Top 10 Chinese Tea Houses in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Chinese Tea Houses in KL & Selangor
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Bubble tea may be a go-to pitstop for tea cravings these days but that doesn’t mean the good old tea houses are completely out of favour. Be it traditional or modern, we have rounded up Top 10 Chinese Tea Houses in KL & Selangor where you can savour a cup of freshly-brewed tea.

1) Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

As a pioneer for being the country’s first-ever fine tea restaurant, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant has definitely made its mark for the past 20 years until today. Apart from serving unique tea-infused dishes from rice to noodles and soup dishes, they also specialise in high-quality Chinese tea beverages. Tea connoisseurs can look forward to Purple Cane Tea’s range of fine brews including the likes of Ginseng Oolong, Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) and Mejiawu Longjing. | FB: purplecane.tearestaurant | IG: @purplecane.teacuisine

2) Tea+


Far from your average teahouse, Tea+’s artisan tea bar is the first of its kind ever seen in Malaysia. Since their establishment in 2018 at The Gardens Mall, they pride themselves in offering only the finest quality of Chinese teas available. Among them are classic hand brew post-fermented dark teas (Traditional Broad-Leaved Ripe Pu’er & Guangxi’s Liu Bao) and Nanyang herbal teas (Lemongrass Pandan Ginger & Longan Red Dates Chrysanthemum). They also serve whole-leaf cold brew tea selections, namely Long Jing Green Tea and Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea — all of which are perfectly steeped in low temperature for 8 hours.

FB: teapluz | IG: @teapluz

3) Tea X

Tea X

Tea X specialises in local warehouse-stored teas, where every product is passed through rigorous quality control. They mainly offer premium Pu’er teas with different types of processing including raw, ripe, aged raw and aged ripe varieties harvested from China’s Yunnan province. Sold in compressed cake forms, you can choose to purchase a stack (7 pieces) or a carton (42 pieces) and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can opt for their tea-tasting programme in Purple Cane HQ at Shaw Parade KL. The programme, which lasts from 30-45 minutes, will allow you to learn the art of brewing & pouring tea from a tea instructor and also engage in a Q&A session. | FB: | IG:

4) Leaf Lohas

Leaf Lohas

Located at Cheras’ Dataran C180, Leaf Lohas’ zen-like interior complements well with their fine selection of tea under one roof. For instance, those who love something light and floral might want to check out the Gong Mei White Tea. They also serve cold brew tea, namely the Lychee Oolong Cold Brew. Remember to pair your cup of tea with their scrumptious dessert offerings such as the golden jelly-like konnyaku and homemade cheesecake. | FB: leaflohas | IG: @leaflohas

5) Hi Tea

Hi Tea

Hi Tea offers four types of tea including Master Blend, Floral, Flower and Premium selections. For the former, you can find unique blends like Strawberry Oolong Tea, which uses the Taiwan oolong tea base mixed with Jeju freeze-dried strawberries. Some of the other quality brews available in Hi Tea include Peony White Tea, Rose Amber Black Tea and Longjing Tea. Trouble sleeping? You might want to try their caffeine-free herbal tea called Sleeping Beauty, which helps to promote a good night’s sleep. | FB: hi.tea1986 | IG: @hitea.malaysia

6) Tanah dan Air

Tanah dan Air

At Tanah dan Air, this PJ’s Happy Mansion-based teahouse allows you to enjoy quality brews minus the hefty price tag. They serve a wide range of imported brewed teas including the familiar ones like Pu’er, Longjing and Jasmine Green Tea. They also offer new brews like the osmanthus-based Jin Xuan and the roasted Shui Jin Gui (Golden Tortoise). A tea-tasting session is available as well at RM 50 per person. They also provide tea brewing workshops, where you can learn the basics of proper tea brewing.

FB: tanahdanair | IG: @tanah.dan.air

7) Kok Far Tea

Kok Far Tea

The brainchild of Queeny Kong, Kok Far Tea offers a diverse range of imported teas from different countries, namely China and Japan. Prepared and brewed by the owner herself, who is also a tearista, you’ll find assorted tea selections like Snow Chrysanthemum and Buckwheat Jasmine. But do try her artisanal milk teas, namely the aromatic Iribancha from Kyoto and Blue Longan Flower. She offers some light bites as well, with irresistible desserts like Rich Houjicha Pudding and Rich Tofu Cheesecake.

FB: KokFarTea | IG: @kok.far

8) Jing Tea Culture & Art 静好堂

Jing Tea Culture & Art 静好堂

This Kepong-based teahouse at Jalan Kuang Bulan takes pride in offering premium and branded tea selections, where you can savour the likes of Wuyi rock tea, Pu’er and Liu Bao. You can also purchase their tea products that are compressed into cake forms and YiXing teapots.

FB: jingteacultureandart | IG: @jingteaculture

9) Paloma Tea House

Paloma Tea House

Step into Paloma Tea House at Dataran Perniagaan Cheras, and experience a sense of calm and tranquillity within its beautifully minimalist interior. The kind of place where you can sit down and relax with a cup of quality brewed tea. Their menu consists of different types of green, white and black teas. They have various tea selections like Genmaicha, Bi Luo Chun, Silver Needle and Lapsang Souchong. Nitro-injected cold brew tea varieties such as Mi Lan Xiang and Special Mandarin Pu’er are available as well. Paloma Tea House also serves light snacks and desserts to complement your tea.

FB: palomateahouse | IG: @palomateahouse

10) Hype Concept Cafe

Hype Concept Cafe

A casually chic establishment that serves a wide range of teas, the SS15-based Hype Concept Cafe offers everything from herbal & floral teas to fruit teas and iced teas. For the best of both worlds, go for their Single Tea Set or Three Tier Tea Set, with the latter including dessert like creme brulee, macarons and assorted cakes.

FB: hypeconceptcafe | IG: @hypeconceptcafe

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