Malaysia’s Top 10 Crocheters

Malaysia's Top 10 Crocheters
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To be a crocheter is no easy feat to achieve. It requires tremendous attention to details as it involves working with a lot of hooks and needlework more than anything else. In Malaysia, we are blessed with gifted crocheters. They are gifted not only because they are able to create a range of beautiful crochet products, they also possess good spirit of entrepreneurship. Here are Malaysia’s Top 10 Crocheters.

1) Something Sweet n’ Precious


No one can stop a woman from achieving what she wants when she has set her mind to it. SiewPing of Something Sweet n’ Precious is one good testament of this saying. Driven by passion for beautiful things, this mother of two started out wanting to make something special for her children. Today, her crochet-making journey has gained her tremendous fan base. Something Sweet n’ Precious is here to prove that it takes passion to create something beautiful, especially if you are doing it by yourself with your own hands.

FB: SomethingSweetNPrecious | IG: @somethingsweetnprecious


2) MisFydKrafts


At a time when DIY seemed out of fashion, Rafidah, a Sarawakian, decided to create MisFydKrafts to showcase the uniqueness of her crochet craft. MisFydKrafts is the kind of crocheter with many creative ideas. With just fiber and yarn, MisFydKrafts is able to create many extraordinary things that will give you the wow factor. The design ideology of Rafidah is to keep her handmade crochets modern yet simple so that it will appeal to not just herself, but anyone out there. | FB: misfydkrafts | IG: @misfyd


3) Pinkyfrog Shop


Instead of making people snub their noses at anything crocheted, Lina created the Pinkyfrog shop to change the perspective of people when it comes to crochets. It takes a lot of time to create a beautiful project and this online based crocheter takes pleasure in making the best crochet for the people, with top-notch quality. With a range of crochet and knitting yarn craft projects, Pinkyfrogshop has grown into a recognizable brand in the Malaysian crochet craft community. | FB: pinkyfrogshop | IG: @pinkyfrog


4) Cute Pretty Lil’ Things


Cute Pretty Lil’ Things creates items that are mostly unique. All the items that are available are handmade by Cute Pretty Lil’ Things and they will not be owned by many people. Customization is also welcomed, depending on the availability of yarn. This little local online handmade business doesn’t come with price tags that will blind its customers. In fact, its designs are so beautiful that they are perfect for gifting within an affordable range. Cute Pretty Lil’s Things offers shipping to any location worldwide. | FB: cuteprettylilthings | IG: @cuteprettylilthings


5) Lydiawlc Magic Wonderland


Lydiawlc Magic Wonderland was founded by Lydia, who is a crochet lover. We are impressed by the kind of designs and complexity that Lydiawlc Magic Wonderland takes on. Lydia predominantly crochets dolls and guess what, they come with crocheted wearable that can be changed! Still, Lydiawlc Magic Wonderland is at ease doing it and this exactly why it has a loyal base of followers.

FB: Lydiawlc Magic Wonderland | IG: @lydiawlc


6) MAMA’s Crochet House


There’s no better crocheter that makes wonderful crochet products for children as MAMA’s Crochet House. As featured on Harian Metro and TV1, MAMA’s Crochet House specialises in young children’s wear such as dress, boots, belt and beanie. The team at MAMA’s Crochet House takes pleasure in making the most delicate pieces of art for kids. This is why MAMA’s Crochet House has a long list of customers, who are ready to buy whatever it is they make.

FB: MAMA’s Crochet House | IG: @mamas_crochet_house


7) Bovey’s Handmade


Passion is the key driver behind Bovey’s Handmade. As much as they are ‘hooked’ on to their dream of crocheting, Bovey, the founder, hopes to delight you with crochets that are made with sincerity and love.  A profound crochet bag maker, Bovey’s handmade aims to bring the right patterns and designs to their customers. Boey is also more than happy to accept custom orders, if you have an idea in mind. | FB: boveyhandmade | IG: @boveyho


8) MyMoms.Crochet


It’s not hard to see the beauty in the crocheting that MyMoms.Crochet does. Created by Izzatul Solehah in 2011, MyMoms.Crocher is an expert in creating baby booties, beanie, mittens and headband. It even goes to the extent of providing crochet sleeves for smartphone, powerbank and hardisk. Everything showcased by MyMoms.Crochet is 100% handmade. If you are searching for gift ideas for baby, then your search stops at MyMoms.Crochet.

FB: MyMoms.Crochet | IG: @mymomscrochet


9) D Crochet Craft


D Crochet Craft’s main desire is to make beautiful things for others. When you see the work of D Crochet Craft, you get the idea of how much talent is required to produce different kind of crochet products. From baby sets to tissue covers and many more, D Crochet Craft has some of the most beautiful and colourful projects that you will find in its social media accounts.

FB: D crochet craft | IG: @d_crochet_craft


10) Mell Crochet


“A crocheted piece is the lovely manifestation of a thought, expressed through hand, heart, hook, and yarn.” Keeping this motto in heart, Mell Crochet makes you see the beauty in crochets resulted from her creativity. Its range of crochets mainly evolves around cute puppets and everything you see on Mell Crochet’s profile are handmade with love. Mell Crochet also delivers worldwide.

FB: Mell Crochet – handmade shop | IG: @mellcrochet

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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