Top 10 Dog Training Schools in KL & Selangor

Having a pet dog is having a good companion by your side. But what if your dog is prone to aggression has issues following your instructions? This is why it’s important to register your dog to be taught under the professional guidance of a certified dog trainer. From basic obedience dog training to obstacle courses-based agility training, check out our list of Top 10 Dog Training Schools in KL & Selangor.

1) Canine Sportzclub

Canine Sportzclub

As part of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF) Assisted Activities programme, Canine Sportzclub has trained over 2,300 dogs since its establishment in 2009. They have certified and experienced trainers who only train dogs using positive training methods. In other words, the training is completely devoid of punishment or shock tactics. They also offer basic as well as intermediate and advanced agility, where dogs will be trained to pass through obstacle or contact courses, namely bar jumps and see-saw. | FB: Canine.Sportzclub | IG: @caninesportzclub

2) The Doggy Schoolbus

The Doggy Schoolbus

The Doggy Schoolbus offers various services from dog training to daycare, boarding and transport. For the former, they have Doggy Basic Manners Course, which is suitable for dogs below 1-year-old. The training includes the likes of learning & listening to basic commands in outdoor environments and walking with a leash. The class, which runs up to 90 minutes per session, will be conducted under the supervision of certified dog trainers. | FB: The-Doggy-Schoolbus-MYS | IG: @thedoggyschoolbus

3) Woof Gang Training and Services

Woof Gang Training and Services

One of Woof Gang’s services includes puppy training, where founder and trainer Amelia Lazarus will take good care of your beloved pet(s). Understanding that not all puppies are the same, the training will be specially conducted based on your respective pet’s age and skill level. That means before the training takes place, Amelia will assess your puppy through counselling along with the owner’s presence to help understand the problem better. | FB: WoofGangtrainingservices | IG: @hellowoofgang

4) Stephen Guard Dogs

Stephen Guard Dogs

Stephen Anthony, who founded Stephen Guard Dogs, is no stranger to training D.O.D (Department of Defense) dogs such as Dobermans and Rottweilers. Besides, his nearly 40-year experience speaks for itself and he has a team of highly-qualified trainers certified in the US and Netherlands. Among their professional services include training dogs into refusing food from strangers, becoming personal bodyguards and even protecting business premises. | FB: StephenGuardDogs

5) Puppycom Dog Training School

Puppycom Dog Training School

At Puppycom, they have various dog training services available based on your respective pet’s needs. This includes a Dog Obedience Training programme for puppies as young as 3 months old and adult dogs. There’s a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) programme too, where dogs will undergo 10 different tests from accepting a friendly stranger to walking through a crowd and supervised separation. Dogs that successfully complete the test will be rewarded with a Puppycom certificate. Finally, the Dog Agility Sports programme will involve training dogs into overcoming obstacle courses like jumps, A-frame and weave poles. | FB: puppycom

6) Saharikenn K9 Centre

Saharikenn K9 Centre

Saharikenn9 specialises in two types of training including obedience and protection. For the former, the trainers will teach your dog essential commands like stand/stay, recall (come command) and watch (focus command), where the duration of the programme takes from 3-5 weeks. The latter is more suitable for dogs like Rottweilers (even though all breeds are welcome) to be professionally trained to protect your business premise or guard your home. Among the training provided includes alert/aggression/outing on command and defence of handler (bark & guard). | FB: K9sahari | IG: @saharikenn



G-Pet is more than just a boarding hotel for cats and dogs. They also provide an obedience training course for dogs, where the trainers will teach them useful verbal commands and hand signals. Among them includes sit/stay, heel as well as come & recall commands. They accept all breeds of dogs from 8 months and above while the obedience training will take 20 days to complete the course. Owners will also get to learn how to give their dogs proper verbal commands and hand signals. | FB: GPetcom | IG: @gpetcom

8) EK9 Dog Training/Tuition 狗狗训练/补习中心

EK9 Dog Training Tuition 狗狗训练 补习中心

Based in Seri Kembangan, EK9 Dog Training Academy offers varieties of professional dog training programmes. This includes behaviour modification, puppy training, obedience training and agility training. For instance, the obedience training programme caters for dogs as young as 8 months old, where they will learn seven essential commands. And for the agility training, your dog will be trained to complete an obstacle course involving a jump, see-saw and tunnel, just to name a few.

FB: EK9DogTrainingAcademy

9) Dave Teoh Academy

Dave Teoh Academy

Dave Teoh, the founder of the namesake academy, made his mark as the youngest certified professional dog trainer in Malaysia’s Book of Record. He has a wealth of experience in training more than 11,000 dogs with different behaviours worldwide. His services include house call training, boarding obedience training as well as guard dog & protection training. Classes will be conducted with owners required to cooperate and participate as well. This, in turn, will help make the training all the more effective at the end of the day. | FB: daveteohacademy | IG: @daveteoh95

10) KL DOG Training by Joseph Yeo

KL DOG Training by Joseph Yeo

Joesph is an Australia-certified dog training instructor, who specialises in training puppies and dogs aged 8 weeks and above. For puppies, among the training covered include potty & crate training, basic communication as well as socialisation & desensitisation. He also provides basic obedience training courses, where your dogs will learn to obey seven basic commands. | FB: kldogtraining | IG: @josephkldogtraining

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