Malaysia’s Top 10 Board Game Cafés

Malaysia's Top 10 Board Game Cafés
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The concept of board games cafés has been around for a while in Malaysia and it has successfully gained a good fan base. Board game cafés are great places for friends and families to meet up and have fun. They are also great venues for people to meet new like-minded friends who have interest in board games. Check out these Malaysia’s Top 10 Board Game Cafés, as voted by the public.

1) Boarders Tabletop Games Café


It is not surprising why Boarders Tabletop Games Café was voted the most favourite choice of board game cafés in Malaysia. While it features a team of staff who are knowledgeable, friendly and experienced, it also showcases a huge library of board games that will make any board game lovers go gaga. The myriad of board games and the engaging environment are some of the reasons why you should visit Boarders Tabletop Games Cafe, located at Wangsa Maju, for some board game fun.

FB: boarderscafe | IG: @boarderstabletopgamescafe


2) Meeples


Located at Subang Jaya, Meeples is a European Board Game Cafe that aims to bring to you a different kind of fun. As the largest distributor of designer games themselves, Meeples are the perfect venue for those of you who are adventurous enough to explore new board games. There are also friendly staff at Meeples, who are more than happy to help any board gamers to understand the rules of any board games. We also like how its website introduces new board games on a routine basis. | FB: Meeples | IG: @meeplescafe15


3) Gen Board


This board game café at Johor Bahru does an extraordinary job of refuting anyone that says that only bored people play board games.  At Gen Board, there’s a great selection that is enough to cover anyone. If anyone is looking to have a good time playing board games, Gen Board is the place to be. Gen Board wants you to ditch your smartphone and enjoy board games just like the old times.

FB: GenBoardCafe


4) The Border City Café and Board Games


Located at Kota Damansara, The Border City Café and Board Games is a magical world filled dozens of board games to choose from. Together with the food and drink menu available, it is a great and cosy place to kick back and unwind together with your friends. The Border City wants you to come and learn something that children know but adults have forgotten. Under their joyful ambience, The Border CIty sure has what it takes to turn your frowns upside down into smiles.

FB: TheBorderCity | IG: @thebordercity


5) All Aboard Community Gaming Centre


All Aboard Community Gaming Centre was started by people who enjoyed playing board games more than anything else. They figured that there must be other people around in Malaysia who share their love of playing board games, hence this café was born. Stationed at Damansara Jaya, All Aboard Community Gaming Centre hopes to build a platform to connect both board gamers and non-board gamers alike. Thanks to them, now people can share their devotion of playing board games at their gaming centre. | FB: allaboardcgc | IG: @allaboardcgc


6) Boardgame Depot


Boardgame Depot envisages to provide a pleasant and cozy meeting place for not just the board game lovers but also for friends and families to spent quality time together over highly-interactive board games, good books and charming food, snacks and drinks. Located at Bangsar, Boardgame Depot charges RM 3 per hour for non-members but it is totally free if you are a member.

FB: BGDepot


7) KD Boardgames


Imagine a fun night out playing board games and enjoying delicious food and tasty drink with your friends. KD Boardgames has exactly that lined up for you. Established by a group of board game lovers, the team at KD Boardgames would love to share this fun experience with people out there. KD Boardgames promises to offer you more than the usual Monopoly, Risk and Chess at their cafe.

FB: kdboardgames | IG: @kdboardgame


8) Mind Twister


Mind Twister was born when three youngsters were looking for a place where they could have some different kind of fun other than the usual movie or drinking sessions. Located at Johor Bahru, the goal of Mind Twister is to allow board gamers to enjoy as much as they can with different kind of board games that are available at their cafe.

FB: Mind Twister | IG: @mindtwister2010


9) Beenest


Beenest is the only board game cafe in Nilai and they are dedicated to making board game lovers feel at home. If you are looking for somewhere cozy to spend time your with friends, Beenest is one ideal hangout spot. Beenest has a selection of board games that are exciting to play with and they welcome any guests to stay and play as many games as they want for as long as they like.

FB: beenestcafe | IG: @beenestboardgamecafe


10) Classroom Café


Located in the heart of Damansara, Classroom Café prides itself as a one-stop gaming centre ever ready to cater to your gaming needs. Here we are speaking of both table top gaming and digital gaming. Their most recent exploitation includes Magic: The Gathering and Force of Will TCG. For all the TCG enthusiasts, do check Classroom Café out as they provide a myriad display of TCG accessories too. | FB: ClassroomCafe |IG: @classroomcafe

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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