Top 10 Healthy Eateries in Klang Valley

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Who says eating out has to be unhealthy? Obviously not anymore when you have these 10 healthy eateries serving for your wellness in Klang Valley. Whether you’re trying to get in shape or to live a healthier life, eating healthy provides a variety of benefits to our bodies. While this is the mantra of these 10 health eateries, they also believe healthy food can be delicious too. Check them out!

1) Ashley’s by LivingFood


Ashley’s is about real food done right. At Ashley’s, the team strives to bring together the best interesting ingredients, creative cooking and exciting eating in a healthier way. They hope to inspire people to eat real food the way it was meant to be eaten. The concept of Ashley’s stemmed from the observation of how the society has forgotten what it means to eat ‘real food’—food that comes straight from the farm. | FB: ashleysbangsar | IG: @ashleysbylivingfood

2) Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant


Founded by Madam Tracy Ngo, a renowned health-conscious chef, Simple Life serves vegetarian meals which are organic, natural and most importantly, nutritious. Madam Tracy Ngo believes eating healthy should not compromise taste and aesthetic values. One perfect example would be Simple Life’s healthy Nasi Lemak, which is completely vegetarian, cooked with extra virgin coconut oil topped with sambal made from carrots and cabbage. | FB: simpleliferestaurant

3) Organica Lifestyle


Organica Lifestyle is more than just providing you with healthy food. It is a place where healthy food, personalised exercise and your inner well-being can all come together. Organica Lifestyle was founded by two best friends, Shantini and Anjana with a vision to create an urban sanctuary that would inspire and support a holistic balanced lifestyle. They hope Organica Lifestyle would help to love, heal and inspire people to a greater way of living, breathing, and being. | FB: Organica Lifestyle | IG: @organica_lifestyle

4) Be Lohas Healthy Cuisine


LOHAS stands for “Lifestyle of Happy and Sustainability” which means living a lifestyle that is healthy and environmental friendly. The café’s name has been cleverly translated to “Le Huo” (乐活) which means living happily. They are committed to promote genuine healthy vegetarian cuisine, and also promise to serve only the best and delicious organic vegetarian dishes. | FB: belohas

5) AENON The Health Kitchen


AENON Healthy Kitchen provides simple, palatable, wholesome and healthy food at an affordable price. They are dedicated to offer an extraordinary dining experience and to provide consumers with the opportunities to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. They believe that “health is a choice, not a chance”. | FB:

6) Green Meadow


Green Meadow was established in 2004 with their primary purpose to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle. The founder, Madam Chin Chew Lian and her husband, Mr. Teay Hiong Kiah who is a Chinese medicine practitioner, believe that “health can be built by changing diet and lifestyle”. Their organic café, serves a variety of healthful and delicious cuisine in line with the whole food approach. The café can also tailor their recipes to serve individuals with different dietary needs.

FB: GreenMeadowOrganic

7) The Daily Habit


The Daily Habit café’s mission is to promote clean eating, using super food ingredients, and complete carbohydrates such as wholegrain, legumes, seeds and nuts. They focus on delicious recipes that embody clean eating, with limited processed food, low sodium and sugars, and loaded up with vegetables and grains. | FB: TheDailyHabitCafe | IG: @dailyhabit

8) Eco Life Kitchen


Eco Life Kitchen is a vegetarian eatery. Food served here is 100% free of preservatives and MSG. However, that doesn’t mean quality and taste is compromised as it is their aim to provide customers with a natural, healthy and delicious cuisine. They thoroughly believe that cultivating good dietary habits will lead to a nourished body, heart and soul.

FB: Eco Life Kitchen | IG: @ecolife_kitchen

9) Love Earth Café


Love Earth Café is an eatery with vegetarian and vegan food. They believe that the vegetarian food industry is a must in this world, after all good health is what matters most. There are varieties of dishes on their menu which feature natural organic ingredients with no MSG, less oil and salt.

FB: Love Earth Cafe

10) Opika Organic Market & Restaurant


Opika is a healthy eatery with Nordic inspirations. This Nordic inspiration is combined with local qualities to create food that are healthy yet delectable. Opika is also passionate about sustainable living and preserving nature. This is evident in their business where they sell food and products that are sourced with the knowledge and understanding about its source and background of the producer. | FB: OpikaOrganic | IG: @opikaorganic

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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