Top 10 Batik Shops in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Batik Shops in KL & Selangor
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Batik isn’t just for the older generations. Today, there are plenty of dedicated batik shops regardless of brick-and-mortar stores or online boutiques that target batik wear and accessories to the younger crowd as well! That said, here are the recommended Top 10 Batik Shops in KL & Selangor.

1) Bebenang Suci

Bebenang Suci

Bebenang Suci mostly operates as a pop-up booth around the Klang Valley area, where you can check out their latest venues by following their social media pages. They specialise in both men and ladies’ batik wear, with vibrant colours available to help spice up your existing wardrobe. Most of their designs are sold in limited quantities, meaning you’ll get all the exclusivity minus the mass-produced items. If you are interested to purchase one of their batik clothes, you can also DM them for more info or call 016-326 7077.

FB: bebenang.suci | IG: @kontalkantil.batik

2) Kapten Batik

Kapten Batik

Kapten Batik’s range of men’s batik wears primarily aims for the younger generation, combining traditional textiles with contemporary design made suitable for any occasion. They have plenty of colours available including bright and dark tones, depending on your preferences. Apart from long- and short-sleeve shirts, they also sell casual short pants in colourful batik prints. You can choose to shop online or visit one of their physical outlets right here. | FB: kapten.batik | IG: @Kapten.batik

3) batikTEKTURA


batikTEKTURA doesn’t just restrict itself to the traditional batik craft. They even go as far as incorporating architectural design elements, bringing an overall fresh vibe to the otherwise old-school batik designs. And all these ideas are made possible by the talented duo of Azrina Lasa and Yez Yusof, who founded batikTEKTURA. You can find the likes of batik cardigans, loose fabrics and clutch bags. For more info about their products, feel free to email them at or call 012-280 8004. | FB: batiktektura | IG: @batiktektura

4) Bayou Batik

Bayou Batik

From their humble beginnings to a full-fledged retailer selling handmade batik wear, sisters Hazlina and Zarina have helped Bayou Batik emerge as a successful business venture. They specialise in both traditional and modern batik wear for the ladies including the likes of baju kurung, kebaya and blouses. All of their batik pieces are produced in limited quantities, where customers can expect exclusivity upon purchasing them. Check out their collections on the website below or click here if you have any enquiries. | FB: bayoubatik | IG: @bayoubatik



The TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail)-based BATIKA offers a mix of traditional and contemporary touch to the age-old batik wear for the ladies. Which means you won’t feel as if you are trapped in a bygone era, making their clothes suitable to wear for any occasion regardless of formal or casual purposes. You can find batik-inspired items like baju kebaya, blouses and embroidery. For more info or to make an appointment, you can WhatsApp at 019-386 9598 or email to | IG: @wear.batika

6) The Batik Boutique

The Batik Boutique

More than just a boutique selling handmade batik pieces and accessories, founders Amy Blair and Ana also pride themselves in enlisting local artisans to help them in all manners of production. This includes everything from creating batik textiles on natural fibres using wax-and-dye methods to the sewing process. Apart from apparel and accessories, The Batik Boutique also offers gift items like chopstick holders and homeware. You can either shop online or visit their retail shop at 3 (Ground Floor), Jalan 26/70a at Desa Sri Hartamas. | FB: thebatikboutique | IG: @thebatikboutique

7) Biar Batik

Biar Batik

Founded in 2017, Biar Batik uses only the finest quality cotton material for their batik products. Rest assured that every product has undergone a thorough check and handpicked by the owners themselves prior to being sold. You can check out their colourful range of batik collections right here. For more about their products or other general info, call 017-338 9925 or email to | FB: biar.batik | IG: @biar.batik

8) Batik Suri Projex

Batik Suri Projex

From loose fabric to apparel and laser-cut accessories, Batik Suri Projex has them all for your respective needs and occasions. All of their products are locally handmade. Besides selling different batik items, they also provide related services like custom tailoring and alteration. Find out more about their products on Batik Suri Projex’s website or contact 012-686 0610 if you have any general enquiries. | FB: batiksuriprojex | IG: @batiksuriprojex

9) Batik by Nonee Abdul

Batik by Nonee Abdul

At Batik by Nonee Abdul, you can pick their ready-to-wear collection or have them custom-made using either crepe silk or cotton fabric. Various colours and patterns are available to go with your custom batik. To place your order, you can WhatsApp at 012-363 0484 or email to

FB: Batikbynoneeabdul | IG: @batikbynoneeabdul

10) Rumpun Batik

Rumpun Batik

Rumpun Batik specialises in selling affordably-priced batik wear for men. Made from high-quality cotton fabric, their batik shirts are soft and comfortable to wear for any occasion. You can find plenty of bold and colourful batik prints, all of which are designed with modernity in mind. For more info about their products, send DM or WhatsApp at 018-365 4564. | FB: rumpunbatik | IG: @rumpunbatik

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