Top 10 Barber Shops in Melaka

Top 10 Barber Shops in Melaka
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You know what they say about a person’s appearance: the first impression counts. Your overall appearance, of course, includes your hair. To get yourself groomed nicely, here are the  Top 10 Barber Shops in Melaka!

1) Puven’s Barber Station

Puven's Barber Station

Located at Taman Pertam Jaya, Puven’s Barber Station has been around since 2016. They offer various services from haircuts to beard trims, shavings and even head massages. They are also good with all kinds of fade hairstyles and intricate hair tattoos. And best of all, Puven’s Barber Station’s affordable price list and their overall friendly services make them such a go-to favourite among many loyal and new customers.

FB: puven.barberstation | IG: @puven.barberstation

2) Grand Barber Shop Bunga Raya

Grand Barber Shop Bunga Raya

Operating since 1994, Grand Barber Shop Bunga Raya covers a wide range of services including haircuts, hair colourings and facials, just to name a few. Apart from its clean and comfortable environment, the barbers here are adept with both traditional and trendy haircuts. The latter is particularly true if you love fade haircuts like mid-fades or tapered styles. | FB: grandbarbermelaka | IG: @grandbarber_melaka

3) Joe’s Barbershop Melaka

Joe's Barbershop Melaka

Named after Joe Flizzow, the local hip-hop star formerly one part of the Too Phat duo who established his own line of barbershops throughout Malaysia. And one of their outlets can be found in Melaka, specifically at Lot G6 in BB Bazaar. All of the barbers here are highly skilled and professional no matter whether you are looking for a simple or stylish haircut. Other than haircuts, they also provide related services like shavings and beard trims. | FB: Joes75450 | IG: @joes47500



Be it classic or trendy, you can count on the skilful barbers here at BARBER’s POLE BY C4REEM. They are also meticulous and patient when comes to cutting hair. Not sure what type of hairstyle brings out the best of your facial features? Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly barbers here for a professional opinion. You can opt for walk-ins, even though booking an appointment beforehand is highly recommended.

FB: BYC4REEM | IG: @barberspole

5) Ombak Barbershop

Ombak Barbershop

Reasonable prices? Friendly barbers? Ombak Barbershop, which is located at Bangunan Wisma Air, checks all the boxes. Not to forget the barbers here sure have what it takes when comes to a well-executed haircut. They also provide other services such as hair washing, shaving and facials. For booking, simply reach out to them via WhatsApp.

FB: ombakbarbershop.mlk | IG: @ombakbarbershop.mlk

6) Barbarius barbershop

Barbarius barbershop

This cosy barbershop situated within Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall specialises in basic barbering services. And the owner of the Barbarius barbershop is very good at it, judging by the positive reviews from many satisfied customers. His attention to detail, coupled with his affable personality has garnered a loyal following who frequents the Barbarius barbershop.

FB: barbariusbarbershop | IG: @barbarius_barbershop

7) BS Classicmen Barbershop

BS Classicmen barbershop

Established in 2018, BS Classicmen Barbershop covers the usual services from haircuts to haircuts + wash, shavings as well as other services like hair tattoos and facial scrubs. The barbers here are amiable and know well how to carry out a good haircut regardless of basic or fashionable styles. You can locate their barbershop at 668, Jalan Melaka Raya 8 on Taman Melaka Raya. To make an appointment, call them directly!

FB: bsclassicmenbarbershop | IG: @classicmenbarber

8) Narimar Enterprise & Barbershop & Barbersupply

Narimar Enterprise & Barbershop & Barbersupply

Narimar Enterprise & Barbershop & Barbersupply is more than just a barbershop covering all the usual services like haircut, trimming and shaving. They also sell related quality products such as hair clippers, hair oils and pomades. You can get in touch with Mohd Azrul for more info via WhatsApp.

FB: | IG: @barbersupply_md_azrul

9) Fiq barbershop

Fiq barbershop

Here’s a barbershop based in Taman Bunga Raya that comes highly recommended by many customers. Affordable prices, friendly services and above all, the barbers’ technical know-how in executing different types of hairstyles have been the centre of attraction. Apart from haircuts, Fiq barbershop provides shaving, beard trim and hair colouring among others.

FB: FIQBARBERSHOP | IG: @fiq_barbershop

10) Acai Barbershop

Acai Barbershop

Acai Barbershop’s speciality includes haircuts and shaving. And if you happen to love the fade hairstyle, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Whether it’s classic, mid or others like taper or scissor types, rest assured you will walk out looking good and brand new. For booking, call Acai or Mino.

FB: jeeha.nineteenstars | IG: @acai_barbershop

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