking notebook into a collage of beautiful handwriting, rubber stamps and masking tapes. Other than spending time journaling, she also sells pre-loved stationery products like vintage envelopes and handmade papers.

FB: evyne.yiwen | IG: @evyne.yiwen

2) Sylvain Yong

Sylvain Yong

Sylvain Yong has been using Traveler’s Notebook for the past five years, and she sure knows how to make full use of them. She regularly fills the blank pages with a mix of handwriting and handcrafting, with the latter consisting of everything from cutouts to using rubber stamps and washi tapes. More than just a journaling artist, Sylvain also happens to be the principal of Yune Art Center, and she conducts sketching workshops from time to time.

IG: @sylvainyong63

3) Angeline Lim

Angeline Lim

Angeline Lim has been journaling her entries for years, with daily thoughts filling in the blank pages of her notebook. Going through her Instagram feed, it’s hard not to feel inspired by her journaling skills. Elegantly-written words, washi tapes, vintage stamps and other embellishments can be seen dominating every page of her notebook.

IG: @ang3line_l

4) Pooi Chin

Pooi chin

With over 90k followers on Pooi Chin’s Instagram, it’s hard not to get swayed by her journaling creativity. An avid fan of writing and scribbling, she is currently journaling on Traveler’s Notebook. She mostly writes about her own feelings and thoughts, integrating her handwritten words with other creative add-ons like wax seals, washi tapes and rubber stamps. Apart from journaling, Pooi Chin is also an author for the bestselling “Pooi Chin – 戀手帳:文房具的究極不思議” (Pooi Chin – Love for Journal: The Ultimate Mystery of Stationery).

IG: @pooi_chin

5) Queenie Abelle

Queenie abelle

Queenie Abelle knows her way around when it comes to decorating her journal. She lets her creative juices flow by utilising assorted art and craft items to beautify every single page. This includes everything from adding stickers to rubber stamps, hand-lettering and colourful cutouts. Queenie is also part of the creative team for Niconeco Zakkaya, a stationery shop that sells imported handcrafted items from Japan.

IG: @queenie_abelle

6) Shin Yee

Shin Yee

Shin Yee’s love for all things analogue can be evidently seen on her Instagram, with her feed full of creative journal designs. Every page is lovingly written and illustrated using different art mediums. You can also check out her Facebook page under SYee Paperlogy, where she sells stationery items like washi tapes, bookmarks and handmade cards.

FB: syeepaperlogy | IG: @shinyee_c

7) Skye Wong

Skye Wong

Being a senior editor herself at Exact Publisher Sdn Bhd and a zinester at Zinecity Studio, Skye Wong is an ace when it comes to words. She frequently posts about her journaling on her Instagram feed as well, showcasing her talent in combining words and art from sketching to lettering and collages. You can also check out her Facebook page on Journalogue. | FB: journalogue | IG: @skyewonggg

8) Jane Lee

Jane Lee

According to a post on Jane Lee’s Instagram feed, “There is no such thing as too many journals”. The self-taught photographer specialises in photojournalism and weddings, and regularly documents her life and travel journey on a notebook. Her journaling style is both bold and colourful, emphasising lots of embellishment with the likes of Polaroid photos, stickers and lettering. | FB: hellojaneleephotography | IG: @janethecrazy

9) Yen Fong

Yen Fong

Yen Fong loves to collect stories. This same passion led Yen and her friend, Lee Ming, to establish the Tabiyo Shop back in 2012, which specialises in designer stationery items. Apart from managing her own business, Yen is an avid fan of journaling, where she has been documenting life stories since primary school. Using the leather-bound Traveler’s Notebook, she shares beautiful journal posts on her Instagram feed. | FB: | IG: @tabiyo_yf

10) lollalane


A huge fan of Midori Traveler’s Notebook since 2016, Evon a.k.a. Lollalane loves to preserve her thoughts in a journal. Her Instagram feed is amazing to look at, with all of her aesthetically-pleasing journal entries exuding a sense of calm and tranquility. Her page is mostly harmonious in terms of colour and design regardless of her handwriting and add-ons like rubber stamps, stickers and paper inserts.

FB: lollalanejournal | IG: @lollalane

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