Zlwin Chew Weaves The Magic Of “Life”

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“The destination is incomparable to the journey, it is but a shadow of something far more profoundly beautiful, almost sublime.” And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the magic of “Life”.

What is Life?

“Life” is a magic show that will bring you through the valleys and mountains of life to discover the magic that lies within a grain of sand and in a field of rice; to know that the life we live is full of wonder, bursting with excitement and filled with miracles waiting to be unearthed. The Magician will bring you on a Journey where the laws of gravity seem to be challenged when a person levitates in the air. The lines between reality and illusion will be muddled when you witness unusual feats such as the ability to make money appear out of thin air.

This will be a very interactive show where members of the audience will be invited on stage to experience the possibility of performing magic themselves. From demonstrations of telekinetic abilities and mind reading to a presentation of astounding sleight of hand magic, the show will keep the audience engaged from start until the end. But above all the prestidigitation, the Magician’s creed is to stir in the hearts of the audience an inkling that it might just be possible that we can all do magic.

This is not a showcase of magical feats performed by a Magician.

This is life.

Image Credit: MAD Entertainment

Who is the Magician?

Zlwin Chew, the Magician is the creation of the many people who believed in him and gave him countless opportunities to practice his Art, to fail and to rise again. He has been blessed to have met the right people at the right time who mentored him, inspired him and rebuked him.

Today, his schedule is filled up one year ahead with show bookings aboard numerous prestigious cruise ship companies performing all across the globe. He spends 6 months a year every year sailing the oceans performing his shows in theatres in front of thousands of audience at a time. Royal Caribbean International has installed his show permanently for many seasons aboard some of their largest ships in the world and Zlwin is the only Malaysian Magician today who is the Resident Magician for Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

This is the first time in 6 years of sailing that Zlwin has decided passionately to put together a theatre show here in his home, where all the Magic started.

Image Credit: MAD Entertainment

Where Can I Get Tickets?

Get your tickets now: https://www.traveloka.com/en-my/activities/malaysia/product/life-a-magic-show-by-zlwin-chew-admission-tickets-2001065215163

Early Bird Promo from 6 Sept – 5 Oct 2019: RM 100
Normal Price: RM 120

Image Credit: MAD Entertainment

Come experience “Life” for yourself on the 29th and 30th November at The Gardens Theatre!