Top 10 Bakeries in Penang

Top 10 Bakeries in Penang
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Baked goods are a comfort anytime, whether it’s for breakfast, tea, or any other meal. Penang has lots of bakeries, and the next time you feel the need for a carb fix, you should check out one of the Top 10 Bakeries in Penang for a delicious snack.

1) Bread History

Bread History

As of January 2016, Bread History has 15 outlets to its name, making it a well-known name among Penangites. From buns and pastries, celebration cakes with your favourite characters, dry cakes and bread loafs, you can find an extensive array of products here. And if you can’t make your way to one of their stores, you can even order their items online. | FB: breadhistoryhistoryhq | IG:

2) Savour Bakery

Savour Bakery

Savour Bakery is actually affiliated to Bread History, as both brands are owned by the same family. This bakery is considered to be a “healthy concept bakery”, as ingredients are organic, produced using local ingredients, and made by hand. Visit their outlet at Plaza Gurney, and have a healthy dose of baked goods for a change. | FB: savourmalaysia

3) Passion Heart Café

Passion Heart Cafe

Here, you’ll get some delicious cakes to sample, so come on an empty stomach! They are at 83 Muntri Street, and are closed on Tuesdays. You can get classic cakes like Chocolate Moist and Hummingbird Cake, or quirkier options like Cempedak Cake, which is a decidedly local twist, or Blackcurrant with Red Wine, for an elegant option. They also have an array of oven fresh cookies for sale.

FB: passionheartcafe | IG: @passionheartcafe

4) Sin Ka Oon

Sin Ka Oon

They are considered as one of the pioneers that first started in the Penang baking and confectionery scene, having been in business shortly after Malaysia gained independence in 1957. They’ve expanded a lot since then, now occupying 3 shoplot units on Jalan Paya Terubong in Air Ita. They specialize in 3D cakes and tired or fondant wedding cakes. They also sell breads, buns, tarts, pies and organic grains. | FB: sinkaoon

5) Yin’s Sourdough Bakery and Café

Yin's Sourdough Bakery and Cafe

Using natural levain bread, Yin’s Sourdough assures you will be consuming real bread, that is free from additives, preservatives or processing aid of any sort. Healthy, ethical, and natural, you can feel good eating this bread, particularly as sourdough is known to have many benefits. Orders can be made online, via sms, or email. Conversely, you can always visit their shop at Pesara Claimant. | FB: yinssourdough

6) Continental Bakery

Continental Bakery

Located on Jalan Nagore, this bakery seems to evoke plenty of nostalgic memories for patrons who have visited since their school days. Breads, pastries, tarts and buns are all featured on their list of items, and you can even tuck into a hot meal while you’re there, perhaps a comforting bowl of soup to go with your bread? Try their cream puffs, which seem to have a great fanbase.

FB: Continental Bakery

7) Love A Loaf Bakery Café

Love A Loaf Bakery

This French-inspired lifestyle bakery café has a wide range of products, there will be something here for the whole family. Comforting favourites and unique spins on classics, like their Musang King Croissant Donut, certainly not for the faint of heart. Cakes and desserts are also available, as are hot meals like sandwiches – featuring their breads as a main ingredient. | FB: lovealoaf | IG: @lovealoaf

8) Wheat Connection Bakery

Wheat Connection

Chef Nazir, an experienced pastry chef, is the brainchild behind Wheat Connection Bakery, and based on reviews, it is his kind and friendly nature that keeps customers coming back to his store, along with the array of goodies he sells. Macarons, cakes, cookies and pastries all are available here. They are open daily from 8am until 8pm.

FB: WheatConnectionBakery

9) Brix and BAUME

Brix and Baume

In existence since 2012, they now have two shops – one in Prima Tanjung, and a second store on Jalan Nagore. They are known for their cakes, and you can find quite a selection there, with a range of flavours. They also sell macarons, a hit among the young ones today. Custom cakes can be arranged, so give them a call to find out more about that. | FB: brixandbaume

10) Summer Dessert Bakery

Summer Dessert Bakery

Although relatively new on the scene, having started in 2012, they already have several branches on the island. They are so well-known, they even have a membership program that rewards members with discounts and promotions. Whether you like your baked goods sweet or savoury, they’ll be sure to have something you can enjoy.

FB: Summer Dessert Bakery | IG: @summerbakery

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