Malaysia’s Top 10 Florists

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The vast majority of people, especially ladies, love fresh flowers and how they are presented makes a difference. The florist you select will usually play a major role in setting the tone for your occasion. Be it for Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, wedding or any other occasions, to make sure all of these blooms are beautiful and exquisitely packaged, picking the right florist is crucial. Do not know who you can turn to for your floral arrangements? Here’s a list of Top 10 Florists to help you decide.

1) Petals & Leafz


Based in the heart of Penang, Petals & Leafz specialises in flower designs for all occasions. The founder, who is inspired and driven by the love for craft, channels her passion into floral arrangements and aims to give her all in every occasion to ensure the outcome brings a smile to her customers’ face. While customer satisfaction is Petals & Leafz’ prime concern, their promise is to always surpass clients’ expectation. | FB: petalsandleafz | IG: @petalsandleafz

2) Warm Wishes Florist


As their name suggests, Warm Wishes Florist hopes to send warm and well wishes to you and your loved ones through their beautifully created creative flower arrangements. At Warm Wishes Florist, you will be able to find chic and customised designs of flower bouquets that will impress the crowd. You should also check out their social media platforms that is filled with tons of floral inspiration.

FB: warmwishesflorist | IG: @warmwishesflorist

3) Spring Cottage


Spring Cottage has been melting the hearts of many with their delicately designed flower arrangements. At Spring Cottage, the team anticipates your every need with attention down to the smallest detail. A brainchild of two sisters, Stephanie and Teri Ling, Spring Cottage provides personalised services to clients ranging from individuals to corporate and five-star hoteliers.
With a touch of inspiration and passion, Spring Cottage’s forte lies in transforming occasions to memorable moments with their floral decors. | FB: Spring Cottage | IG: @spring_cottage

4) BloomThis


BloomThis is about creating moments of happiness. If you are a subscriber, their bespoke flower boxes filled with handpicked flowers will appear right at your doorstep on a routine basis. The contents of the boxes will be a surprise as you’ll never know what flowers you will get until you unbox them. At BloomThis, the team takes pride in going to great lengths to find the most luxurious flowers and bring them right to you. | FB: bloomthis | IG: @bloomthis

5) Happy Bunch


Oprah once said, “To feel like a millionaire, you need only two things. The best sheets you can afford and fresh flowers by your bedside.” The Happy Bunch couldn’t agree more. Happy Bunch was birthed out of the notion that it should be simple to put some happiness in someone’s day. According to them, you really shouldn’t need a reason to send flowers, you can do it just because you want to. | FB: happybunchmy | IG: @happybunchmy

6) Michelle’s Flowery

Nothing beats receiving a bouquet that is unlike any other from Michelle’s Flowery. They tinker about their floral magic from their nest in Sunway and welcome custom orders for different occasions from anniversaries to birthdays, and more. Specially made for your unique occasion and loved one, the beauty of simplicity is invoked through their lovely combinations and floral arrangements that are sure to delight you.

IG: @michellesflowery

7) Syarina Sheen



This KL-based florist demonstrates her carefully crafted floral arrangements on her Instagram account. Syarina uses her creativity to work wonders with flowers to create a mix of colourful botanical bouquets for gifts and events. Her creations can range from something simple and elegant, to something completely out of the box.

IG: @syarinasheen

8) Country Victoria


This is more than just the run-of-the-mill florist you would go to when you need a bouquet of roses for your girlfriend or for your mother for Mother’s Day.  This KL-based florist has got all you need—from creative flower bouquets to wedding and event decorations. They put the utmost of effort into every single creation of theirs, making all their customers happy upon receiving their bouquets.

FB: Country Victoria | IG: @countryvictoriadecor

9) Lervish Flower Couture

9-lervish-flower-couture-malaysias-top-10-florists-2 9-lervish-flower-couture-malaysias-top-10-florists

Founded in 2014, the Penang-based boutique provides country style themed flower couture. They don’t just sell normal flowers, the owner’s keen eyes for good designs had led to beautiful flower and bridal bouquets, wedding and event decorations, as well as silk flower arrangements. | FB: Lervish | IG: @lervishflower

10) A&E


A&E stands for “Anarchy & Equality”. It is made up of a husband-and-wife team, Aida and Edan, who describes their boutique as a “lo-fi floral studio”.  Besides conventional flower bouquets and decors for weddings, A&E also custom makes floral headpieces for anyone who would like a little blossom on their special day, as well as personalised miniature terrariums, a simulating dry habitat using pebbles, leaf litter and soil, which customers can bring home as decor, or even as a home for their crawly pets. | FB: | IG: @aeklco

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