Top 10 Exotic & Reptile Pet Shops in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Exotic & Reptile Pet Shops in KL & Selangor
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When comes to pet animals, most of us would probably go for the “usual” choices like cats and dogs or rabbits and hamsters. But some may prefer exotic pets or reptiles such as lizards, geckos, snakes, and frogs. So, if you are looking for some recommendations, check out our list of Top 10 Exotic & Reptile Pet Shops in KL & Selangor.

1) Exoreps


Based in Seri Kembangan, ExoReps houses various types of reptiles, rodents, amphibians and other exotic pets. Take their amphibian options, for instance. They have milk frogs, red-eyed tree frogs, Pacman frogs and Poison Dart frogs, just to name a few. If you prefer geckos, ExoReps offers the likes of Madagascar Giant Day Gecko and Leopard Gecko for sale. Staff are, in the meantime, are friendly and helpful.

FB: ExoReps | IG: @exoreps

2) ExoReptiles Kepong

ExoReptiles Kepong

ExoReptiles is known for its reasonably-priced yet quality exotic pet animals. They have over 100 species here, ranging from amphibians to reptiles and insects. Other than exotic pet animals, they also sell essential supplies and accessories like feeding tools, terrariums/cages and cleaning products. Keep in mind their Kepong branch opens daily from 11 am to 8 pm except on Tuesdays. | FB: exoreptileskepong | IG: @exoreptiles.malaysia

3) Reptiles Planet & Pet Studio

Reptiles Planet & Pet Studio

Choices are aplenty upon stepping into Reptiles Planet & Pet Studio located at Taman United in Jalan Klang Lama. They have various tortoises such as red-footed varieties, iguanas, lizards and snakes to choose from. You can also get assorted pet-friendly supplements and accessories from this shop.

FB: Reptiles-Planet-and-Pet-Studio

4) Exotics By ARP

Exotics By ARP

Exotics by ARP may be mainly specialising in ball pythons but they offer other high-quality, ethically-sourced exotic animals as well. This includes geckos, tortoises, snakes and bearded dragons all sold at reasonable prices. Expect friendly services and they are even more than happy to share their knowledge and advice, particularly if you are a first-time exotic pet owner. | FB: XoticsbyARP | IG: @exoticsbyarp

5) Exotic Pets Studio

Exotic Pets Studio

Looking for a reptile pet animal? You might want to check out Exotic Pets Studio at Summit USJ. Among the choices available include snakes (e.g. bull snakes, king snakes & ball pythons), geckos (e.g. knob-tailed geckos), tortoises and iguanas. Rest assured all of the exotic animals sold at Exotic Pets Studio are high-quality and strictly from ethical captive breeding sources. For peace of mind, they even offer a 1-month warranty in case your purchased pets are unable to fit in their new environment. | FB: epsmyhq | IG: @exoticpetsstudio

6) Rep-Celsius


Located at Taman Taynton View, Rep-Celsius specialises in both imported and local exotic pet animals. They offer various options like Honduran Milk Snakes, Tiger Salamanders and Chinchilla rodents. But they have a huge variety of tortoises the most ranging from the giant Aldabra tortoises to others like Burmese star tortoises, Cherry head red-footed tortoises and Yellow-footed tortoises.

FB: Rep.celsius | IG: @rep_celsius

7) Exotic Lover Pet Centre 异宠馆

Exotic Lover Pet Centre 异宠馆

Be it tortoises, rodents or bearded dragons, Exotic Lover Pet Centre has them all under one roof. You can also find sugar gliders here. Expect a clean, comfortable and odour-free environment upon walking into the store. The staff is knowledgeable so feel free to ask anything related, namely tips on taking care of a pet. Their prices are reasonable too.

FB: Exotic-Lover-Pet-Centre | IG: @exoticloverpetcentre

8) Geckology Exotics & Reptiles

Geckology Exotics & Reptiles

This Pusat Bandar Puchong-based Geckology Exotics & Reptiles is where you can obtain different types of quality exotic pet animals for sale. For instance, they have Albino Pastel Ball Pythons and others like super gliders, Tanimbar Blue Tongue skinks, Toffeeglow Condas and baby Hognose snakes. Geckology Exotics & Reptiles opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

FB: Geckology-Exotics-Reptiles

9) Brotherhood Reptiles

Brotherhood Reptiles

Brotherhood Reptiles has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Kelantan. They have since set up a shop in Alam Damai, Cheras, offering various high-quality reptiles and exotics at reasonable prices. Some of their popular options you can find here include Tiger Platinum Sunfire Reticulated Pythons, Snow Corn Snakes, Veiled Chameleons, Eastern Leopard Tortoises and Axanthic Blue Tongue Skinks. | FB: brotherhoodreptiles | IG: @bhreptiles

10) World of Exotics

World of Exotics

World of Exotics lives up to its name when comes to the choices of exotic pet animals. They have iguanas, geckos and chameleons among others. For the chameleons alone, World of Exotics offers assorted types like Panther Chameleons, Veiled Chameleons and Jackson’s Chameleons. The shop is also an exclusive local distributor for Mazuri animal nutrition products, where you can shop conveniently right here. | FB: worldexopets | IG: @worldofexotics_malaysia

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