Top 10 Bak Kwa Shops in Malaysia

Top 10 Bak Kwa Shops in Malaysia
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Savoury, sweet and even addictive, bak kwa (“dried meat” or “Chinese pork jerky”) is no doubt an irresistible food where you can enjoy them all year round. However, given their above-average prices, bak kwa is often seen as a luxury food reserved mostly for special occasions, notably during the Chinese New Year season. Here are the Top 10 Bak Kwa Shops in Malaysia to get your fill this CNY, or any other time of the year!

1) Wing Heong BBQ Meat

Wing Heong BBQ Meat

For nearly 50 years, Wing Heong uses only top-quality and non-frozen lean meat, where each handcrafted slice is grilled over a bamboo mesh using their family sauce recipe. This helps give their bak kwa a distinctly smoky and caramelised flavour, coupled with the right amount of fat and meat. They have four types of bak kwa available here ranging from pork to chicken, beef and even ostrich meat. | FB: WingHeong | IG: @wingheongbbq_meat

2) Thin Heong Food Product

Thin Heong Food Product

Thin Heong’s history of making bak kwa stretches way back to 1972, where it all began. Using their late father’s (Mr Mun How Hong) recipe, they only insist on quality ingredients to produce their savoury bak kwa with the right hint of sweetness. Among the bak kwa available in Thin Heong include the classic BBQ Sliced Pork, BBQ Chicken and BBQ Honey Bacon.

FB: thinheong | IG: @thinheong_food_product

3) Ban Lee Heong

Ban Lee Heong

With over 40 years of history, Ban Lee Heong’s delectable bak kwa is a result of combining fresh meat with other quality ingredients and having them grilled the old-fashioned way. That means each slice is charcoal-grilled with no added preservatives whatsoever, ensuring you will only get freshly-made bak kwa. Some of their bestsellers include Dried Chicken and Dried Pork, where you can shop them at their Ipoh outlets and night markets. Alternatively, do check out their products on Lazada and Shopee. | FB: banleeheongipoh

4) Loong Kee Dried Meat Sdn. Bhd.

Loong Kee Dried Meat Sdn. Bhd.

45 years and still going strong, as Loong Kee remains one of the most recognisable brands in the bak kwa business. Their bak kwa regardless of pork or chicken are all made using the combination of high-quality meat and Loong Kee’s very own secret spices. Loong Kee also prides themselves for its quality, meaning no meat tenderiser and preservatives are added upon producing their bak kwa. You can buy them freshly-made or vacuum-packed. | FB: LoongKeeDriedMeatSdnBhd | IG: @loongkeedriedmeat

5) Oloiya


Oloiya needs no introduction, given their famous buffed-up chicken mascot wearing a pair of red gloves and a sash bearing the brand name over its shoulder. Beyond that, Oloiya’s 40-year-plus history of producing famous bak kwa lies in their quality and consistency using the traditional recipe. Expect juicy and tender slices, with available BBQ meat such as chicken, sliced pork and chilli pork. | FB: oloiya | IG: @oloiya

6) Lim Meng Kee

Lim Meng Kee

Operating since 1978, Lim Meng Kee has come a long way since their humble beginnings selling bak kwa on a roadside stall along Petaling Street. Today, they have their own flagship store in Jalan Barat near Jalan Imbi, offering various types of bak kwa slices under one roof. Among them includes pork, black pepper chicken and even their premium lobster dried meat. All of their bak kwa is made by hand using the traditional grilling method over hot charcoal. | FB: LimMengKee1978

7) Tuck Kee Dried Meat Shop

Tuck Kee Dried Meat Shop

An old-school favourite among many Penangites, Tuck Kee’s famous bak kwa is both traditionally and freshly grilled onsite using their secret recipe. Whether you are purchasing Tuck Kee’s dried pork or chicken meat, their bak kwa packs enough flavour and juicy bites! Their main outlet is located at Jalan Kuala Kangsar, or they also have a branch on Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus. | FB: tuckkeedriedmeat | IG: @tuckkeedriedmeat

8) Bee Cheng Hiang Malaysia

Bee Cheng Hiang Malaysia

The Singapore-based Bee Cheng Hiang has an illustrious history going way back to 1933. They spread their brand across the border, beginning with their first outlet in Kuala Lumpur in 1985. Bee Cheng Hiang’s bak kwa products are only made using all-natural ingredients with no added stuff such as artificial flavouring and preservatives. You can find varieties of bak kwa available here, covering everything from the classic pork and chicken to beef and spicy chilli pork. | FB: beechenghiangmys | IG: @beechenghiangmy

9) Piau Siang

Piau Siang

For Piau Siang a.k.a. Piau Siang Foodstuffs (M) Sdn. Bhd., their 30-year-plus history in making bak kwa remains the same until today. And that is grilling each slice over charcoal to achieve its signature smoky flavour. You can find all-time bak kwa favourites such as dried sliced pork and chicken as well as spicy varieties.

FB: piausiangfood | IG: @piausiang

10) 3191 Bbq Meat

3191 Bbq Meat

The Skudai-based 3191 Bbq Meat may be relatively new in the bak kwa business. But despite only opening its doors in 2019, they are no slouch either in producing quality bak kwa, opting only 100% fresh meat with no added meat tenderiser. And to preserve its tradition, they insist on making bak kwa by hand as well. | FB: 3191bbqmeat

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