Top 10 Aesthetic Clinics in Klang Valley

Top 10 Aesthetic Clinics in Klang Valley
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Contrary to popular belief, aesthetic clinics aren’t solely for cosmetic enhancements, but can provide treatments or solutions for many physical ailments or issues too. Whatever your reasons are, there are many Aesthetic Clinics available throughout the Klang Valley whose aim is to help their patients to be more confident and happy. These are the Top 10 Aesthetic Clinics in Klang Valley.

1) Dermlaze Skin Laser & Aesthetics Centre

Looking to enhance your aesthetics, skin or body shape? Dermlaze is a high-quality medical laser and aesthetic treatment centre, dedicated to producing significant and consistent results. Dermlaze’s consultant, Dr Jeswender Singh, has been in the industry for 30 years, and certified by several internationally recognised organisations throughout his career. Besides that, he has also trained in aesthetics specifically for Asian skin types in China and South Korea, as well as laser aesthetics training in America. Dermlaze’s treatments are comprehensive, with some of their most popular treatments being vaser liposelection, facelift, nose thread lift, permanent hair removal, body shaping, face shaping, skin rejuvenation and dark eye circle treatment. For more information, feel free to drop them an email at or reach out to them at their office number +60377102295 | WhatsApp: 0146698433 | FB: @dermlaze | IG: @dermlaze

2) My Clinic


With two branches, one in Damansara Utama and a new one in Puchong, My Clinic is fast expanding. Dr. Hoe Yut Hung is the founder of the clinic, and is medically trained to perform surgery, dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. Besides offering treatment options for skin-related issues, they also can assist you with problems pertaining to hair loss, and cosmetic enhancements. My Clinic is also a name trusted by local celebrities, for their aesthetic needs. You can call them directly to make an appointment, or fill in a form via their website. | FB: myclinicbeautynmedispa | IG: @my__clinic

3) Premier Clinic


Providing a wide range of aesthetic services are a team of doctors at Premier Clinic. They currently have a branch in Taman Tun and one in Bangsar. Services include anti-aging treatment, permanent hair removal and facial sculpting, among other procedures. Prices are listed online, making it easier for potential customers to plan ahead. They often have promotions as well, so if there’s a specific package or service you’re looking for, be sure to check those out. | FB: Premier.Aesthetic | IG: @premier_clinic

4) ME Aesthetic Clinic


ME Aesthetic Clinic is located in the heart of KL city, inside Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall. For those with busy schedules, they even have services that can be done in a jiffy over your lunch hour, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on your meal or having too little time to squeeze in an appointment. If you have concerns about the safety or pain involved with any procedures, check out their Facebook as there are videos on how some services are done. | FB: meclinic | IG: @meclinictimessquare

5) Gem Clinic


Gem Clinic are guided by what they call the 5S Principles, which comprise of Safety, Simplicity, Subtlety, Selectivity and Satisfaction. This indicates that top notch service is of paramount importance. With 6 branches opened in Klang Valley, anyone in that area can call and arrange for a consultation. They primarily use their in-house product MediGlow which is founded by their doctors for all services and treatments provided.

FB: gemclinicmy | IG: @gemclinic

6) Revival Medical Clinic (Dr. Jeff Khoo)


Regenerative medicine helps Revival Medical Clinic stand out from the crowd, as this is one of their unique offerings besides the usual skincare, body and aesthetic treatments available. This means people with joint pains can opt to consult them, as an alternative treatment. You can view their list of services on their website and also read testimonials from customers to see if Revival is a good fit for you. | FB: | IG: @drjeffkhoo_revivalclinic

7) Dr Abby Clinic


Founded by Dr Abrizah Ousman – or Dr Abby as she is more commonly known, her clinic located in Publika is mainly focused on catering to anyone interested in wellness, anti-aging and cosmetic dermatology. She too has packages on offer, and one that’s sure to interest any Selfie King or Queen is the “Selfie Ready Makeover” package, which is a non-surgical way of contouring and enhancing facial features by way of fillers and augmentation. | FB: drabbyclinic | IG: @abbyclinic

8) Renée Clinic


Whatever your aesthetic concern may be, Renée Clinic is here to help you solve it. If you are about to embark on the most important day of your life, or you just need a confidence boost, look out for their promotions and flash sales to see if there is anything that may fit what you’re seeking. Dr. Renée and team are committed to helping you achieve your goals, and what’s more, they also provide GP services in addition to aesthetic enhancements. | FB: reneeclinic | IG: @reneeclinic

9) Dr Lynn Aesthetic Medical Clinic


Open every day except for Mondays, Dr Lynn Aesthetic Medical Clinic currently provides six specific services pertaining to face and body enhancements/augmentations. They also sell in-house produced cosmetics, which can be used following treatments at the clinic in Setapak. Their products and services have been covered in the media extensively and the doctors’ credentials are available to view online as well. | FB: drlynnaesthetic | IG: @drlynnclinic

10) CallaLyn Aesthetics


Located in Taman Tun, CallaLyn is an extension of the very well established PrimaNora Group and has been in existence since 2014. Combining medical treatments with holistic therapies is their main objective, to ensure their clients are truly satisfied in the long run, and not just for a brief period following their visit to the clinic. See them if you want to know more about improving aging skin, pigmentation, acne or would like to consider permanent hair removal options, among other services.

FB: CallaLynAesthetics | IG: @callalynaesthetics


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