Malaysia’s Top 10 Stationery Brands

Malaysia's Top 10 Stationery Brands
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Stationery brands are the reasons why written communication has gotten a makeover. Backed by talented artists and designers, stationery has been repackaged in the forms of beautiful hand lettering, illustration and sometimes, with clever and quirky sayings. It’s not just cards and notepads that get the makeover treatment, it’s also coasters and wedding invitations as well. If you are looking for beautiful stationery, here are the Malaysia’s Top 10 Stationery Brands that are here to prove that the stationery never stays out of fashion.

1) Salt x Paper


Salt x Paper exists because of its owners’ love for paper goods and how passionate they are when it comes to preserving ideas, memories and stories. Notebooks, cards, letter sets and wrapping paper form part of Salt x Paper’s myriad range of products. Everything you see at Salt x Paper is Malaysian-made, including the designs of their notebooks’ covers. Salt x Paper’s mission is to offer Malaysians the opportunity to have their own pretty notebooks filled with sewn-bound pages and premium grade paper at affordable prices. | FB: saltxpaper | IG: @saltxpaper


2) The 1992 Version


The 1992 Version is a stationery and craft shop that was established by a Malaysian founder, who’s passionate about stationery and journals. Launched in August 2015, The 1992 Version has a range of stationery items, including notebooks and journals. This stationery brand sells its products online so that they are affordable and available to anyone, who enjoys stationery and craft. | FB: the1992version | IG: @the1992version


3) JM Creations


JM Creations is a stationery brand that offers handmade stationery items. All the products available at JM Creations are crafted with care and this stationery brand uses only beautiful materials and paper products sourced from all around the world. To make its products unique, JM Creations uses only the highest quality of materials. The forte of this stationery brand is wedding cards, greeting cards, stationeries and crafts. Guess what, JM Creations is also a party and wedding decorator. | FB: jmcreationshandmade | IG: @jmcre8tions


4) Paperdorable


Paperdorable is a Malaysian online stationery shop that features lovely stationery. With affordable delivery prices, Paperdorable makes sure its range of items, which include pens, pencil cases, passport holders, gifts and other stationery are packaged delicately to melt your heart. Paperdorable is supported by a team, whose mission is to change simple and boring stationery to adorable and beautiful thing. | FB: paperdorable | IG: @paperdorable


5) Noteworthie


Noteworthie is a stationery brand that sells beautiful notebooks, paper and gift collections. Every item available at Noteworthie is earth-friendly and handcrafted. Their collection of gifts and items are sold online on their official website. Launched in August 2012, Noteworthie appeals to the sensibilities of stationery lovers in Malaysia, as their products bring a special lightness that can instantly brighten up any work space.

FB: noteworthie | IG: @noteworthie


6) Katja Notebooks


Based in Sarawak, Katja Notebooks was founded by a lady who described herself as a stationery addict. With the love for drawing discovered since her young age, Katja has a degree in art and was a visual arts teacher. The products that are showcased on her official page prove just how talented and inspiring Katja is. Despite having just launched in February 2016, Katja Notebooks has managed to garner the attention of social community with her minimalist-style notebooks along with comprehensive inserts.

FB: mintandchic | IG: @katja.notebooks


7) Mypaperprojects


Mypaperprojects is a stationery brand that creates inserts and planner embellishments while providing its potential consumers with plenty of choices to choose from. Ranging from handmade traveler’s notebook inserts to writable planner stickers, Mypaperprojects has a variety of truly innovative merchandises. Their innovative ideas that are transformed into products are bound to put a smile on your face.

FB: mypaperprojects | IG: @mypaperprojects


8) Mossery


Established in 2011, Mossery is a Malaysia-based stationery brand that caters to customers worldwide. Mossery has a dedicated team that includes three graphic designers, an illustrator, a printer and a marketer. By making fun and functional stationery products with the use of FSC grade paper from sustainable sources, Mossery aims to produce not just long lasting products but products that make a statement. Clearly, Mossery’s beautifully designed stationery with quality is what sets them apart. | FB: mossery | IG: @mosseryco


9) B’Nottee


B’Nottee is a stationery brand that creates handmade earth friendly notebooks, paper product and stationery. Founded by two interior designers (Edmund and E-jie), it was the love for designing, drawing and creating stuffs that got them ignited . B’Nottee’s concept is to promote the spirit of handmade at the same time maintain the highest quality using green materials. Some of its products include notebooks, covers, pencil cases and bespoke wedding stationery. | FB: bnottee | IG: @b.nottee


10) Pebble Paper Design


Founded by Anni Tai & Rachel Chew, Pebble Paper Design draws inspirations from whimsical illustrations and beautiful calligraphy. Found success from its first collection, titled as “The First Bloom”, Pebble Paper Design focuses mainly on designer notebooks and paper goods such as greeting cards and name cards. According to the duo, high end design doesn’t need to be expensive, which is why Pebble Paper Design aims to produce gorgeous, affordable products that are accessible worldwide via its online store. | FB: pebblepaperdesign | IG: @pebblepaper

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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