Malaysia’s Top 10 Beauty Vloggers

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Vlogger refers to one who records a video blog. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, vlogging saw a rise in popularity beginning in 2005. However, vlogging is not as easy as it seems. Behind those fun-to-watch and informative YouTube videos are dedicated YouTubers who go through repetitive rounds of brainstorming, shooting, recording, and editing. Here are the Top 10 most voted Malaysian Beauty Vloggers that you should watch out for.

1) Farhanah Firdaus


At a young age of 21, Farhanah Firdaus (or better yet known as Faafirds) is already at the top of her game as a beauty vlogger. Being naturally enthusiastic about all things pretty, she uses YouTube as a medium to express her love for makeup, beauty and fashion. Browsing through her videos, we found that she exuberates a passionate and outgoing persona. Born in Kuala Lumpur, what makes Faafirds unique is her ability to speak in Malay, English and Mandarin. | YouTube: faafirds | IG: @faafirds | Facebook: Faafirds

2) Erma Yanti Saleh


2013 marked a milestone for Erma when she transformed her YouTube account into a beauty and makeup tutorial channel. Since then, Erma’s channel has been on a rising trend in terms of the number of subscribers and video views. All her achievements are attributed to Erma’s boldness of taking her first step to become a beauty vlogger back when the concept was still fresh locally. Erma’s vlogs are mostly produced in both the Malay and English language and are straightforward with clear instructions. Her creativity to produce interesting topics is also one of the key factors of her success. | YouTube: PrincessYanti | IG: @pyantilicious | FB: princessyantihere

3) Ayeen Kadir


Obsessed with fashion and beauty, Ayeen is a beauty vlogger who actually majored in real estate. In her free time, she loves to keep herself updated with the latest fashion trends and beauty products. Riding on her hobby, she eventually decided to start vlogging to share her knowledge to a wider audience. Ayeen loves to share her fun and colourful lifestyle in her vlogs. Beyond vlogging, Ayeen is a cat person, coffee lover, bookworm, and she loves dancing too. | YouTube: coralista18 | IG: @ayeenkadir | FB: ayeenkdr

4) Sabby Prue


If we had to describe Sabby in one word, it would be “multitalented”. As a beauty vlogger, Sabby styles her YouTube account as a channel that talks not just about beauty, but also lifestyle, fashion, food and just about anything that tickles her fancy. When Sabby is not vlogging, she is a home-based baker who runs Little Bakerina, producing cupcakes, cakes, brownies and cookies for any occasion. According to her, vlogging and blogging has become part of her life because they give her the opportunity to connect and share with her readers the wonders of life. | YouTube: sabbyprue | IG: @sabbyprue | FB: sabbyprue1

5) Charis Ow


Dubbed as one of the renowned fashion and beauty vloggers in Malaysia, Charis started out as a YouTuber by uploading song covers in 2009 using only her webcam. As much as she loves singing, her passion in fashion and video production led her to kickstart her career as a vlogger.

While perseverance is key, according to her, what set her apart today is the amount of research and hard work she puts into her videos. All her videos are the result of her tireless effort in shooting, editing, and producing. Her natural acting talent is a bonus. | YouTube: charisowTV | IG: @charisow | Facebook: charisowTV

6) Emily Quak


A law graduate of Monash University, Emily started her journey as a vlogger back in year 2010. While juggling life between Melbourne and Malaysia back then, Emily launched Emily’s Anthology out of her love for makeup and the intention of sharing her passion with like-minded individuals. Emily’s Anthology is a beauty and fashion blog, which features beauty product reviews and easy-to-follow makeup tutorials. Currently, Emily boasts of over 70,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and the number is growing. | YouTube: emilyquak | IG: @emilyquak | FB: EmilysAnthology

7) Sabrina Tajudin


Sabrina is passionate about art, makeup, beauty products, shopping, fashion, food, travel, tech stuff and more. According to Sabrina, while she is not a beauty expert, she is a beauty junkie who loves to share how she gets dolled up and how she takes care of her health and skin. Other than running her blog, she is also the creative director and co-founder of Breena Beauty, an online platform for Muslim-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products. | YouTube: BySabrinartYT  | IG: @sabrinatajudin | FB: Sabrina Tajudin

8) Isti Qmrh


Isti shares everything about about beauty, fashion & lifestyle! Since 2013, Isti’s YouTube channel has gained more than 3,700 subscribers with over 320,000 views.  Her most popular video, ‘Simple Daily Hijab Tutorial’, has gotten more than 200,000 views, thanks to her easy-to-follow tutorial.

YouTube: TheIstiVideos | IG: @isti.qmrh

9) Zoey Zauyah


With her solid 8 years of experience in the beauty industry, Zoey shares her makeup tips and tricks through her YouTube channel as well as her social media sites. Her clean, professional tutorials are as educational as they are gorgeous. Apart from being a freelance makeup artist, the girl from Kulim, Kedah also runs an online fashion business. | YouTube: zoeyzauyah | IG: @siti_zoey | FB: zoeyzauyahfanpage

10) Jasmine Tam


The popular YouTube makeup extraordinaire Jasmine Tam, specialises in make-up tutorials, application tips and tricks. One of her most popular videos is a Korean brow tutorial which has over 300,000 views so far. Inspired by YouTube beauty queen Michelle Phan, Jasmine started her own YouTube channel to share her own makeup tips. Her high definition videos are made more appealing with dynamic tutorial styles as well as vibrant, thematic visuals and music. | YouTube: JasmineTam1JTPF | IG: @jasminetamyoutube | FB: JasmineTamBeauty

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