Malaysia’s Top 10 Lifestyle Stores

Malaysia's Top 10 Lifestyle Stores
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If you are looking to spruce up your home, a lifestyle store is your destination. It is where you will find unique things to decorate your home or your room. A lifestyle store provides you with items from vintage to contemporary designs that will make your home feels personal and unique. Here are Malaysia’s Top 10 Lifestyle Stores for you to explore, if you haven’t done so already.

1) Entrepôt


Full of personal touches, Entrepôt is a place for consumers who are looking to better their lifestyle through home items. It features a treasure chest of beautiful things in the forms of furniture, home decor, lighting and other decorative products. Entrepôt is what it is today because of its stylish team who know what is ideal when it comes to contemporary and classic design pieces.

FB: entrepot.kl | IG: @entrepot.kl


2) DJ&CO Lifestyle


Featuring a range of interesting products, DJ&CO has made a name for itself in Malaysia as one of the favourite lifestyle stores. With a team that has eclectic tastes, DJ&CO has been providing consumers with Space-Saving Urban Furniture since 2014. With unique and old-fashioned charm coupled with a simple and elegance touch, DJ&CO offers consumers with an exclusive collection of exclusively curated items from the independent brands and designs all over the world. | FB: plumen.djco | IG: @djco_lifestyle


3) Hello Deer


Specialising in personal celebrations as well as organised workshops and makers markets, Hello Deer houses a range of unique things curated from exciting artisanal homegrown brands as well as its own in-house label. Covering areas such as crafts, clothes, furniture, accessories, music, art and much more, Hello Deer offers a lively take on how to make good use of an empty space with a selection of handpicked products that are imaginative, fun and bold. | FB: ilovehellodeer | IG: @ilovehellodeer


4) Mareqeshi


Located in Petaling Jaya, Mareqeshi specialises in lifestyle and interior design. Using their vast knowledge and expertise, the team at Mareqeshi is ready to help consumers who are looking for ideas on how to decorate their home in style. Items that are available at Mareqeshi are made to be durable and versatile. Mareqeshi knows what is needed for a cutting edge design that is perfect for your home.

FB: Mareqeshi | IG: @mareqeshi


5) Lifeshop Atelier


Lifeshop Atelier is a lifestyle brand that focuses on cause-related products that are sourced from around the world. By providing an entirely different shopping experience, Lifeshop Atelier has products that feature clever details and fine craftsmanship. Despite being everyday objects, the designs available at Lifeshop Atelier are unique. Full of innovation, artfulness and good design, Lifeshop Atelier is traditional and timeless in its own way. | FB: lifeshopatelier | IG: @lifeshopatelier


6) Objekt—Object


Objekt—Object is the embodiment of understated classiness. By showcasing quality and everyday design products, Objekt—Object features a range of honest and wholesome products. As the name suggests, Objekt—Object transforms everyday objects into extraordinary works of art. Located in Petaling Jaya, this lifestyle store offers curated products from around the world that vary from contemporary to vintage, in terms of style.

FB: objektobjectstore | IG: @objektobjectstore




Known as a concept & lifestyle store, Arcadia is located in Kuala Lumpur and features a variety of vintage furniture, mid-century and quirky items. With designs that are sophisticated and glamourous with an urban feel, Arcadia offers a variety of unique products for the home. Featuring a range of brands, Arcadia is equipped with unusual pieces in numerous different styles that might just be what you are looking for, for your home.

FB: arcadiakualalumpur | IG: @arcadia_kl


8) Cufica


Launched on 6 June in 2012, Cufica is all about bringing art into your home and life through the beauty of new age modern Islamic art in calligraphy and typography. Cufica features many pieces that places a strong focus on refashioning the design of a classic art into modern typography art by adding more colours and richness into it. With any of these pieces on your wall in your home, you are bound to make your friends and family attracted and impressed.

FB: coloursofcufica | IG: @cufica


9) DESIGNation.Co


DESIGNation.Co, a product incubation design studio, was opened in 2014 by Michelle Alice Tan. DESIGNation.Co looks forward to bringing their clients new products that were conceived by Malaysians i.e. homegrown talent. By funding the making of new products, DESIGNation.Co is also helping to promote emerging talent and elevate the local design industry. This is how DESIGNation.Co offers customers with unique home and lifestyle items that cannot be found anywhere else. | FB: | IG:


10) Kaleidoscope


Opened since September 2011, Kaleidoscope is an eclectic, cosmopolitan, independent and experimental retail space bursting with quirky and delightfully unpredictable, yet stylish and affordable must-haves. They aim to be a breath of fresh air in a market saturated by pop retail heavy weights. The owners picked what they like and what they believe is commercially viable and fairly priced. Their products ranged from wearable women’s fashion, handcrafted jewellery to whimsical home wares, handmade skincare, soaps, candles and many more. Workshops such as jewellery making, leather-goods making, handicraft, soap and candle making, toy making, and t-shirt printing are also available from time to time.

FB: kaleidoscope.publika

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