Top 10 Cafes in Georgetown

When you mention Penang, more often than not, your mind might skip ahead to street food, which is understandable and totally well-deserved. While street food is a whole category of food by itself, there are the cafes as well, which could provide you with more “modern” or varied choices. And here are the Top 10 Cafes in Georgetown, the cultural hub of Penang!

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1) Kraffmen

Here’s a Melbourne-style minimalist cafe where you can enjoy a hearty brunch meal, namely the Kraffmen Big Brekky and Kraffmen Baked Egg. The former is more of the cafe’s version of Big Breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, homemade bacon, mixed mushrooms, salad and sourdough. Moving on to the mains, Kraffmen serves various pasta dishes and they have interesting fusion ones too such as the Creamy Chicken Curry Spaghettini. Pork lovers, in the meantime, can look forward to mouthwatering dishes like BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs and Italian Grilled Pork Loin.

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2) The Table Penang

This small but cosy halal cafe offers reasonably-priced Western food and according to customer reviews, the overall food and service quality is where The Table Penang excels the most. Among the recommended dishes worth ordering include the tummy-filling The Table Platter, complete with boneless chicken, lamb shoulder, meatballs, salad and mashed potato. Love pasta? They have plenty of varieties to choose from but if you need a recommendation, do try their bestselling Spaghetti with Buttermilk Chicken. If possible, leave some room for a slice of dessert, notably their creamy-licious Classic Burnt Cheesecake.

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3) Norm Micro Roastery

Both a coffee roaster and a cafe, the latter’s highlights include a spacious and well-lit (thanks to the sunroof) high-ceiling interior and of course, its aesthetically pleasing industrial minimalist-style decor. No doubt a good place for a few Instagrammable moments. Enjoy one of their awesome coffee selections here and if you are hungry, they have a few choices — though limited — like Pumpkin and Prawn Risotto, Tomato Medley & Ricotta Cheese on Toast and Norm Fried Chicken.

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4) Kafka

Be it hot or cold, Kafka got them all covered with their range of quality coffee. This includes everything from the classic Espresso and Long Black to Dirty Oaty Chai Latte, Ice Coffee Frappe and Toffee Nut Caffe Latte. Can’t handle caffeine? Not to worry though, as Kafka offers non-coffee selections such as Green Tea Latte and Hot Cocoa using Single Origin Ecuador. They also provide extensive food options, covering the likes of breakfast meals (e.g. Avocado Toast, Berry Berries French Toast) and all-day sandwiches & wraps. For mains, they have light choices, namely Soup with Toast and Soft Shell Crab Salad. But if you prefer something heavy, opt for Chicken Parmigiana or others like the spicy Arrabiata Smoked Bacon Pasta and Chicken Teriyaki Burger. | FB: Kafka | IG: @kafkapenang

5) China House

China House isn’t just your average cafe. But more of a multi-purpose establishment spanning not one but three heritage buildings connected to an open-air courtyard. You can also find shops and art spaces too but let’s talk about their cafe instead, where they serve Australian-style brunch menus, coffee as well as assorted Asian and Western cuisines. Don’t forget their cake selections and choices are aplenty too, covering the likes of Tiramisu, Carrot Cake and Passionfruit Coconut Butter. | FB: ChinaHouse | IG: @chinahousepenang

6) SpaceBar Coffee

Enjoy a good cuppa at SpaceBar Coffee, a limited but cosy space dominated by exposed brick walls and industrial-chic decor. Expect usual coffee choices like Long Black, Espresso (Single/Double) and Milk Coffee. They also serve Hand Brew Coffee using pour-over or AeroPress techniques. Not into coffee? The cafe offers assorted tea and chocolate beverages, where the latter is available in either hot or iced versions. Whether you are here for a cup of coffee or otherwise, don’t forget to pair your drink with one of their slices of homemade cakes.

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7) Wheeler’s

Whether you are here for some quality me-time moments or to chill with your friends, Wheeler’s boasts a comfortable space that makes you feel at home. They serve good coffee here using single origins from Ethiopia and Rwanda, namely Double-Shot Espresso and V60 Pour Over Coffee. You can try one of their house blends such as Caffe Latte, Caramel Macchiato or Almond Milk Latte or if you need something refreshing, you can’t go wrong with their smooth-tasting Cold Brew selection. Food-wise, their menu covers the likes of brunch options, assorted pasta and thin-crust pizzas. | FB: Wheeler’s | IG: @wheelerspenang

8) The Alley, 5 Stewart Lane

A tiny spot located within a colonial building, The Alley offers mainly caffeinated beverages and desserts. For the former, they have both black and white coffees served on respective single origins and house blends. Their signature Churros is a must-try here while cake lovers can pick different varieties such as The Alley’s homemade Supreme Burnt Cheesecake served with a side of cream or the bittersweet Kahlua Valrhona Chocolate Mousse.

FB: The Alley, 5 Stewart Lane | IG: @thealleypenang

9) Macallum Connoisseurs

Macallum Connoisseurs spans approximately 8,000 square feet of large space, covering everything from a cafe to a coffee roastery, restaurant and even an academy under one roof. The cafe-cum-restaurant setting boasts a spacious warehouse-style interior, looking all rustic and industrial with plenty of rooms to accommodate even the large groups. As for their coffee, enjoy some of the house blends regardless of hot or cold varieties. They also serve comfort food like burgers, pasta and baked goods. | FB: Macallum Connoisseurs | IG: @macallumcoffee

10) Matcho Cafe

Sit back and relax at this tropical-style Matcho Cafe located at Lebuh Noordin, with the likes of wooden tables, rattan chairs and potted plants dominating the pink-hued interior. Cosy ambience aside, the cafe serves various types of matcha drinks and desserts. Their menu options include Matcha Gula Melaka, Matcha Pink Macchiato, Matcha Cheesecake, Matcha Adzuki Red Bean Roll, just to name a few.

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