Top 10 Malaysian Female Shoe Brands

Top 10 Malaysian Female Shoe Brands
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Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” She was on to something. For women, having the right pair of shoes can serve as the perfect accessory for a night out or even at work. Many talented Malaysian designers have picked up on this fact, which is why we present to you a list of homegrown brands to adorn your feet with. Here are the Top 10 Malaysian Female Shoe Brands, as voted by you!

1) Rhea Benson


It’s all in the details when it comes to Rhea Benson’s collections. If you appreciate glamorous, quirky and unique styles, check them out online. Their award-winning designs mainly feature solid textures and materials, as well as minimalist yet stylish aesthetics, reflecting the differing styles of the brand’s two designers, who together complement one another. | FB: Rheabensonshoes | IG: @Rheabensonofficial

2) Nelissa Hilman


Nelissa Hilman’s shoes can be bought online, but if you prefer trying out shoes in person, then you can head on over to Bangsar Village II where they have a pop-up store. Styles are classic cuts with contemporary stylings and colour options, and you can get anything from sandals to stilettos. If supporting sustainable brands is important to you, you’ll be happy to know that Nelissa Hilman shares this sentiment. Their products are sourced from businesses and suppliers that ensure safe and fair labour practices for their workers. | FB: nelissahilmanshoes | IG: @nelissahilman

3) Christy Ng


Christy Ng is a young Malaysian entrepreneur who is well on her way to putting Malaysia on the world map, with her company being recognized internationally. The online shop focuses on custom shoes, be it for special occasions or everyday wear. The reason for this is getting the perfect fit in stores can be really challenging, so a custom shoe would be tailored exactly to your measurements and preferences. You can even virtually “create” your dream shoe using their website’s cool 3D Shoe Engine feature. | FB: christyngshoes | IG: @christyngshoes

4) ShoesShoesShoes


You can literally put your best foot forward if you’re fitted with footwear from ShoesShoesShoes. If you’re looking for quality heels, flats and wedges that are on trend, look no further. In addition to physical outlets in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Telawi 3 Bangsar, Publika and Great Eastern Mall, they also sell their products online, and ship worldwide. | FB: ShoesShoesShoes3 | IG: @shoesshoesshoe5

5) XALF Design


XALF Designs have haute couture written all over them, and you’ll no doubt feel very sophisticated in their creations.The brand was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s high-heeled fictional adventures in New York City, but collections reflect broad interests, from Malaysian touches to vintage inspiration as well. Their showroom is in Empire Damansara, but do give them a call before you drop in. Alternatively, you can make a purchase via their website. | FB: XalfDesign | IG: @xalfdesign

6) Yoke & Theam


The art of making footwear is not new to Yoke & Theam, it’s a business that helped sustain the families for a very long time. Now, the younger generation has taken over to ensure the family’s legacy remains protected and the business continues to flourish. Their products can be purchased online, either via their own website or through the various online stockists they have supplied to. | FB: YokeandTheam | IG: @yokeandtheam

7) Lewré Bespoke


Anyone who has ventured to departmental stores in Malaysian shopping malls would have seen Lewre’s name in the shoe section. It’s a well-established name that’s been present in the market for years. Their Bespoke line is available exclusively at The Gardens Mall and is catered to customers who prefer a more personalized touch, with made to order shoes. They sometimes collaborate with local designers to keep designs fresh and unique. | FB: lewrebespoke | IG: @lewrebespoke

8) Cipela


Cipela’s founder, Hidayah Hassan, is as cosmopolitan as they come, having travelled extensively, giving her the perfect eye to spot trends and beautiful designs. So whether you’re shopping for your wedding, a night out or just for everyday wear, Cipela has it all. You’re bound to find something suitable from their many available collections. | FB: cipelacouture | IG: @cipelashoes

9) Nawal Jes


If you like your shoes beaded, Nawal Jes has exactly what you need. Her brand is based in New York, but maintains a very Malaysian spirit. In fact, in buying a pair you would also be supporting Nawal Jes’ sustainable practices since they hire and train single moms, people with low incomes and those from Indigenous communities in Malaysia for their business. | FB: NawalJes | IG: @nawal_jes

10) Emmett


Runway models and celebrities make anything look cool, especially when navigating on sky high heels. Emmett’s seems to reflect that glamour, only you’ll be able to take it off the runway. Their shoes have adorned the feet of many a celebrity, and the brand is actually now based in New York, from humble Malaysian origins. | FB: emmettshoes | IG: @emmettshoes

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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