Top 10 Malaysian Clothing Brands

Top 10 Malaysian Clothing Brands
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For the past decade, the local apparel industry has stepped up their game by establishing their own clothing brands. Brands that are born and bred in Malaysia, offering everyday items like t-shirts, hoodies, pants and clothing accessories are now a dime a dozen, and here are the Top 10 Malaysian Clothing Brands!

1) Rare Clothing Co.

Rare Clothing Co.

An independent clothing label that has been around since September 2010, Rare Clothing Co. focuses primarily on casual streetwear. This includes everything from graphic tees to caps, jeans and accessories that are hip, stylish and timeless. You can check out their available items on Shopee.

FB: rareclothing | IG: @rareclothing

2) Kiz Urban

Kiz Urban

Kiz Urban’s philosophy isn’t just about pure fashion but also a visible expression of cultural and social identities. Their clothing line is kept simple but practical and stylish enough, offering predominantly black and white casualwear with graphic prints. Available for men and women, you can shop their clothes conveniently online or visit one of their stockists right here. | FB: kizurban | IG: @kizurban

3) Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar’s local streetwear label needs no introduction, given its popularity since making its debut in 2010. They have certainly come a long way since their humble beginning selling tees at bazaars and festive markets. Their range of clothes reflects locally-infused lifestyle and culture, which can be evidently seen in their casual tees. You can also find collaborative collections, where they team up with the likes of Looney Tunes and Air Asia. Other than tees, Pestle & Mortar also provides other items like bowling shirts, pants, hoodies and accessories. | FB: PestleandMortarClothing | IG: @pestlemortarclothing

4) The Swagger Salon

The Swagger Salon

It all started with a tagline LANSI (Cantonese slang for “cocky”), which originally appeared on Shen’s (the founder) cap collection. The rest, as they say, is history, as the brand subsequently developed a cult following. After founding The Swagger Salon in 2010 with his high school buddies, Jason and Jian, the LANSI tagline stretches beyond the caps. You can also find it on their casual t-shirts and accessories such as sticker packs, enamel pins and workbooks. You can shop their items online or visit The Swagger Salon’s flagship store in George Town, Penang. | FB: theswaggersalon | IG: @theswaggersalon

5) Attack Apparel

Attack Apparel

Operating since 2009, Attack Apparel is particularly famous for its amazingly-detailed graphic tees. And what’s more, most of the graphic designs are actually hand-drawn, making them all the more unique. Certainly far from your usual mass-produced t-shirts, do check out their collection by visiting Attack Apparel’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

FB: attackapparel | IG: @attackapparel

6) Feed Clothing

Feed Clothing

A local Malaysian streetwear label that doesn’t settle for the ordinary, their bold use of vibrant colours are what defines Feed Clothing. Of course, that doesn’t mean they forgo the usual dark and muted-coloured clothes altogether. Most of their clothes from tees to hoodies and varsity jackets are practical enough for a casual outing. Find out more about Feed Clothing by visiting their website or social media pages. | FB: feedclothing | IG: @feedclothing

7) Tarik Jeans

Tarik Jeans

A premium denim label that is proudly Malaysian, Tarik Jeans is no stranger to delivering high-quality local jeans sold at a reasonable price. Primarily targeted for the youth culture, you can also find other items for men and women like graphic tees, denim jackets, crop tops and trucker caps. | FB: tarikjeans | IG: @tarikjeans

8) Rated Studio

Rated Studio

Fans of graphic tees might want to check out this independent local streetwear label from Rated Studio. You can also find some of their trendy tees that reflect today’s news, namely the famous Batman Slapping Robin meme re-imagined as COVID-19-related conversation. Other than graphic tees, Rated Studio also sells crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies and tote bags. | FB: ratedstudio | IG:

9) Idotshirt


More than just your regular Malaysian clothing brand, Idotshirt (read: “I do T-shirt”) offers customers to personalise their own t-shirts. That means you have the choice of picking your preferred cutting (short or long sleeve) and others like colour and design. Alternatively, you can check out some of their ready-made clothing collections. Idotshirt also takes pride in preserving its quality, with their clothes made from the signature 40/40 pin interlock cotton that is both soft and comfortable to wear. | FB: idotshirt | IG:

10) Rexagon


For the local independent streetwear label Rexagon, it’s all about style and comfort. The kinds that are fashionable, yet essential enough for everyday casual wear. Available for men and women, Rexagon stocked numerous items from graphic tees to pants, utility jackets and accessories like fanny packs and baseball caps. You can shop their collection online or visit one of their stockists right here. | FB: rexagonco | IG: @rexagonofficial

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