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Going to Klang typically means one thing and that would be savouring the famous, wholesome bah kut teh. Each establishment has its own secret recipe for their respective bah kut teh dishes. Some are mild and light, while others tend to be thick and robust. Other than the usual soup varieties, you can also find dry bah kut teh consisting of pork meat, dried chilli peppers and spicy herb-infused gravy cooked with soy sauce. With plenty of them to choose from, we make it easier for you by presenting the Top 10 Bah Kut Teh in Klang.

1) Restaurant Kee Heong 奇香肉骨茶

Restaurant Kee Heong 奇香肉骨茶

This Taman Eng Ann restaurant, which has been around for decades, knows a thing or two about serving bak kut teh. It has an aromatic taste with a subtle hint of sweetness, thanks to the herbs and pork that have been cooked and infused into the broth for hours. The meat itself is both tender and juicy, which complements well with the white rice. You can enjoy them in a traditional soup variety or go for the dry version, with the latter packing a savoury-spicy kick consisting of thick bah kut teh gravy and dried chilli pepper.

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2) Lai Choon Bak Kut Teh 巴生来春烘肉骨茶

Lai Choon Bak Kut Teh 巴生来春烘肉骨茶

Lai Choon got its start serving bah kut teh in a humble stall at a coffee shop. But as their popularity grew over time, they finally set up their own establishment. Serving in either a claypot or bowls, you can choose either the soup or dry variety. For the former, expect piping-hot broth packed with enough herbal fragrance and porky sweetness. Lai Choon also sells pre-packaged bak kut teh herbs & spices, where you can purchase them easily via Shopee or Lazada.

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3) Teluk Pulai (Pottery) Ba Kut Teh 直落玻璃(瓦煲)肉骨茶

Teluk Pulai (Pottery) Ba Kut Teh 直落玻璃(瓦煲)肉骨茶

The famous Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh needs no introduction, with their aforementioned claypot dish proving to be a beloved hit among many Klangites and local crowd. Let’s start off with their bah kut teh broth itself — all fragrant and savoury that doesn’t taste overpowering. Their claypot bah kut teh goes well with the rest of the ingredients, namely fresh cabbage and bean curd skin. And if possible, don’t forget to order their dry bah kut teh as well!

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4) Ah Her 亞火肉骨茶

Ah Her 亞火肉骨茶

At Ah Her, they prefer to serve their traditional bak kut teh in a porcelain bowl. You can have different choices of pork cuts ranging from the classic lean meat to ribs and trotters. No matter your preferences, expect flavourful and tender meat with juicy fat all around, depending on the type of cut. The broth, in the meantime, is the clear winner here: thick and strong enough as a result of long-hour stewing with various pork cuts, herbs and other ingredients. | FB: ahherbakkutteh | IG: @ahherbkt

5) Samy Bak Kut Teh 三美肉骨茶 – 总行

Samy Bak Kut Teh 三美肉骨茶 – 总行

Located at Pandamaran, Samy Bak Kut Teh is where the breakfast and brunch crowd love to savour some tummy-filling bah kut teh goodness. They serve their dish traditionally in a bowl, offering different types of pork cuts of your choice. The broth itself doesn’t disappoint, as it packs with herbs-infused robust flavour.

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6) Mo Sang Kor 毛山稿肉骨茶

Mo Sang Kor 毛山稿肉骨茶With nearly 50 years of history since 1972, the secret of Mo Sang Kor’s longstanding success lies within its authentic bah kut teh recipe. The broth is cooked for hours with 25 herbs and spices — a result that makes their bak kut teh distinctly rich and flavourful. Broth aside, let’s not forget about their various pork cuts either — all soft and tender to the bite. And to preserve its tradition, Mo Sang Kor insists on serving their bak kut teh in a bowl. | FB: Mo-Sang-Kor-Bak-Kut-Teh-毛山稿肉骨茶

7) Restoran Weng Heong 永香海参肉骨茶

Restoran Weng Heong 永香海参肉骨茶

Based in Taman Intan, Restoran Weng Heong has been serving bak kut teh since 1989. They offer both traditional bowl or claypot style, with their broth that is neither thick nor concentrated. Just nice enough for those who prefer their bah kut teh mild in taste, yet still packing a punch. Other than the usual broth version, you can opt for their dry variety and add-on side dishes like stir-fried lettuce and chicken feet.

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8) Kedai Makanan Seng Huat (Under the Bridge) 吧生盛发祖传(桥底)肉骨茶

Kedai Makanan Seng Huat (Under the Bridge) 吧生盛发祖传(桥底)肉骨茶

One of the oldest bah kut teh establishments in Klang since 1979, Seng Huat preserves its tried-and-tested recipe with selected herbs and spices. Coupled with different pork cuts and other ingredients that are stewed for hours, their bah kut teh certainly goes well with rice. Of course, Seng Huat is also reputable among many Klangites for its restaurant situated “under the bridge”. | FB: senghuatbkt | IG: @senghuatbkt

9) Restoran Soon Seng (Bak Kut Teh) 顺成肉骨茶

Restoran Soon Seng (Bak Kut Teh) 顺成肉骨茶

If you prefer your bak kut teh slightly mild and mellow in taste, you might want to give Restoran Soon Seng (Bak Kut Teh) a try, serving both soup and dry styles. The latter comes highly recommended as well, even though their dry bak kut teh is a little moist than the usual ones served in Klang. Though slightly different, it still retains its savoury-spicy taste of how a dry bah kut teh should be.

10) Fei Kay Bah Kut Teh 飞机肉骨茶(干/汤)

Fei Kay Bah Kut Teh 飞机肉骨茶(干/汤)

Unlike most famous bah kut teh establishments in Klang, Fei Kay is rather underrated by comparison. But don’t write off Fei Kay just yet, as their claypot bak kut teh packs a decent herbal flavour while the meat is equally nice and tender. They also sell dry bak kut teh, complete with thick spicy soy-sauce gravy infused with enough herbs and spices.

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