Top 10 Bakeries in Malacca

Top 10 Bakeries in Malacca
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Be it bread, cakes, pastries or even cookies from modern to old-school varieties, you can find them all in many bakeries, or even several home bakers. However, if you’re looking for where to get the best baked goods in Malacca, here are the Top 10 Bakeries in Malacca to check out!

1) Chef K Pastry

Chef K Pastry

If there’s one thing about Chef K Pastry that’s most impressive, it has to be their scrumptious varieties of bread, cakes and pastries. In other words, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. Not to mention all of their baked goods are baked fresh using only the finest ingredients available. Their Swiss rolls come highly recommended and those who love all things cheese might want to try their Cheese Trio Bun. True to its name, the bun is filled with not one but three types of cheese including diced cheese, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese.

FB: Chef-K-Pastry | IG: @chefkpastry

2) Butter & Olive Pastry House (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.

Butter & Olive Pastry House (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.

Currently operating three branches in Melaka including Malim Jaya, Cheng Baru and Ujong Pasir, you will find plenty of delicious baked goods available at Butter & Olive Pastry House. Fans of Swiss rolls can look forward to different flavours such as Black Sesame, Angel Berries, Oatmeal and Chocolate Cherry. Their range of bread is particularly gut-friendly since they use natural yeast and unbleached flour. | FB: butterolivemelaka

3) Handmade Bakery Cafe

Handmade Bakery Cafe

In 2021, Handmade Bakery Cafe (now known as Handmade Signature) has relocated to a bigger location, covering three lots in total. A mix of a cafe and bakery, the latter is particularly known for its Japanese-French style baked goods. All of their bread, cakes and pastries are made by hand using only the best ingredients and baked fresh daily.

FB: handmadebakeryhouse | IG: @handmadebakerycafe

4) Italy Bakery Melaka Raya

Italy Bakery Melaka Raya

Founded in 1986, Italy Bakery operates several branches in Malacca, namely Melaka Raya and Bachang. They specialise in all kinds of freshly-baked bread, cakes and pastries. Among the varieties available include croissants, puffs, doughnuts, buns and tarts. For the latter, don’t forget to try their bestselling Portuguese Egg Tart. | FB: ItalyBakeryMelaka

5) Perfecto Bakery Melaka

Perfecto Bakery Melaka

Located in Taman Kota Syahbandar, Perfecto Bakery sells varieties of bread and cake. Each bread is made fresh every day using quality ingredients with no added preservatives. Speaking of bread, one of Perfecto Bakery’s top-selling baked goods happens to be their aromatic Cheese Sticks. They also specialise in various cute-looking knock-knock cakes (think of it like a pinata but in a cake version).

FB: perfectobakerymelaka | IG: @perfectobakerymelaka

6) De More Bakery

De More Bakery

Expect reasonably-priced baked goods when you visit De More Bakery at Bukit Baru. They bake them fresh every morning, where they offer various choices like Otak-Otak Bun, Polo Sesame Peanut Bun and Banana Cake. They also sell different flavours of Swiss rolls ranging from Coffee to Sesame, Pandan and Hazel Chocolate.

FB: DeMoreBakery | IG: @de_more_bakery

7) Aniss Kek House

Aniss Kek House

Aniss Kek House has assorted whole and sliced cakes available here. And by assorted, we mean everything from the classic Tiramisu to Red Velvet, Pecan Butterscotch and Mango Cheese. If you love all things chocolate, they have delicious cake selections like Indulgence and Assorted Chocolate as well as others, namely Brownies Walnut and Mini Choc.

8) Yee’s Bakery Sdn Bhd

Yee's Bakery Sdn Bhd

Yee’s Bakery specialises in both contemporary and traditional baked goods. Other than the usual offerings of assorted bread and cakes, they also have seasonal items like homemade cookies and mooncakes specially made for the festive season. Find out more about them via Facebook and Instagram pages!

FB: YeesBakery | IG: @yees_bakery

9) Heekee Pastry & Bakery House

Heekee Pastry & Bakery House

Primarily known for its traditional pastries, do check out Heekee’s bestselling tau sar piah, all made fresh by hand using quality ingredients. They also have different fillings available no matter you are looking for something sweet or savoury. Some other baked goods that you can find at Heekee includes pineapple tarts, heong peng (fragrant pastries) and Taiwanese 3Q flaky mooncake.


10) Happy Cake House

Happy Cake House

Happy Cake House has been around since 1982, with its speciality lying mainly in customising all types of cakes even in 3D designs for every occasion. This includes everything from birthdays and weddings to baby showers, anniversaries and events. You can also find other freshly-baked goods like tarts, cookies and assorted buns.

FB: happycakehousemelaka | IG: @happycakehousemelaka

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