Malaysia’s Top 10 Handicraft Makers

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A handicraft, more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. Handicrafts encompass works related to textiles, moldable and rigid materials, paper, plant fibers and many more with the end results of creating items that are aesthetic and/or practical. We feel that this industry which requires passion, talent and creativity deserves brighter spotlight. From the accumulation of public votes, we are proud to present to you the Top 10 Malaysian Handicraft Makers:

1) Shane’s Handmade



Shane Wong prides herself as a tutor, maker and the owner behind Shane’s Handmade. Specialising in handmade bags and pouches, every item from Shane’s hands is carefully constructed from the start to finish, made with love and passion. Shane promises that her items are unique and ‘one & only’. Therefore rest assured that no one else will be carrying the same bag as you, if you carry Shane’s Handmade. Shane doesn’t only spend time crafting bag related products, she also runs workshops for kids, teens and adults. | FB: shanehandmade | IG: @shanewong

2) EEching’s Handmade



A talented, self-taught sewist, Ching creates lovely handmade dolls in Kuching. Attributed to her passion, attention to detail and creativity, each of EEching’s handmade dolls guarantees originality and reflects unique imagination of hers. We are certainly awe-struck by the level of difficulty Ching takes on for her dolls. Besides making the dolls, Ching designs and colours the dolls herself, creates other textile goodies and prints her own packaging. Ching has been producing countless number of masterpieces while maintaining her own individuality for more than 4 years now. We reckon EEching’s handmade dolls would make suitable gifts for many occasions such as birthdays or graduations. | FB: EEching Handmade | IG: @eechinghandmade

3) Artchala Handmade



A handmade bags crafter, a workshop teacher and a mother, Artchala, the founder of Artchala Handmade has been producing a variety of handmade bags ranging from backpacks, messenger bags, to wallets and pouches since 2008. The reason Artchala started her handmade bag journey was because she could not find a rose fabric bag for herself. Starting from ground zero with zero knowledge in sewing, she created her very first masterpiece with a sewing machine from her family as her birthday present. Currently, Artchala conducts monthly handmade workshops in both KL and Selangor to spread her crafting skills, inspirations and also network. | FB: Artchala Handmade | IG: @artchala

4) TinyPinc



TinyPinc specialises in making and designing miniature food figurines. Founded by Hooi Yin, the idea for TinyPinc started back in 2010 when Hooi Yin was just a college girl who coincidentally came across a video about Polymer Clay. From there on, Hooi Yin started exploring miniature figurines which eventually became her hobby-turned-official-career at the beginning of the year.

TinyPinc promises new and fresh ideas to be added into her collection and to eventually fill the whole world with lots of mini cuteness. With all the products handmade with love and care, Hooi Yin considers herself as a crafter who is constantly exploring and learning. | FB: TinyPinc | IG: @hooiyin

5) Mikylayna



Founded by Sabrina Yazid, a stay-at-home mom from Seri Kembangan, Mikylayna Homemade is a name inspired by her 2 daughters, Miky and Layna. Mikylayna specialises in felt craft and she creates anything that is made with felt such as hair accessories, brooches, fun tees, iron-on patches and others. Some items which are noteworthy include birthday cards, notebook covers, and clocks all made with felt and hand-stitched. All her felt crafts are made with love, attention and passion, and you are guaranteed 100% high quality products made from felt. | FB: Mikylayna | IG: @mikylayna

6) Clay8tive


Short of gift ideas for special occasions and celebrations? Clay8tive is one of the crafters you should look at. Specialising in handmade clay crafts, Clay8tive boasts their skills in creating all kinds of items with polymer clay, for example, key chains, earrings, necklaces, bookmarks, clay name tags, decoration materials, and phone plugs. One of Clay8tive’s selling points is their ability to personalise or customise designs for your gifts. They also accept bulk orders and cater for the supply of polymer clay, air dry clay, clay tools, and materials.

FB: Clay8tive | IG: @clay8tive

7) Hothot Ginger



Hothot Ginger is a handmade bag and zakka brand (a term which refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance) by Ginger, an illustration graduate and now a full-time handmade artist in Malaysia. While Hothot Ginger does not cater to customisation, a takeaway is that they promise no remakes too, therefore making each masterpiece unique and distinctive. We particularly like their selection of prints and colours which make their bags modern and tastefully special. Hothot Ginger hopes to adorn your life with their creativity and imagination through their shoulder bags, sling bags, wallets, tablet sleeves, hand clutches, passport holders and more. | FB: LoveHothotginger

8) Notbook Notbuk



Notbook Notbuk is a handcraft paper goods specialist which focuses on producing notebooks, diaries, journals, folders, binders, notepads and more. What started out as a favourite past-time for Kricia, the founder, turned out to be her bread and butter. Notbook Notbuk products are all designed and handcrafted by Kricia herself. What drives her on in this endeavour is the overwhelming support she gets from her family, friends and not forgetting, her loyal customers. Besides the classic range, Notbook Notbuk caters to customisation and personalisation of all kinds of paper products. On the side, they also provide graphic design and printing services. | FB: notbooknotbuk | IG: @notbooknotbuk

9) Sew Fabby by Azzah



A shop that started from the love of sewing and a passion for handmade products, each of Sew Fabby’s product is personally handmade by the owner, Azzah. Sew Fabby offers a wide range of handmade items, like bags, pouches, towels, luggage tags, soft toys and plushies, which are custom-made to suit your needs and preferences. Insisting on using high quality cotton, denim, and corduroy materials, Sew Fabby is able to hand make items with the embroidery of your preference. This makes Sew Fabby an ideal choice when it comes to gifts for occasions such as baby showers, weddings, and many more.

FB: Sewfabby | IG: @sewfabby

10) I Make Craft



Being passionate about crafting, sewing, art and decorating, Izan, a mother and the founder of I Make Craft, is a handmade pillow enthusiast. When it comes to pillows of different sizes, shapes and styles, I Make Craft has got you covered. They are also more than ecstatic to fulfill any customisation requests such as sewing names, brands or messages on the pillows. Other than pillows, they also produce plushies and softies, making them a suitable choice for birthday or wedding gifts. | FB: imakecraft | IG: @imakecraft

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