Your Last Chance To Score Great Deals At Speedy Video Mid Valley!

Back in the days before streaming was a thing, there was something called Speedy Video in Malaysia. Every kid always wanted to go Speedy, and there was always something to get. Whether it was a latest album or a movie you missed out on the cinema, Speedy was the source of our entertainment excitement. About a week ago, Twitter user Putra Adib posted about the closure, alerting netizens.

Speedy Deals

Now, we almost can’t believe that Speedy Video Mid Valley is closing down. But the good bad news/bad good news is that everything must go, and today’s (15th September 2019) their last day of promotion, as well as their last day, really. After today, there will no longer be a Speedy Video outlet at Mid Valley. CDs and DVDs once dominated our lives, and if there’s anything you want to get, now’s the time.

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What About Speedy Elsewhere?

The Speedy Video outlet in Mid Valley has been branded “iconic”, and everyone is feeling nostalgic. However, we still haven’t heard if Speedy Video would be closing down its outlets everywhere. At the very least, you could still get your CD and/or DVD fix on their website. But we know the best experience comes from walking into a Speedy outlet and picking up something in your own hands!

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So… What’s Next?

We can’t say we’re entirely surprised, especially with the rise of Netflix, iFlix, Hulu and other similar services. Waiting time is cut short, there’s no need for space to keep the discs, and almost any show or movie is literally available at one’s fingertips. Streaming services are also rolling out their “specials”, and this may also affect the cinema industry in the future. Perhaps not all movies will be screened in cinemas first, but rather on streaming services as well.

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All we can say is, the times have changed. While we’re happy that streaming is most definitely a thing, Speedy Video will always have a special place in our hearts. After all, it was more or less our sole entertainment source for many years. Friendly reminder once again: you might want to go to Mid Valley now.