Top 10 Indoor Activities & Games in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Indoor Activities & Games in KL & Selangor
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Unable to have fun outdoors due to adverse weather conditions? The good news is, there are plenty of exciting things you can do even if you are indoors. From the interactive escape-room experience to laser-tag simulation and rock climbing, these are the recommended Top 10 Indoor Activities & Games in KL & Selangor.

1) Hauntu


Hauntu combines an interactive blend of roleplay, live theatre and storytelling. Guests are basically playing a role in a story while interacting with others and solving the (fictional) mystery of the hotel. Think of it as being an actor in a movie set and you’ll get the rough idea of how the whole thing works. This whole immersive haunted-house experience can accommodate up to 10 players and will take around 90 minutes. For more info, you can get in touch with them right here or call 011-1686 9199. | FB: hauntumy | IG: @hauntumy

2) Jump Street Trampoline Park Malaysia

Jump Street Trampoline Park Malaysia

Get to ready to jump, bounce and tumble at PJ’s Jump Street! This place consists of different facilities, namely the interconnected trampolines in the Main Court and the Foam Pit filled with thousands of soft foam cubes. For instance, the Main Court is made suitable for various sports enthusiasts ranging from free-runners to skateboarders showcasing or practising their moves. If you are planning to make a trip to Jump Street, it is highly recommended to book your spot online in advance to avoid disappointment. | FB: JumpStreetAsia | IG: @jumpstreetasia

3) Fifthroom


Located just beside KFC at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Fifthroom offers you and your friends to work together as a team to solve the mystery while “trapped” inside a room. Your goal is, of course, trying to make your “escape” within a certain time limit. There are several themed escape-room games you can choose from such as “The Judge”, “Haha Circus” and “Subway Terror”. For more info, simply give them a call at 03-9286 5255 or send your email to | FB: fifthroomkl | IG: @fifthroomkl

4) Mission-Q


Gathering evidence, solving puzzles, unlocking doors — these are some of the objectives you and your friends would experience at Mission-Q. Located on the first floor in Sunway Pyramid, there are five different types of escape rooms to pick from. The game can be played from 2 to 8 persons, where each room consists of different levels of difficulties and physicalities, depending on your respective strength. You can make an online booking right here or call 03-5612 9528 for more info. | FB: MissionQ | IG: @mission_q

5) District 21

District 21

With over 10 exciting activities, there’s definitely something for everyone in this IOI City Mall’s indoor theme park on Level 1. Spanning an astonishing 70,000 sq ft space, District 21 houses several attractions such as the trampoline-like Launch Pad and the simulating Free Fall. But if you are up for an extreme challenge, look out for Roller Glider and Sky Trail to test your endurance skill.

FB: district21park | IG: @district21ioicitymall

6) Escape Room

Escape Room

Just like the name suggests, Escape Room is an interactive escape game where you and your friends require to solve the puzzles within a time limit. Available for a team of 2 to 6 players, there are plenty of themed rooms such as “The Vampire Chronicles”, “Safari Jungle” and “The Haunted House”. For more details, simply reach out to them by calling 03-2141 0653 or visit one of their branches nationwide such as Berjaya Times Square and eCurve. | FB:

7) Laser Battle Kuala Lumpur

Laser Battle Kuala Lumpur

Why just settle for watching Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster involving laser battles when you can be part of the action as well? While not quite the Hollywood part, Laser Battle at least gives you the interactive experience on what is it feels like to engage in simulated warfare. And yes, you will be armed with a real (harmless) phaser gun and tactical gear as well. You can locate Laser Battle in KL at Berjaya Times Square on Level 7 or contact 03-2110 5125 for more info. | FB: laserbattlekl | IG: @laserbattlekl

8) AirRider


The idea of jumping off a plane and being suspended in mid-air sounds like fun. Except for the fact it is not for everyone. Not especially for the faint-hearted and of course, there’s a risk associated with outdoor skydiving activities. Enter AirRider, an indoor skydiving simulation where everyone can enjoy the thrills of flying in the safe confines of an all-glass circular wind tunnel. Don’t worry if you are not a skydiving expert, as the instructor would guide you the proper way on how to master your moves. You can check out their value-for-money packages right here or visit them at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. | FB: AirRiderKL | IG: @airriderindoorskydiving

9) AMPED Trampoline Park

AMPED Trampoline Park

Love jumping and bouncing like crazy? Well, this is your chance to do it to your heart’s content at AMPED Trampoline Park. There are plenty of other indoor attractions as well, namely Aeroball Arena, Wall Climb and Foam Pits. Check out their price range right here or give them a call at 03-7733 4090 if you have any general enquiries. | FB: AmpedMalaysia

10) Camp5


With over 500 climbing & boulder routes, this indoor rock-climbing facility in 1 Utama is reputed as the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. This includes the likes of Highball Wall, Boulder Cave, Sentinel Wall and the imposing 20-metre Pro Wall. The good news is, Camp5 isn’t just restricted for experienced rock climbers as first-timers able to participate as well. For more info, call 03-7726 0410 or send your email to | FB: Camp5ClimbingGym | IG: @camp5climbinggym

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